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Dino's NSD Presser

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Dino Babers at podium now for signing day presser. Says Cooper Dawson's announcement with Kingsley Feinman was "gracious."

Dino: Most of this class was done off 4-8 season and W vs. Clemson, and backpart of class was off the 9-3 season.

Dino: If we find a QB we feel is worthy we'll bring him in, but we're not going to force one.

Dino: ~5 spots remain in the class

Dino: We're far away, but we're not that far away. We're 2 4th-quarter stops from having an unbelievable year. "We're very competitive on the field." But depth isn't there yet to compete on a national level.

Dino: We're still at the stage where most of our guys are 3 star athletes we have to develop in weight room and on-field. Whether we have a guy like Andre Cisco, who can contribute right away, we'll see.

Dino: I'm flattered by billboard on I-690.
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A tradition unlike any other, the live signing day press conference not loading on any platform for me.
Interesting he still sees roughly 5 spots still remaining. Looks like there is going to be some attrition.
Don't care, but surprised he didn't know whether #44 was retired.

Well, they technically did "un-retire" it a few years ago, but then kinda walked it back somewhat after the initial announcement (all during FHCSMFS's regime), so it's understandable why he might be unclear about that -
I know I am.

I think that IF they found that RB recruit that had "it", that 44 would possibly be an option.

I also think that IF Dino & crew wanted it back in circulation, that JW and Syverud would probably be happy to sign off on it. DOCTOR Gross has left the building.

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