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Aug 26, 2011
We are now a quarter of the way through the season. If you multiply everythjng times 4, we'd wind up 8-4. (I'll take that.) Here are some projected invisidual players stats after one game vs. a FCS team, one vs. a naitonal power and one vs. another BCS team:

Rayn Nassib is on a pace for 296 completions in 408 attempts (.725) for 2904 yards, (9.8 per completion, 7.1 per attempt), 28TD passes, 4 interceptions and a passing efficiency rating of 153.02. The gross numbers would blow away the SU record book, as would the completion percwentage. But the apssing effiency would be onlyf ifth, behind Donovan McNabb and Don McPherson. The reason, obviously, is that we can't throw deep because we can't protect Nassib. if we could he'd be having a Heisman trophy-like season. He's pretty close anyway.

Antown Bailey is on a pace for 196 carries ofr 816 yards (4.2) and 8 TDs as well as 24 receptions ofr 204 yards (6.8) and no scores. That's not actually too bad except we have gotten 26 yards rushing from everybody else. He's the whole rushing attack. We need to get him some help running the ball and get him in space so he can use his moves and speed.

Alec Lemon is on pace for 96 catches, (the SU record is 60) for 872 yards, (only 9.1 but he's our possession" guy- when he has possession), and 8 scores.

Van Chew is on pace for 60 catches for 960 yards, (an impressive 16.0) and 12 scores.

Nick Provo is on pace for 48 catches for 488 yards (10.2) and 4 scores.

That's a good group of receivers but I'd like to see a bit more of the yougner guys. In the apst we've used two tailbacks and at elast 4 wide-outs extensively. if we keep going only with our most experienced guys, they are going to have fabulous numbers but be dog tired and beat up by November. Remember what we were like on offense last November.

A couple of numbers I'd like to see changed radically: 17.6 yards per kick-off return, 4.0 per punt return. We've also forced four turnovers in four games.


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