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R.I.P Dan
Aug 15, 2011
There is a story on CJ in this morning's PS which hasn't made it's way online.

We all remember the question marks surrorrounding Fair after his serious knee injury in high school. However, JB never waivered in his committment to CJ. Other schools fell by the wayside but SU was true blue Odie Kalodie. That loyalty appears to be paying dividends as Fair has been doing the extra hard work, showing a dedication to improvement and demonstrating a great team attitude.

This statement, "If I've got to come off the bench, I'll do whatever it takes to make us better" has me smiling.

This one, "Soon after he was hired in May, Syracuse assistant coach Adrian Autry noticed Fair's limited offensive game. Autry watched Fair on film and knew he wanted to work on the young player's shot. Autry was stunned when Fair returned to school and the work had already been done."

These are the kinds of things you want to hear about a young player. It's no wonder he's a fan favorite.
OK show of hands - who else gets the Odie Kalodie reference?
good article and better looking shot...I feel CJ may end up being a better KJ after KJ leaves
Awesome attitude by a guy that you already want to root for. I hope Fair really has improved his jumper by leaps and bounds in game situations because we're sure going to need that diversified game from him. Didn't really get a good look at his form last Tuesday, so I'll be keeping an eye out for it in the next exhibition!
I actually wouldn't be surprised if CJ was a better KJ before KJ leaves.
If there's something beyond what Fair already offers that Autry thinks he can unlock, I'd love to see it.

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