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2023-24 Bowl TV Schedule

My wife's son is a UofA alumnus who graduated in 2019. I keep my eye on their games.

Got to see a couple of their games in 2017 & 2018. The games weren't great, but we enjoyed staying at the Loews Ventana Canyon... awesome venue.

I love Tucson., Weather. Food is great. We stayed at El Conquistador a few months ago, amazing.
WVU should have always been in the ACC. The same thinking that led to the demise of the PAC12 kept them out. Now the ACC finds themselves in a similar position.
WVU instead of Louisville would be great for our scheduling.
Great game. Went back and forth. I thought Clemson winning TD should have been a penalty but I will the Acc win
Arizona is a kick ass football team. I would love to look like they do right now. Steadily improving talent and depth and a set of nuts.
The interview after the game with the kid Martell Irby was special. Kid was living out of his car with no college prospects. Ends up being a captain on a 10 win team.
Angeli just might be the MVP of the Sun bowl. My question would be, why would he transfer and back up at SU when he can do the same at ND?
I love Tucson., Weather. Food is great. We stayed at El Conquistador a few months ago, amazing.
God I miss the Mexican food in Tucson. A nice cheese crisp and a Chicken Chimichanga. OMG.
It's hard to go against your natural instinct but he cost the team a lot of yardage by not dropping this INT on 4th down

Can Liberty hang with the Ducks? Very interesting.
Has Oregon been wearing their traditional school colors more this season? This is the second game in a row I've seen when they looked like Oregon.
The cheez it barber shop is absurd and the guy they showed at the cheez it lounge was clearly high af.
The long national nightmare is almost over (well maybe national is overstating) Brian Ferentz last game as Iowa offensive coordinator.
81 yards, 5 first downs and zero points. It’s truly staggering how horrible their offense is, and let’s see what the old man does as far as handcuffing the next OC.
A ton of empty seats today. Citrus Bowl is usually sold out, or near it. Most of the upper deck is empty. Can’t really blame an Iowa fan for staying home I guess.

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