Class of 2025 - CG Derek Dixon (DC) Offered |

Class of 2025 CG Derek Dixon (DC) Offered

I love the direction we are headed. The next step is come game time, to mix it up and play a lot of man to man defense in order to shed the stigma that we don't prepare guys for the NBA by playing zone exclusively. With the players already committed, an exciting brand of basketball is going to put us back on the map.
It looks as though Red is trying to be a class ahead at some point. I recall a Tim in SU recruiting when JB would have had all of next year’s signees done, and he would be working on the following year’s class. Be nice to get back to that.
And if they aren't signed early, you have a very good idea of their interest level and where to focus. The key is putting in the work. It's getting done.
Couple of recent interviews suggest there is mutual interest among SU coaches and Derek to have him on campus for a visit at some point in the future!
Does anyone know if we’re doing an elite camp this year? It sounds like we could have a killer one this year.

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