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    That was one of the times, but not the one ppl are discussing. That was a crap call anyway, Roberson went around, and passed to the corner for an open shot - it was a block, the defender had to readjust to remain in his path and flop.
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    He averaged 8 and 8 last year. That's a quality player who can contribute. That's not based on 1 game.
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    The reality is Roberson isn't the problem. He just is not capable of contributing large amounts of offense and is an easy target. He plays hard and for the most part plays good defense and rebounds just fine. The fact we have 4 offensive players on the floor with him and he is still in the middle of every set for some reason escapes me. When he is not in there the defense of our forwards is awful. We have some of the worst point guard play in the entire country. I love JB but how you could watch last nights game and when picking someone to be mad at pick Robey is absolutely beyond me. Honestly after watching the Pitt game and then watching last night I wondered if Gillon had the flu or something. I'm just at a complete loss. I don't even know what to say anymore. I told my wife last night I don't know what this is I'm watching. I hate this team. She responded, so does this mean you are going to be in a bad mood until April when baseball starts. I told her we are going to suck next year and then JB retires and then we are going to be even worse. I may be in a bad mood for the next decade.
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    Some Cuse fans can't fathom how spoiled we have been. A lot could happen post JAB era and it could possibly be no one's fault.

    I have to admit that I haven't read this entire thread but I am surprised how many pages it is. No question that JAB is frustrated. How can you explain last night's debacle where we played horrendous after two great outings. If he is yelling at Robie just because he is used to yelling at Robie then so be it. Both Gillon and Lydon had sub par games and we can't afford that. Thompson is a sieve on defense at this point but we needed him for his offense last night. As bad as we played we were one made basket away from this being a one possession game. We can't afford many games like this but unfortunately it's reality.
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    At the senior day ceremony Roberson should give JB the double bird.
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