Conference Cooney's potatoes are not very shakey |

Conference Cooney's potatoes are not very shakey


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Aug 18, 2011
In three games of ACC play white hot is not going 7 of 32,

Thats a cool 22%

Extrapolate to a season (x12 assume 36 games) it is still 84 made.

He's at 50 for 112 now overall. 44.6%

I think this is about what we expected to get from him. Volume shooting points. Good defense. Profound scrappiness.

If he is jacking 12 threes thing, I would feel a lot better if 4 or 5 went in, but In no way should anyone begrudge him.

Little things count, like that not too many games does a player register FIVE steals.

I mean, the Cuse are still winning despite 25 missed threes by #10 the last week I am just saying I sure do hope that shakey 5-6 and 7-8 stroke comes back for games played after the vernal equinox.
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I think it will even as we go through the ACC. I expect him to be around mid 40's from 3 with some huge games here and there.
When it's all said and done, I think his overall conference average will be at best be between 35-40%, but that will be a big improvement over the current 22%.

I think fatigue may be a factor more than anything else due to the fact we don't have another 3-pt threat coming off the bench to give him the rest. I keep hoping SilentG can become that but he still backs off a couple of wide open available threes in trying to be a point guard when he's on the floor, even with Ennis when his role is to shoot.

Will be interesting to see what happens as the season progresses.

the cooney will be fine. its 3 games against 3 below average teams. we were winning 2 of them by double digit + the entire second half.. who cares?

this is like saying Carmelo had a rough game against seton hall... yeah but we won by 18 and later won the title!
44% would have sounded great before the season. Hey, I'd sign on for that for the full year right now, too.

But a lot of us who were defending Cooney after his 0-3 against St. John's made a point of saying that he could give us a goose egg without doing the type of damage a McNamara type might - Cooney would limit his shots, never going 2-13 and shooting us out of a game.

We've won the first three, but I don't feel as confident about that statement now.

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