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Class of 2025 PG Jerry Easter II (OH) Offered

Sherman was a combo guard in High School​

I remember his recruitment and Georgetown not offering him!
I’ve been a Cuse Hoops fan back when Manley was our home court.
Also, remember, this is a Jerry Easter thread! Let’s get back to discussing his recruitmen.
Sherm was a pure point guard. Arguably one of the best of all time. Now back to Easter.
In EYBL Scholastic, Jerry Easter is averaging:
  • 26.3 minutes
  • 17.8 points
  • 2.3 assists
  • 5.9 rebounds
  • 1.8 steals
  • 46/31/80 shooting splits (2PT/3PT/FT) for a poor TS% of 51.4%.
  • On the year, he's attempted 35 3 pointers compared to 118 2 pointers and 46 free throws. His 3 point attempt rate of 22.9% is a little higher than Judah Mintz this season. Without having watched him, I would guess he probably is only shooting 3's when he's very open, which makes his 31% even more disappointing. His free throw rate of 30% is alright, a little higher than Maliq Brown this season, but disappointing considering how few 3's he takes. You'd like to see him drawing more fouls if the 3 pointers aren't really a part of his repertoire.
  • Per 40 minutes, his points/assists/rebounds/steals jumps up to 27.1/3.5/9.0/2.7. Very strong volume numbers.
  • Among the 87 players with at least 100 minutes in EYBL Scholastic this season, Jerry is 4th in points per 40 minutes, 20th in rebounds per 40, and 9th in steals per 40. Really good volume numbers, but given how inefficiently he's scored this year, I'm not sure the volume scoring is really what you want to see. Having said that, it does probably indicate that he's either playing with relatively poor teammates, or he's got a pretty good scoring bag but doesn't have the touch yet. Not necessarily a bad thing as a high schooler. Again though, I'm really just kinda making informed guesses based on the numbers; I think I've maybe seen one of his games with my own eyes.
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AAU is starting to pick up now. Latest from Jerry.. swipefor his video...

P.S. Jake West plays with Gilhool at Penn Charter.
AAU is starting to pick up now. Latest from Jerry.. swipefor his video...

P.S. Jake West plays with Gilhool at Penn Charter.
I kind of prefer that Jake West, he looks like an Andy Rautins II
Different kind of Philly guard. He's got game though. Biggest offer to date is Mississippi St.
We may never hear his name again, but I wouldn't be shocked if he goes to a smaller school and ends up a portal price in 2 years

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