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Aug 26, 2011
It's the equivalent of metrics in baseball saying to only swing for home runs because they count more. A couple of years back the Mets were on pace to set a team home run record and were the lowest scoring Mets team in 20 years because they were just waiting for someone to hit a home run to score.

Last season I kept track of how runs were scored in Mets games:

Single- 188
Double- 112
Triple- 12
Home Run- 373
Walk- 15
Balk- 1
Out- 35
Error- 15
Sac Fly- 26
Sac Bunt-
Wild Pitch- 3
Passed Ball-
Hit by Pitch- 4
The Mets have scored 791 runs so 47% are from home runs

Single- 195
Double- 129
Triple- 8
Home Run- 303
Walk- 9
Out- 30
Error- 13
Sac Fly- 35
Sac Bunt- 1
Wild Pitch- 5
Passed Ball- 2
Hit by Pitch- 3
The other guys have scored 735 runs so 41% of their runs come from home runs.

"This concludes the season. What I was looking for was to see how often runs are produced by each possible method, but especially home runs. For the Mets, that's 47%. For the opposition it's 41%. That means that, even in this heavy home run environment, more than half a teams' runs will be scored by other means. Thus ignoring those other means in favor of just trying to win a home run derby type of game is not successful baseball. In fact, the home runs you hit will be more impactful if you are getting on base a lot by other means. The other means are not antithetical to hitting home runs: the more times a strong hitter makes contact with the ball, the more home runs he will hit."

Metrics are like movie producers who seek to distill what makes a movie popular and then make movies with only those things. Bullitt and The French Connection have car chases so now we get Fast and Furious. Other movies have explosions or monsters and we get movies that have that and nothing else.

The stats on basketball shooting are mostly form the NBA where everyone can shoot. College teams try to play the same way but guys who could make 10 or 15 footers are jacking up threes instead. Lawrence Moten never cared where he was shooting from as long as he was open and could make that shot and he was the Big East's leading all-time scorer for 25 years.
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