Does anyone remember Darrell Stroope? |

Does anyone remember Darrell Stroope?

TE--yeah. Highly rated recruit from around the 94 or 95 recruiting class. Had a bunch of injury problems. What about him?
he is very successful right now, has done well for himself since his SU days and has been involved with the program recently ... thats all I have
Im larry this is my brother darryl and this is my other brother darryl.
Real good guy. Was in the same program (bioengineering) as him, but didn't really get to know him until grad school. We had many nights out at Faegans and subsequent hell-raising back in the day. Once night, a group of us decided to show various feats of strength on Comstock after a very successful flip night. I picked up a softball sized rock and threw it as far as I could to tepid applause. DS tore a stop sign out of the ground in about 60 seconds.

I'll never forget his career highlight. Rutgers punt returner got LEVELED in one of the best timed special teams hits I've ever seen. It was in a Cuse blowout. Half the Dome had left, and I jumped out of my seat like it was the game winning play.
We worked at the same company a few years back. He was in a different division so I never met him but heard good things. One of his co-workers mentioned to me that a former SU player worked in his group. Said he was a really good guy. I think Darrell left the company a few months later.
I recall the injury problems - back ? - and that he was a TE.

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