Class of 2019 WR Nazir Burnett (PA) Decommitted from Syracuse

Nov 14, 2011
He didn’t retweet a single tweet for all the Twitter content generated regarding the Camping World Bowl or the polls announced after ward.

I have no inside info but how could a player with strong interest in Syracuse football not show any interest in the school? Have to believe he is going somewhere else. What a shame; he would have been a great fit in the Syracuse offense. My bet is the staff decided to focus on players with no questions about qualifying instead of Nazir. Good luck to him; hope he finds a hope at a P5 school somewhere.
In fairness it doesn't look like he tweeted anything else about bowl games involving the other schools recruiting him

But I agree that it appears the staff has moved on. But then again again, you never no with Babers. He is very stealth

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