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Buffalo Prediction Thread...

Last year, Buffalo's coach said SU was soft. He gets proved right with a win.
Beating Buffalo not of huge significance, losing to Buffalo would be very significant. Team that finally wakes up 70, team from the west 66.
Winning would be very significant. Would help make up for the ODU loss. Buffalo undefeated and highly ranked. Defense must tighten up. Buffalo has one impressive win, OT over West Virginia.

Central NY-- 71
Western NY -- 59
gmac left for buffalo?
gmac left for buffalo?
gmac left for buffalo?
I'm talking about JAB, by the time he leaves Syracuse he will be close to 80. I'm guessing that GMAC will be sitting by his side that entire time. Nate Oats is an upcoming coach who would be a great fit at Syracuse. For those of you who want to change the style of play offensively and defensively, Oats would be great.
My favorite pro football team: 67
My favorite college team: 63
Bubble- : 69
Buffalo: 66

Cuse 51 Buffalo 50 2OT's
- cuse wins but the offense puts everyone to sleep again
- Chukwu and Sidibe combine for 1 point and 3 rebounds
- Oshae takes 15 shots (12 of which are 3 pointers) and makes 2 and celebrates with two bow and arrow's
- Marek fouls out in 8 minutes
- Frank with a breakout game of 5 points, 4 assists, 2 turnovers by shot clock violations
- Carey blocks a couple corner shots, dribbles of his foot three times, and leads a couple fast breaks
- Buddy plays 2 minutes and goes 0-2 on threes getting blocked on both
- Hughes with four three and no expression on his face throughout
- Battle shoots poorly but attacks the basket getting to the line 12 times and finishing with 22 points and the an off balance game winner capped by a sneer in the direction of the Buffalo bench
Ranked Team probably with a center: 78
Unranked team with best center riding the bench: 64

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