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SU 79 vs Alabama 73: Thurs Nov 30, 7 PM

FLJ T-d up for being out of the box.
I'm thinking she might have yelled something at the ref, cause his back was turned to her, and then he turned to T her up. Something came out of her mouth, lol. She had a right to be upset. Alabama thought they were playing football and were being really physical at points.
Great win for the ‘’Cuse!! I hope Dyaisha Fair’s knee or what ever is hurting will heal up as we need her badly. She is still playing well grinding it out. Awesome team effort on the boards.

Coach Jack is pulling this thing back together. It is going to take a few more years and recruiting classes but we are climbing back up the mountain.
Was wondering why no time out was called at turnover #2. We had them all to use at that point.
Agree. Love Coach Jack but don't think she did the team any favors during that stretch with Latham, who was overall fantastic, but was really struggling inbounding against the pressure.
It was a great win. I was a little surprised Kennedy Perkins did not get any run breaking the press. This is where we miss camp.
Great win ladies!
Nice win for their resume! Latham & Wood both strong on the boards. Latham's talent was on full display, great defense, smooth shooting, looking forward to see how she progresses thru the season.

Need to work on handling being pressed as we are likely to see it through out the season.
Latham is such an athlete. We got a good one. She should not, however, be taking the ball out against pressure under any circumstance. I anticipate that changing going forward. ACC teams are gonna see this tape and pressure us a ton.

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