Big props to our team. Never easy to win on the road. |

Big props to our team. Never easy to win on the road.

Hell of a win in a pretty important game at this point of the year.

Now that we won and I rarely say anything about the refs, but that was beyond ridiculous. The athletes deserve so much better than that. Can you imagine this last year when we had no depth???
This is the difference with an almost healthy Howard who has practiced with the team for more than a week. We will continue to improve IMO but there is a long way to go. I still like the peices very much. Huge win NCAAT wise to highlight the difference with and without Howard. Those losses at MSG won’t weigh against our resume that much.
Great win.

All for nothing if we can't finally play well vs Georgetown we've been awful vs them since leaving the BE last year was a gutty win but I want to see us actually play well for once we are 0-3 in terms of bringing our A game vs them. Last night goes out the window if we don't.
Incredible to lose 3 key guys to fouls and not really skip a beat.

"Shockingly" I think every player on the team fully expected to get screwed over by the refs and just played through it. There was no look of bewilderment or surprise when guys picked up their fifths on weak calls. Great coaching JB definitely prepared the team for this and told them he knew a few of them would foul out don't worry about it.

Good job by Oshae 2nd half to not pick up any.

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