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Did we win?

Did people forget where this program was? Let's celebrate today and enjoy it
HCDM is in year #3 of hius rebuilding project and people are complaining about a 3-1 start to the season. Remeber by complaining they now have an excuse not to come to the dome next Saturday.

Maybe the bandwagon fans will show up when the Cuse is 5-1 going in the West Virginia game. :D

Of course the WVU game starts at 8:00 p.m. so we will hear the complaints that they have to walk up hill to/from the dome IN THE DARK which is not safe, the game will end past their bedtime after a long week of work, and god forbid its raining outside there is no way they can wet walking to the game (of course they forget that every other college football fan has to sit outside in the rain/cold every game), etc. ;)

I would like to thank all those bandwagon fans who gave up on this football program because I now have season tickets in the first row in the second level.

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