Atlantic League Baseball - Testing of New Potential Rules for MLB


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Feb 19, 2012

The "Robot Umpires" heading is a bit sensationa. Its simply an an automated strike zone. This technology could have been set up a few years back and IMO should certainly be used by MLB.

I see no good reasons not to use an "Electronic strike zone". Some have argued that the art of pitch framing would be lost. This is the equivalent of saying the art of flopping would go away. As if less manipulation of the rules is a bad thing.

Here are some of the other rules that the Atlantic League will test, quoted from article.

"Some of those rule changes include a prohibition against mound visits, a ban of defensive shifts, a three-batter minimum for new pitchers and larger bases (18-by-18 inches, rather than 15-by-15). In the second half of the season, the league will allow batters to steal first base: Any pitch on any count not caught in flight will be considered a live ball, and a batter may run to first base, similar to a dropped third strike."

The stealing of first base seems totally unnecessary to me. If they

I also another article on this that mentioned that MLB will be testing moving the mound back to 61 and 62 feet so that more balls are put in play and that there will be less strikeouts. Seems crazy and a bit dangerous to me. Those extra 2 feet could really throw off mechanics.

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