Can't tell the forest for the trees


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
I decided to watch some golf while waiting for the even's sporting events. It's the Byron Nelson event at a new course designed by Ben Crenshaw called the "Trinity Forest Golf Club". It's in the middle of Trinity Forest but is a treeless (imitation) "links" course. There's no water in sight. The course is a flat, dull expanse broken up only by greens, bunkers and cart paths. Gary McCord described it, paused and said "But it's fun."

No it isn't. Links course are what they because of their limitations. Courses with trees and water are more interesting and far more attractive. Here they built a gold course in a forest and removed all the trees so you couldn't tell it's in a forest. Use what you've got. if you've got more than they have elsewhere, don't try to imitate something that couldn't be what you can be.
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