Cuse@Miami Ticket Buy, Sat March 7th (2 or 4 PM tip off) |

Cuse@Miami Ticket Buy, Sat March 7th (2 or 4 PM tip off)


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Aug 15, 2011
Cuse at Miami, Saturday, March 7th, 2pm or 4 pm Tip Off

I'm going to buy a small group of 20-30 tickets close to the SU Bench (behind Section 102)
The seats will be in Section 103 or 104 (should be lower to mid level). This arena only seats like 8-9000 so all seats are close.
They cost $25 each (plus a small handling fee). We will be trying to set up a nearby restaurant or tailgate gathering if it makes sense. I need a head count of potential interest ASAP. I will be buying the block of tickets next week. PDF reprinted tickets will be used (I asked and they are still okay at Miami)

Reply here with a guess of number of tickets you need. Thanks

NOTE: The motel/hotels are in high season. Check rates before telling me you want tickets.

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Hmmm no real interest.

Maybe I'll just buy 10 tickets and make it small
Sorry I missed this earlier this week. I'll take 2 if we are still doing this.
Good news the tickets are $20 each (plus a small handling fee)

I bought 20 tickets in Section 104 (the lower section). 104 is a smaller section with easy access to the concourse. We will be over the team tunnel entrance. The SU bench will be to our right. Our seats will be at an angle to make easier viewing. This arena is tiny so our seats are very close to the action compared to the Dome.

Expect a pregame meetup at either TGIF or Titanic Brew Pub. Options are kinda limited.

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TexanMark 2
Dinkyspond 2
RichmondCuse03 3

7 of 20 taken at the moment
I have 9 of 20 sold. It looks like our team is going to be of post season caliber (NIT or NCAA). Send me a PM if interested.

Take a look at your calendar. Spring Baseball is running...a chance to see SU hoops do the beach.


Game will be at 4pm

I can handle ticket requests from 1 to 5.

I have 3 unsold and 2 from a person who can not go now. I control the seating chart so I can put up to 5 together as needed.

We are planning to Meetup at a restaurant near the arena before the game for anyone interested.

I will sell the tickets at a discount.

Send me an email to
texanmarktailgate at gmail dot com
I think I have two sold. So we have three left.

Selling for $15 each

I did sell the two tickets

I have up to 3 tix left (1 unsold and 2 from a fan that can't go now)

Going to discount them to $15 each to move them

I control 20 seats so I will be able to get up to 3 together without issue.
I was just going to see if you still had 2
Garden Orange bought the last ticket and I called up Miami and they sold me one more contiguous to our group. We are 21 strong now!

Pregame at Titanic Brewpub

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