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Mar 30, 2019
Any of the board attorney's have any last minute helping words? Sitting next Tuesday and Wednesday.

I wouldn't say I'm confident but I wouldn't say that I'm worried. I've never studied for anything in my life before the last two months or so for this.

I'm just ready for this bs to be over. Haven't had a drink since July 2nd. Lol
If you did a course like Kaplan and did all of the assignments, then you should be good. Pace yourself. I set myself certain benchmarks to get a certain amount of questions done at a certain amount of time. Hit the keywords, phrases, etc. on the essays and the IRAC format, or whatever they are doing now. A lot of the multiple choice questions are similar to practice tests with subtle changes, such asking the opposite of the prior questions. Don't talk to people before or after. Make sure your computer is updated and ready to go. I did not do much the day or two before regarding studying and tried to go to bed early. Nerves and endurance are half of it.
My advice is that there’s nothing you can do between now and Tuesday that will make a difference. Relax, and get some rest.

If you’ve taken a bar prep class (e.g. Bar/Bri etc.) and have followed their study plan, you’ll be fine. The goal is not to ace the exam, it’s to pass.

Good luck, my friend!

That said, it’s not too late to get out when you can…
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All I did the last few days was read over essays and answers from Bar Bri.
If you were a good student and studied diligently, you'll do fine.
Never taken the Bar because I have a soul, but I've taken plenty of very big very expensive tests. Once you've done all the prep you can do, for at least a few days before the test:
1)Eat well & reasonably healthy, avoid drinking much alcohol.
2)Take some time to go exercise and/or get outside
3)Read a physical book unrelated to study for an hour or so before bed to distract & wind down your mind so you can get some decent sleep
4)Review what you feel you need to review between doing these things, it'll be far more effective than last minute, late night cramming.
5) You got this. Know it.
Slow down, look around and enjoy the experience, and then methodically go through IRAC and dump every bit of relevant information onto that machine.
I assume that you’re involved in CRE, but I didn’t know that you were a lawyer. I’m willing to bet that our paths have crossed a time or two.
I'll add an anecdote that might not help but it sure can't hurt.

Day One of the exam, time is called and everybody around me slowly lines up to submit our materials to a proctor (maybe there are half a dozen or more queues like that around the test center, I don't know, it's a huge space in the convention center portion of the state complex in Albany and my end is kind of a raised mezzanine at one end of the place).

I'm standing there, generally just glad to have knocked out half of the thing and feeling OK when in my periphery there's some very urgent movement that's in contrast to everybody standing still. A guy comes barreling down the aisle between the desks, all the way to the front of the line at the proctors' table, and boots an enormous quantity into the garbage can there.

Not sure how long he held in the urge for, but that was impressive.
Not specific to the bar but after I sat for boards I had a Bloody Mary at the hotel bar and then had a Wagyu beef meatball for lunch that I still think about to this day.

Anyway hope that helps.

Also, good luck!
Excited to hear the news that you've joined ranks with Slippin' Jimmy.

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