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Why NC State will win


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Because they are NC State and NC State owns SU. Here is the history of the series: Syracuse vs North Carolina State 1869-2020 I remember them all. Our two wins came when they had a bunch of key injuries on offense and Scott Shafer managed to beat them down there in his first year and 2018 when our “Team of the Century” beat them 51-41 in Eric Dungey’s comeback game after Tommy DeVito had had to rescue him vs. UNC. The other games ranged from merely frustrating to painful to watch. And it never seemed to matter how good or bad we or they were. And this year they are better than we are.

- Quarterback comparison: State’s Devin Leary has completed 65.5%% of his passes for 11.7 yards per completion and 7.6 yards per attempt for 29 touchdowns against 5 interceptions. He’s sacked 17 times for -119 yards. He’s gained 75 yards on 24 designed runs, (3.1) and scored twice. Garrett Shrader has been sacked 16 times for -120 yards. On designed runs he’s gained 833 yards on 104 carries (8.0!) and scored 13TDs. But he’s completed only 51.6% of his passes for 11.9 yards per completion and 6.1 yards per attempt for 7TDs and 3 interceptions. Total offense: Leary 2,839 yards and 31 touchdowns. Shrader, (who hasn’t started the whole year) 1,878 yards and 20TDs. Just based on those numbers I’d pick Leary but when you consider that NC State has the best run defense in the conference and #11 in the country, you can expect Leary to have the bigger game.

- We have Sean Tucker with 1,362 rushing yards and 11 TDs but the Wolfpack tandem of Bam Knight and Rickey Person have rushed for 1,170 yards and 5 TDs in a passing offense, so we don’t really have a big advantage there.

- Because they pass, their receivers have stayed, including Emeka Emezie. (Yes, they have an
button.) he has 54 catches for 683 yards and 4 scores. Devin Carter has 30/498/6. Thayer Thomas has 43/468/6. Our leading receiver is Courtney Jackson with 29/297/1. Our second leading receiver is Sean Tucker. Louisville started out with two excellent running plays but they really blew us out with their passing. The Wolfpack can do that, too. Moreover, if they fall behind, they can come back quickly. We can’t.

- Comparative scores:
NC State vs. Clemson 27-21; Boston College 33-7; Louisville 28-13; Florida State 28-14; Wake Forest 43-45: 4 wins 1 loss, points: 158-100 = +58
Syracuse vs. Clemson 14-17; Boston College 17-6; Louisville 3-41; Florida State 30-33; Wake Forest 37-40: 2 wins 3 losses points: 101-137 = -36

- Our schedule has been unintentionally backloaded. Florida State, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Boston College were all down. Wake Forest has a powerful offense but were vulnerable to our running game. Liberty’s a decent mid-major. Ohio, Albany and Rutgers suck. The three best teams on our schedule are Louisville, just coming into their own, (as they saw red meat in us), NC State and Pitt. The Cardinals blew us out and the Pack and the Panthers seem to have bene constructed to beat us. Our offense like something out the Schwartzwalder Era and defenses are catching up to it. Our defensive numbers were built up against bad offensive teams and are now being proven to be fraudulent. Cantin-Arku probably feels he's left a sinking ship.

- This season is looking like 2011, when we were 5-2 after clobbering West Virginia and just needed one more win to get a bowl but never got it and 2017 when we were 4-3 after beating Clemson and also never won another game. 5-7, here we come!


May 19, 2021
I think we are going to see a much different Cuse team than we did last Saturday. And really, that’s all I ask for. Let’s hope this back to basics training week pays dividends.


Consider adopting a dome dog
Aug 31, 2011
After reading this I feel better about our chances Saturday. We are going to kick some NC State butt and I will be beat up in the parking lot for mocking their fans mercilessly

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