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Did you know Doug Marrone is still our HC?


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Jun 18, 2018
Re: cuse.com

An issue I wanted to bring to your attention.

Did you know that Doug Marrone is still our head coach?

I'm trying to keep my irritation to a minimum here and perhaps I am over-reacting. I do not know who is in charge of that site but they need to do some updating - it's really too bad other people besides me haven't noticed this.

I was browsing the cuse.com site this evening and while there a page arrived with, on the left, a pic of an indoor shot of the Dome during a football game with an orange rectangle below it with the word Tickets. The middle pic is the Hall of Languages with the same rectangle with the words Cuse Athletics Fund, and the right pic is the Lally Complex with the word Facilities which I clicked on and was pleased with each as I went through our sports facilities. Until I arrived at The John Lally Sports complex, in particular the Iocolano - Petty Football Complex.

Excuse me for running on here, but I clicked on the "Complex” and here is what it says third paragraph down:

>The first floor also includes the 175-seat Ferguson Auditorium/Ampitheater, recruiting offices, a computer cluster for student-athletes, meeting rooms, locker room, a video room and the office of Coach Marrone.<

Amazing to me. It's been 12 years since he left and no one has noticed, it should read, office of Fran Brown National Recruiter of the Year.

But wait, there's more!

Then I visited The Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center and to my surprise the third sentence down looks like this:

Carmelo Anthony always wanted to give back to Syracuse University. And give back he did. Anthony’s lead gift of $3 million kick-started the construction of the facility. On September 24,

2009, the $19 million Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center that houses the men’s and women’s basketball teams officially opened.

What got my attention here is the huge space between 24 and 2009. Of course we are one of the top journalistic schools in the country and we don't make these errors and leave them there for thousands to look at.

And to finish up, SU Soccer Stadium could sound more important than its nice beginning:

>One of the finest natural grass facilities in the Northeast, the SU Soccer Stadium features a lush 120’-by-75’ playing surface, bleachers extending the length of the field and lights for night competition. The 1,500-seat complex also includes a concession area, press box, camera platform for television broadcasts and ample parking

The facility opened on Aug. 31, 1996 with an Orange men’s and women’s soccer doubleheader. The women’s match was the first in program history and the team prevailed 5-2 over Buffalo in its inaugural contest. The men were also victorious that day, defeating Adelphi, 1-0.

Having hosted several crowds of at least 1,000 spectators, the SU Soccer Stadium is one of the most exciting venues in the region to witness collegiate soccer.<

It could read: In 2003 the men's team finished the season as National Champions, etc., etc. nothing big deal but it might add to the importance of soccer at SU but we’re only just the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

I'll end here, thanks for reading but some of this is so obvious and makes us look terrible to me. Especially due to its being our official Athletics site. Someone has to do something about it, IMO. Please let me know what you think and enjoy the evening.
That thread topic was the cheapest of cheap clickbait. It hurt all the worse when I learned it was a substantive post and not a hot take
Of course we are one of the top journalistic schools in the country and we don't make these errors and leave them there for thousands to look at.
Yeah look at our esteemed Newhouse alumni. Proud he is my alumnus brother:

Found the office of Coach Marrone
Screenshot 2024-02-08 145610.png

Iocolano-Petty Football Complex

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