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Why Syracuse Will Win


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Those 192 yards we rushed for in the second half last week were not a fluke. The personnel and scheme changes in the line are showing results already and that line can finally begin to grow together. They are going to get better and better.

- Tommy DeVito was sacked 7 more times against the Seminoles. But there was a difference. He was running more, trying to make plays rather than helplessly getting swarmed over. Several of his sacks were scrambles where he didn’t quite make it back to the line of scrimmage. Against NC State and Pitt, Tommy had 39 positive yards rushing and -86 negative yards rushing for a net of -47. Against Florida State he ran for 54 yards and lost 22 for a net of +34. A better line and a greater willingness to use his feet are slowly turning this offense around.

- BC’s defense is just what our offense needs right now. They are 93rd in the country in rushing defense, (189 yards a game), 125th in passing offense (298.5) and 126th in total defense (487). They have recorded only 8 sacks all season, 1 per game. If we can match those numbers, we win. We can.

- BC has one powerful weapon- the power running game. But they really have nothing else and if we can get enough hats in the picture, we can hold them down enough to pull this out.

- There’s nothing like a win to blow all the clouds away. Our feeling about this team and this team’s feelings about itself could be totally changed with a win- any sort of win. Here’s what’s going to happen here: We will beat BC, then get a week off to rest and heal up for what will now become a stretch drive for a bowl. (Maybe we’ll even get Heckle and Williams back.) Duke has lost 3 of 4 and could be had. I have a feeling the trip to Louisville won’t be fun and it could come down to upsetting Wake in the Dome to get to a bowl. I say we do it, win the bowl game and Dino goes out and gets us a great recruiting class because we followed up the 10-3 season with another winner. Book it.

3-5 and 4+ to go!


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