Don't blow this Mike Brey |

Don't blow this Mike Brey

why is Notre Dame throwing the ball in to a freshman in the first place?
That was an epic collapse - going to take some doing for Grant to get over that last minute.
You would have had to try to lose that game to have performed any worse than Notre Dame that last minute and eight seconds. If that was my team I would have thrown up for sure.
Lack of toughness is a reflection on the coach. He's too nice to be a good coach.
any port in a storm
Not sure why that guy is in at the end of the game if he's never thrown a free throw, much less be the guy by the line getting the toss in :noidea:
I suggest all that feel ND choked this away go watch a replay of the last 58 seconds. Yes they had epic trouble inbounding the ball. Outside of that tell me what you see, and tell me if you still feel they choked it away.

The refs pulled down their pants, and put it in their hind ends. Sickening
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I was yelling at the refs the entire game. Lousy officiating down the line. Inconsistent calls charges thaat were blocks and blocks that were charges.

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