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Dynamic Ticketing

interesting in that they only chose the 2 games that had by far the most interest and biggest fan bases.
interesting in that they only chose the 2 games that had by far the most interest and biggest fan bases.

One thing Northwestern has going for it, as far as ticket sales, is location. Its city (close enough) is home to so many alums of the huge state schools around it.

That game against Ohio State was so big for the NW program, they were still undefeated at the time. That stadium was almost 50% red. When they showed the one side of the stadium, it looked red enough to be a neutral site game.
Baseball did it first, basketball is slowly copying. Soon more colleges will do it. Dynamic would be great for Syracuse bball but not sure how it would work with football. Demand is already low not sure how if the price will move as anticipated.
I think dynamic pricing is a real winner. It could work both ways for big games as well as the Villanova game. I thought the dome would be absolutely empty for the BC game. The 4 for. $44 deal they ran for that game might have been worth 5000 tickets in the end. A surprisingly nice crowd turned out and got to see an epic game! So start every end zone seat up to the 15yd line at $11 and dynamically move the price with demand. Get butts in seats period. Kids want to eat through the whole game anyway and buy swag,so they'll make money anyway. The big games like FSU or say Penn St,demand would drive price the other way. Something has to be done next year while we have real momentum . The dome is so much fun when get 40k in the stands!
UN had different price points for different sections. SU could do the same thing ... upper end zone, upper sideline outside the 20, inside the 20... same for lower sections.

It would likely have to be tied to some sort of change to the preferred seating plans and compression if current seating assignments.
But... But... This will diminish those that donate for their seats! It's not fair!

I think you'd just as soon see all the donors go away and the program die on the vine.
"Purple Pricing, as it's designed now, doesn't really solve this problem because Northwestern officials never will allow auction prices to fall below the price of season tickets. If they did that, they'd risk losing the good will of their most loyal fans."

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