What do you dream of being?


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Aug 26, 2011
There's a post on the football board saying that quarterback is the most important position in team sports. I don't disagree. it got me thinking: when you dream of a being a top team sport athlete, what positions do you most dream of playing? I'm talking about the glamour of the position, it's importance to the team, the historical tradition of it, the challenge of playing it, the fame and $$$ it would produce and and the respect you would earn from your teammates.

I'd say quarterback is #1. Baseball center fielder might be #2. Point guard in basketball might be #3. Would anybody want to be a goalie? I don't dream of being a catcher, although they are very important. Somehow I never see myself on the mound. Third base looks like fun. Middle Linebacker would be exciting. You get to do a lot of things. Power forward seems like the best combination of basketball skills. Running back would be fun if I've got a good line, not so much if I don't. I think I'd like to be a hockey center more than a wing. Wide receiver would be an interesting one-on-one battle with the cornerback. etc. etc.
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Feb 16, 2014
There are 2 positions I grew up dreaming of playing. Qb for the Dallas cowboys and pg for the syracuse orangemen.
Aug 19, 2011
Lefty specialist out of the bullpen is probably the ideal for the old reliable $$$ + limited responsibility + work load formula.
But considering the baseball schedule is brutal (almost every day for 8-9 months), I would consider a quality back up QB on a good team the better choice for what you are going after.

Good money, good longevity, limited responsibility (but when your needed your impact is highly noticed)

The ultimate athletic role for me would be an elite level golfer. You make insane money on/off the course. You choose your own schedule. You can play/make money for a LONG time. You can also use your skills for leisure time with friends/family. And most importantly, its a drinking sport!


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Aug 8, 2012
Once I got to high school and rode the bench, I stopped dreaming of being a star athlete. I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Do adults still have these dreams?
I occasionally have dreams that I can dunk. Sometimes it’s in games, sometimes I’m just in a gym by myself dunking. And it’s really weird to me because I never dunked a regulation bball(i was close and could get a volleyball), and it wasn’t something I really worked on or cared too much about either as I recognized that even if I could get one down, it wouldn’t have made me any more effective as a player. It’s not like it was something I ever did or some major goal of mine that I worked for and came up short.

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