USC performance and the ACC... |

USC performance and the ACC...


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Aug 30, 2011
Syracuse's move to the ACC is huge! We all know what is coming down the pike and positioning ourselves in what is looking like one of the 4 superconferences was a bold and proactive move my Gross and our administration! This ensures we maintain and protect our automatic qualifier status as a football program, opens up exposure all the way the eastern seaboard, and maintains our level of basketball competition. I will miss WVU and USF is on the rise. Hopefully we see WVU and maybe USF or ND round out the 16!Yes, I will miss nova and G'Town but new rivalries will emerge! Great move!!! Now...lets talk between the lines...the good and the bad:

*** Sharpes early bone headed 15 yarder may have threw things in USC's direction. We had them reeling at that point and they most likely punt without that gift and who knows if we get the ball back with momentum up 3-0!
Goggins: Kid is a player, has a motor and the strength and quickness to penetrate!
Spruill: Looked like a man out there last night and ran sideline to sideline...Can you say Sunday?
Nassib: Showed some moxy in the face of the rush threading some throws. Of course, we didnt properly play call until down 24-3.
OLine: This group made a huge jump last night against a veteran USC front with 2 active and LARGE senior DT's!
Lynch is an obvious hitter, thinker, with football IQ...gonna be fun watching him, Spruill, Davis, and company next year!
The secondary has not played up to expectations. This group continues to run without looking for the ball, be caught drastically out of position, and miss on blitzes.
I dont care if Graham and Kobena drop every pass, we need to throw some go routes their way to take the top of these opposing zones!!! Would have thought West and Flemming would have been part of the rotation by now and its hurting us.

Summation: We played with USC last night. We challenged them physically but lost out schematically. We continue to play it close to the vest offensively. We didnt have that killer instinct on the first drive. We needed a TD there and we settled. The play calling was dink and dunk and we open up the playbook after down by 3 scores? Why not jump them? We could have been right in this game. That said, we hit hard last night and we looked great in our whites in HD!!!!



Spruill... Gonna be great watching him head hunt for the next few years.

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