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Jun 18, 2018
I like this team better than I did when we played Daemen, College of St. Rose, New Hampshire, Canisius, Colgate, any of the Maui games, LSU, Va, Cornell, G’Town, Oregon, Niagara and the way we played the second half when Red got some fresh players off the bench and they proved to be the difference.

Today’s game reminded me of the fast breaking, high flying, alley – oop, slam era that started in 1986 with Sherman Douglas and Stevie Thompson flying down the court after stealing the ball. If there were any trailing defenders or players that were in the way Douglas would lob the ball up and Thompson or Coleman or Seikaly would slam it into the basket.

Today I saw a Benny Williams I have never seen. He, along with Maliq and Quadir were the three creating steals and slams. I was smiling and saying yes, yes, because we looked like the smooth fast paced, fast break team I mentioned above. It was so great then and today it was almost like being back with the Douglas led teams from ‘86 – ’90. Those teams starting from 86 – 87 went 31-7, 26-9, 30- 8 and 26 – 7.

I am not suggesting that this team will have a record like those I just mentioned, but today’s game had me saying “damn this is what Red is talking about, what SU used to play like” almost the way they played especially Copeland who had a career game.

If Red can depend on those three or whomever is hitting and playing like we should getting 52 bench points and I believe 55 the game before he has an arsenal we can rely on.

Benny Williams and Brown played with a confidence that was obvious to me and mirrored the play of Copeland and all played like they knew they were good and were just waiting and aching to be asked to sub so they could explode and they did. Some of Williams slams were amazingly hard and it was great to hear the finally over 20,000 Syracuse fans react to everyone.

Then there was the put backs by Brown on a layup that he just wasn’t going to not let go in and he was up and down at least three times putting it back before the ball finally did go with one to boot.

Copeland was his own show, especially the 360 spin basket that had the crowd with their mouths open. Copeland is a very good basketball player quick, fast and he’ll pick your pocket and score before you can turn around to see what happened. Just think if someone could start scoring three’s consistently! A great game by SU I think turning into a very good team.
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If Copeland starts hitting threes he might end up getting drafted.

With all due respect to Judah, I think Cope has more next level potential.

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