Don't count on BYU in the BE |

Don't count on BYU in the BE


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Aug 15, 2011

McMurphyCBS Brett McMurphy

BYU joining Big East now appears doubtful, sources tell @CBSSports
Man, the whole rush to 12 sure has slowed down to a crawl.
BYU not coming will cause other Western teams to reconsider not to come also...note been mentioned that BCS will go with rankings of teams for all bowls not with conference tie-ins next time around...that being reason to join the BE
Looks like Providence now has its eyes on San Diego State. At least, that is the school BSU prefers. I wonder if the basketball schools won't have second thoughts about expansion now, however, particularly as the school that is leading up the BE's expansion effort is giving a serious look at the ACC.
So let me get this straight. BYU was going to come to the Big East for football only, but only if they were able to retain ALL TV rights to ALL their home games?

So, the Big East gets no benefit from having BYU other than the "privilege" of the Big East being able to televise their road conference games? They sound worse than Notre Dame.
"Four time zones would be cool. Even CUSA never did that. We settled for three."

An excited Houston Cougar fan on the prospect of San Diego State joining the Big East. I think that about says it all.
SDSU. :rolling:
Heck, why not add Hawaii and a 5th time zone. At what point do we all admit that this is one giant cluster f$&%???????

Time to move on. Let the football teams join with other leagues, let the basketball teams form a new basketball-only league and preserve the Big East for what it was: the best basketball conference and a a decent at times, but unsustainable, football conference. Oh and a short-lived lacrosse league.
The perfect bowl tie-in:

The Ice Road Truckers Bowl, in Fairbanks, AK.

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