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Mar 26, 2012
Two things I learned from my trip there:
1) get up early. Most of the tourists hordes come from outside the park around 930am by the time every has their breakfast and are loaded onto buses. I took pictures of Old Faithful erupting at like 0645 and there were like two or three of us out there.
2) The drive through the Beartooths to Red Lodge is pretty damn amazing. And Red Lodge is neat little artsy town.

Oh and the campgrounds are pretty much wooded parking lots - they cram a lot of sites in there. There are first come first serve campgrounds which are much nicer, but they might only have a handful of sites available. Previous nights guests are required to be out by 0700 the day their stay is up and there will be a line of folks ready to claim it at 0701.



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Aug 16, 2011
If you can enter park from the north leaving Red Lodge and go through the pass do it. I ve been to a million parks including Canada but the ride through the pass I think it’s called Beat Tooth is the most beautiful scenery in NA

My sister had a ranch in Red Lodge that was the land Jeramiah Johnston homesteaded. The real story is that he was known as liver eating Johnson . Hollywood and Robert Reford did not depict the real story.
Yes Bear Tooth Pass. It is awesome. Did that drive back in the 90's. Still remember it!
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