Why Syracuse Will Win


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Aug 26, 2011
Why SYRACUSE will win

- We haven’t just competed well with Clemson the last two years. In 2014 we led at the half at Clemson 6-3 before they pulled ahead in the second half to win 6-16. In 2015 Eric Dungey was out but Zach Mahoney filled in admirably and the result was a wild back and fourth game where we fell behind 0-14, came back to tie it, fell behind by 14, twice got back to within a touchdown before losing 27-37. The Tigers were #1 on that visit, too. I remember thinking, “We’re really going to do this!” We didn’t then but did it two years later, (when they were #2) and almost did it again last year at Clemson. Who’s afraid of the big, bad Tiger?

- I looked up Dino Baber’s record coming back from a one-sided defeat, which I defined as three touchdowns or more:
9/8/12 Eastern Illinois lost at (4-8) Western Michigan 21-52
9/15/12 Eastern Illinois lost at (9-4) Illinois State 51-54
8/29/14 Bowling Green lost at (8-5) Western Kentucky 31-59
9/6/14 Bowling Green beat (2-10) Virginia Military 48-7 (and then beat Indiana 45-42 the next week)
9/20/14 Bowling Green lost at (11-3) Wisconsin 17-68
9/27/14 Bowling Green won at (3-9) Massachusetts 47-42
12/5/14 Bowling Green lost (it’s 3rd straight game) to (11-3) Northern Illinois 17-51 in the MAC title game
12/20/14 Bowling Green beat (6-7) South Alabama 33-28 in the Camelia Bowl
9/5/15 Bowling Green lost at (9-4) Tennessee 30-59
9/12/15 Bowling Green won at (3-9) Maryland 48-27
9/9/16 Syracuse lost to (9-4) Louisville 28-62
9/17/16 Syracuse lost to (11-2) South Florida 20-45
11/5/16 Syracuse lost to (14-1) Clemson 0-54
11/12/16 Syracuse lost to (7-6) North Carolina State 20-35
11/11/17 Syracuse lost to (8-5) Wake Forest 43-64
11/18/17 Syracuse lost at (8-5) Louisville 10-56
11/17/18 Syracuse lost to (12-1) Notre Dame 3-36 in Yankee Stadium
11/24/18 Syracuse won at (7-5) Boston College 42-21
Overall Dino is 5-4 in games following a blow-out loss. He was 4-1 at Eastern Illinois and Bowling Green, where the level of talent needed to be competitive is less than it is in the ACC Atlantic. He’s been 1-3 at Syracuse where it takes a while to build up the necessary talent. The only time his team hasn’t been more competitive in the follow-up game was the 11/18/17 loss at Louisville. That was a team that was done in by then due to injuries and fatigue due to the lack of depth. Expect this team to perform better – probably a lot better – than they did last week.

- That game last week was so bad it was unreal. It just wasn’t us. We will be us this week.

- Dino’s been holding back a lot of things he didn’t want to show Clemson. We’ll see them tomorrow.

- Tommy de Vito’s timing with his receivers should continue to improve and the co-ordination in the offensive line and defensive backfield should do the same. If we can stay in it, we can have a more balanced attack with the run game and they may find it interesting to face two running backs at once. Teams aren’t geared to that these days.

- Clemson, per its own fans who have posted here, isn’t operating at maximum efficiency either. Trevor Lawrence struggled in the first game and Travis Etienne wasn’t much of a factor in the second. Of course they still put 52 points on the scoreboard vs. Georgia Tech and beat a 12th ranked Texas A&M team. But that Clemson fan said the Tigers don’t really going until about the 5th game. Like Dino says, things click in from the 4th to the 6th game. We aren’t there yet.

- The Tigers should play us straight up with no gimmicks on either side of the ball. When you have superior athletes, you can do that. But we likely won’t see 6 defensive backs, two tight ends, double-teaming both defensive ends, etc.

- The Carrier Dome can be a loud place, even when half full and this will be a full house. What we need is for it to be a loud place, (when Clemson had the ball), whether things are going well or poorly. We can’t simply be reactive. We need to be pro-active, to be part of the game. We’re not Siskel and Ebert or Statler and Waldorf.
Be part of the team, especially when the team needs you. We may get outscored by Clemson but let’s not get out-cheered by them!

1-1 and 10+ to go!


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