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Aug 15, 2011
Long time lurker (2004ish) on both Nunes and the Scout site, figured with the site move now would be a good a time as ever to make a post! Some of you may have seen me in some of the game chats where I tried to contribute...

Anyway I saw this video on Nunes a few days ago and thought it should be getting a little more attention. The video is of Fab Melo playing against some pretty weak competition. He does miss some bunnies in the video, but what struck me was how skinny and athletic he looked. I know there have been some reports he has been on the Rick Jackson weight loss plan, and it seems to be working out for him. The two plays right at the beginning, the one handed dunk put-back and the almost 360 dunk, he could not do last year.

Hopefully he keeps working hard this summer and comes into camp in shape so he doesn't get injured again from over-use.

Look forward to contributing a little more to this board!

Saw this video, but love the fact we can post video on this board. Fantastic.
This board has some sweet options. There seems to be some cool basic social media stuff going on with the profiles too.
Thanks for the video..saw it on Nunes. Overall while his body weight appears down the vid isn't exactly encouraging...or is it my imagination. Missed a number of "bunnies" against not the strongest of foes. Hope that I am overreacting a tad and he comes back as a terror!
Agreed, he does miss some layups that should have probably gone in, but if he is going to contribute this year the most important factor in my mind is conditioning. You never know, maybe he was just having a bad day. I know during my ball playing days, everyone randomly had days that they just weren't getting rolls/ couldn't finish. Hopefully he was just off during this game :rolleyes:
Clearly a positive improvement but it shows me that Melo has a long journey ahead of him. I think over the course of this year we'll see a lot of growth from him and I'll be more excited about him this time next year. Thank goodness for Keita.
This board has some sweet options. There seems to be some cool basic social media stuff going on with the profiles too.

Agreed on being discouraged after seeing that. Missed a bunch of bunnies, and got pretty easily moved off the block once.

Still optimistic for next year, he did seem to be more athletic overall.
Fab scored 13 with 5 rebs and 1 blocked shot against Germany ... Sometimes I don't know what to think about where he will be next year. Definitely needs more playing time before the season.

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