Clemson Prediction Thread... |

Clemson Prediction Thread...

University with father son combo in football. 64
University with father son combo in basketball. 74
Righteous Orange - 77
Unrighteous Orange - 71
Our #10 - 72
Their #10 - 67
Our Orange - 69
Their Orange - 61
Almost took you out in Death Valley-79
You’re in our house now-68
Syracuse covers the spread. Don't have a prediction. They don't shoot the three well, but are adept at the mid range. If the zone can prevent those interior passes and force them to shoot from 22"+, Syracuse will win. Clemson has size in the frontcourt, but that wasn't put to use against Duke which plays a bastardized version of the 2-3.
2018 National Champs - 68
2019 & 2020 National Champs - 72
Derrick Coleman 74
Elden Campbell 68
The entire board so far is predicting a cover, many easily. I think I'm going to bet a large sum on this one and come off the wagon. The entire board can't be wrong.

I kind of wish there was an ounce of analysis though, other than the 3 posts I read about their big, lol.

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