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Bye Week Game Thread


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Aug 27, 2011
And some of us are….long. I always like to think that a man’s name should be reflective of his most outstanding physical characteristic…..

Most of the time the water is too cold in the trough but today it is perfect.
Thats not the trough Dick:)


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Nov 3, 2017
I didn’t even think games could be a tie anymore but somehow we did it. Thankfully this isn’t counted on our record so we are still 5-0, time to take these lessons and move on to NCST! Go Orange


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Aug 15, 2011
I know I am late to the game thread, but I had things to do. No, no leaves to rake, yet, but anyway I am here now.

Let me start with the fact that following the complete beat down of Wagner, we suspected both fans and the team would be a bit worn out and have an eye for next week's game versus the Wolfpack.

I am disappointed, I did not expect HCDB keep the usual starters off the Two-Depp. I know we beat Wagner bad and we have never lost to BYE, but we should never overlook the Fighting BYEs, let's not forget, Rutgers lost to them; I know, some will say Rutgers beat themselves, but I just can't be so harsh to the BYEs, the earned that victory.

Then the Marching band didn't. I suspect sutomcat will have the inside scoop on why no marching band today. I await his "My Take" and and his weekly tuba count. I will be P.O. (perturbed off) if we have less than 10 tubas! If we want a legitimate top 25 teams, we should have al legit marching band and no marking band is legit with less than 10 tubas. I think it was Millhouse who ran the stats on successful top 25 teams and marching bands correlations.

As already noted the uniform combo was unimpressive. OBO is the only home combination, Nike, you suck. Stick with the tried and true.

Tailgating? What can I say? It was like tailgating at UConn, in other words, no one was there!. No excuse. If nothing else, bring a grill, fire it up and burn some brats or dogs and burgers. It does not have to be fancy, we can't all be Fine Mess caliber tailgaters, but we can have some fun.

The Dome is empty at the top. Too many empty seats I think this is a result of Wildkack taking a page from Rutgers, give away the tickets and declare a sellout crowd! I assume we will have "sellouts" for every game going forward. Of course this would not be a problem if the ticket section would be kind and allow STH an opportunity to buy extras or sponsor local teams or classes.

On to the game. I have seen nothing from SU that excites me . I thought Babers was extended because he was so good with the fundamentals this spring, buy apparently I was wrong. OG has no receptions. They are not running Sean Tucker, who will likely be "unpl34sed" if you ask me.

The defense has managed to keep the BYEs off the scoreboard, so if there is a bright spot, Rony White's MOB probably is the only right spot. TW has been saving the Orange's collective bacon now the past couple of years, what's one more game.

I expected to see Smzyt a bit more, because we all know "Smzyt happens".

So anyway, that is what I have seen so far this weekend when our beloved Orange host B.Y.E.
My Take:

I have been sitting in the dome waiting for the game to start all damn day.

Must have nodded off at some point and apparently missed the whole first half.

Thought the performance of the SUMB was great. It was a bit avant garde. Some pauses. They acted at times like they were practicing. Very refreshing and innovative.

There were 10 tubas. The band was loud and so awed the crowd that their reaction to the brilliant performance was stone dead silence.

They eventually left the field. Curiously, they did not return to their seats in the western end zone but acted like they were leaving the stadium. So clever. So unexpected.

Gonna try my best to stay awake so I don’t also miss the second half. Right now it is pitch black in here so it is hard to focus.

Uh oh. Feeling kind of groggy…..

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