The Upside - Virginia II


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Whatever you would have thought of this team had they won, that’s what you should think of them now. I fail to see how anybody could have watch our play in this tournament and not conclude that we belong in the NCAA tournament.

- Buddy Boeheim has become an All-American. Even Virginia couldn’t stop him as he set another career high of 31 points. In this tournament he was 20 for 33 from the field for 58 points in two games. He was 11 for 20 from three point range: 55%. Equally impressive was that he was 9 for 13 inside the arc: 69%. He’s not just a shooter. He can create his own shot from anywhere on the floor. Yes, he doesn’t exactly fill up the stat sheet other than his scoring but his position is “shooting guard”. He’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing and doing it as well as anybody right now. His NBA hero, Klay Thompson, must be proud. But not as proud as his coach.

- Quincy Guerrier, in his own way, was just as amazing, gong in against the giant Huff and that pack line defense to score 14 tough points, a couple on twisting lay-ups off the glass and getting 10 tough rebounds. He came into the game hurting and spent much of it getting up off the floor but kept going and going, just like the Energizer Bunny – or a Timex watch.

- Robert Braswell hit some big first half shots for 10 points and really shored up our defense for the whole game. Alan Griffin has got to know that if he’s not getting it done, JB has an alternative he’s not shy about using. That can help both players.

- You can’t cover everybody. If you are going to get beat, get beat by a guy averaging 4.7 points a game and shooting 26% from three, (only 8 made this season prior to this one), who was 0 for 5 in the game. It means you took the really scary guys out of it and that’s what you have to do.

- Now let’s rest up for a week and get ready to play somebody who has never seen the Syracuse zone before. (And I think we will.)

16-9 (10-8) with ? to go


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