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Buffalo at Marquette (on FS1)

Great bb. Nice to see two teams that don’t pass the ball around the thre point arc for 29 seconds.
Not the Just uniforms but the way they play is like middle Tennessee a little bit
This is a great game and fun to watch. Been reading some of the posts regarding style of play. Watch 5 minutes of this game and this is what I would want. Buffalo down10. MU can shoot it.
There’s more than a couple of players in this game who would be nice to have wearing orange.
Just the Second half is better offense from Marq thanI’ve seen from Syracuse in years
UB isn't that good. Top 30 team, maybe. We're just that bad
I don’t agree Marq is playing out of their minds Buffalo is a good offensive team
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MU just made 3-3 from three and foul shot. Holy. As I type this a fourth! Probably one of them was a “good” shot, one was guarded, and two were off balance!

And a fifth! I can’t type this fast enough. Nothing beats shot making. It’s not the stuff the run.
How is that guy blocking all these shots? He’s not even 6’10” let alone 7’2”.

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