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Aug 26, 2011
For the last several years I’ve been making monthly posts for baseball keeping track of who is leading each league in base production, (total batting bases +walks + steals) and run production, (runs scored + runs batted in minus home runs so they don’t get counted twice). I’ve also used those stats for my series on the history of the sport to identify the most historically productive players. I’m going to be starting a similar series for basketball soon and I thought I’d start doing monthly NBA posts using my “net points” formula: points + rebounds +assists + steals + blocks – missed field goals –missed free throws – turnovers – fouls. Since we don’t have two leagues, I’ll keep track of the top 25 players. I’ve also decided to break out the players averages per 48 minutes of play, (the length of an NBA game).

Players don’t actually average 48 minutes per game, ( keeps track of averages per 36 minutes as that’s closer to what a star player will average). But they could play that much in a tight game. These numbers represent what they are capable of doing when their team really needs them to produce. The players are ranked based on total net points. The averages are just a breakdown of their individual skills. I do show the NP per 40 minutes at the end of each line but I’ll ranked them based on the total NP because that’s not a projection based on a rate of production..

Here is a breakdown of what I’ve typed in each case with LeBron James in October as an example: LeBron played 7 games and 259 minutes in those games, an average of 37.0 minutes per game (m). He scored 172 points (p), grabbed 52 rebounds (r ), passed for 60 assists (a), stole 7 balls (s) and blocked 8 shots (b). He attempted 116 field goals and made 68, so he missed 48 (mfg). He attempted 32 free throws and made 25, missing 7 (mft). He had 28 turnovers (to) and 11 personal fouls (pf). I add the positives and subtract the negatives to get 397 net points. I divide 48 by the 539 minutes and multiply each stat by the result. I come up with this:
LeBron James CLE 37.0m 31.9p 9.6r 11.1a 1.3s 1.5b 8.9mfg 1.3mft 5.2to 2.0pf 205NP (38.0)


LeBron James CLE………….36.9m 35.7p 11.2r 11.8a 1.8s 1.1b 11.5mfg 2.3mft 5.5to 2.1pf 2546NP (40.4)
Anthony Davis NO………….36.4m 37.1p 14.6r 3.3a 2.0s 3.4b 12.0mfg 1.8mft 2.9to 2.8pf 2318NP (40.8)
Russell Westbrook OKC….36.4m 33.4p 10.7r 13.5a 2.4s 0.3b 15.3mfg 2.5mft 6.3to 3.3pf 2159NP (35.6)
Karl-Anthony Towns MIN.35.6m 28.9p 16.1r 3.3a 1.1s 1.9b 8.8mfg 0.9mft 2.6to 4.7pf 2099NP (34.5)
G. Antetokounmopo MIL..36.7m 35.1p 13.1r 6.3a 1.9s 1.8b 11.5mfg 2.7mft 3.9to 4.0pf 2075NP (36.1)

James Harden HOU……….35.4m 41.2p 7.3r 11.9a 2.4s 0.9b 15.0mfg 1.9mft 5.9to 3.2pf 2001NP (37.7)
Andre Drummond DET….33.7m 21.4p 22.8r 4.3a 2.1s 2.3b 7.6mfg 2.9mft 3.7to 4.6pf 1875NP (34.3)
Nikola Jokic DEN……………32.6m 27.2p 15.8r 9.0a 1.8s 1.2b 9.9mfg 0.9mft 4.1to 4.2pf 1832NP (36.0)
Kevin Durant GS….…………34.2m 37.0p 9.6r 7.6a 1.0s 2.5b 12.2mfg 0.9mft 4.3to 2.74pf 1814NP (37.5)
Ben Simmons PHI………….33.7m 22.5p 11.6r 11.6a 2.5s 1.2b 8.0mfg 2.6mft 4.9to 3.7pf 1716NP (30.1)

Damian Lillard POR……….36.6m 35.3p 5.8r 8.6a 1.4s 0.5b 14.3mfg 0.8mft 3.7to 2.1pf 1710NP (30.7)
LeMarcus Aldridge SA……33.5m 33.2p 12.1r 2.9a 0.8s 1.7b 12.6mfg 1.2mft 2.1to 3.1pf 1657NP (31.7)
DeAndre Jordan LAC …….31.5m 18.3p 23.2r 2.3a 0.8s 1.4b 4.1mfg 2.6mft 2.7to 4.0pf 1649NP (32.7)
Dwight Howard CHAR……30.4m 26.3p 19.7r 2.0a 0.9s 2.6b 7.9mfg 4.8mft 4.1to 4.9pf 1531NP (29.4)
Victor Oladipo IND…………34.0m 32.6p 7.3r 6.1a 3.3s 1.1b 13.2mfg 1.4mft 4.1to 3.3pf 1512NP (28.4)

DeMar DeRozan TOR……..33.9m 32.6p 5.6r 7.4a 1.5s 0.4b 13.6mfg 1.7mft 3.1to 2.7pf 1487P (26.3)
Jrue HolidayNO……………..36.1m 25.2p 6.0r 8.0a 2.0s 1.0b 10.3mfg 0.8mft 3.5to 3.3pf 1481NP (24.3)
Bradley Beal WAS………….36.3m 30.0p 5.9r 6.0a 1.6s 0.6b 12.9mfg 1.2mft 3.5to 2.6pf 1475NP (24.8)
Kemba Walker CHA……….34.2m 31.1p 4.3r 7.8a 1.6s 0.4b 13.6mfg 1.0mft 3.1to 1.7pf 1467NP (25.7)
Clint Capella HOU………….27.5m 24.2p 18.9r 1.6a 1.4s 3.2b 5.5mfg 2.7mft 2.4to 4.4pf 1455NP (34.3)

Joel Embid PHI………………30.3m 36.3p 17.3r 5.0a 1.0s 2.8b 13.7mfg 2.7mft 5.9to 5.2pf 1388NP (34.8)
Kyle Lowry TOR……………..32.1m 24.2p 8.3r 10.3a 1.6s 0.4b 13.3mfg 0.9mft 3.5to 3.7pf 1388NP (26.5)
Kris Middleton MIL………..36.4m 26.6p 6.9r 5.3a 1.9s 0.3b 10.9mfg 0.7mft 3.1to 4.3pf 1367NP (22.0)
Paul George OKC……………36.6m 28.7p 7.4r 4.4a 2.7s 0.6b 12.7mfg 1.2mfg 3.5to 3.9pf 1362NP (22.6)
Lou Williams LAC……………32.7m 33.0p 3.7r 7.7a 1.6s 0.4b 14.0mfg 1.1mft 4.3to 2.0pf 1347NP (25.0)

Comments: James Harden was the NBA’s best scorer on the NBA’s best team but was the he really the best player? It seems to me that Russell Westbrook is still a better player of a similar type. He doesn’t score quite as much but is a better rebounder and passer. LeBron would surely win MVP again if the Cavs hadn’t been such a disappointment over all. But was that his fault? And who is LeBron’s heir? You hear a lot about the Greek Freak but Anthony Davis is the better scorer, rebounder, shot blocker, free throw shooter. He also commits fewer fouls.

I had to double-check Nikola Jokic’s assist average: 9.0 per 48 minutes. The guy’s a center. But that is right: Nikola Jokic Stats | He’s bene in the league three years and his assists per 48 have increased from very good for a center: 5.2 to a late career Wilt Chamberlain-like 8.5 last year and 9.0 this year. Put that with 27.2 points and 15.8 rebs per 48 and you have a heck of a player that we don’t hear much about.

Shouldn’t Kevin Durant, at his size be a little better rebounder? Ben Simmons has been claiming the rankings all you. If only he could shoot. Steph Curry isn’t in the top 25 because he missed 31 games. At that, he almost made it. He had 1278 NP, 37.6 per 48 minutes.

Ex-SU Players
Carmelo Anthony OKC…….32.1m 24.2p 8.7r 2.0a 0.9s 0.9b 13.4mfg 0.9mft 1.9to 3.8pf 876NP (16.8)
Jerami Grant OKC……………20.3m 19.9p 9.3r 1.7a 0.9s 2.2b 6.2mfg 2.3mft 1.6to 4.5pf 666NP (19.4)
Wes Johnson LAC…………….20.1m 13.0p 7.0r 2.0a 2.5s 2.0b 7.0mfg 0.5mft 1.8to 4.7pf 384NP (12.4)
Dion Waiters MIA…………….30.6m 22.4p 4.0r 5.9a 1.2s 0.5b 12.9mfg 0.9mft 3.7to 3.2pf 255NP (13.3)
M Carter-Williams CHA….. 16.1m 13.7p 7.9r 6.7a 2.5s 1.3b 8.8mfg 0.9mft 3.0to 5.7pf 240NP (13.8)
Tyler Ennis LAL…………………12.6m 15.7p 6.7r 7.4a 2.1s 0.7b 9.1mfg 0.5mft 2.7to 5.3pf 215NP (12.6)
Malachi Richardson TOR….12.5m 12.9p 4.9r 1.9a 1.5s 0.1b 8.7mfg 0.7mft 1.5to 4.0pf 43NP (6.4)
Tyler Lydon DEN……………….Played 2 minutes in one game and had no other statistics.

Comment: The torch may be passing for the best SU alum in the NBA from Carmelo Anthony to Jerami grant. But neither are anywhere near the top 25. Tyler Ennis came on strong at the end of the year, adding 80NP in April. I hope Tyler Lydon enjoyed his two minutes of glory.

Anthony and Grant are the only SU players in the playoffs: Miami is in but Dion is hurt and Toronto is in but Malachi is not on their post-season roster. That means that unless OKC, who is down 1-2 to the pelicans, wins the west it will be the 38th consecutive NBA finals with no ex-Syracuse players in it.

The following players have won NBA “Net Points” championships:
1949-50 Alex Groza, Indianapolis 699
(points + assists - missed field goals, free throws & fouls)
1950-51 George Mikan, Minneapolis 1753
(rebounds are added)
1951-52 Paul Arizin, Philadelphia 1534 (25.1)
(minutes are now available: the averages are per 48 minutes)
1952-53 Neil Johnston, Philadelphia 1641 (24.9)
1953-54 Neil Johnston, Philadelphia 1579 (23.0)
1954-55 Neil Johnston, Philadelphia 1833 (30.3)
1955-56 Bob Pettit, St. Louis 1939 (33.3)
1956-57 Dolph Schayes, Syracuse 1757 (29.6)
1957-58 Bill Russell, Boston 1938 (30.4)
1958-59 Bob Pettit, St. Louis 2175 (36.3)
1959-60 Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia 3006 (43.2)
1960-61 Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia 3471 (44.2)
1961-62 Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia 4060 (50.2)
1962-63 Wilt Chamberlain, San Francisco 3911 (49.3)
1963-64 Wilt Chamberlain, San Francisco 3386 (44.1)
1964-65 Wilt Chamberlain, SF-Philadelphia 2819 (41.0)
1965-66 Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia 3444 (44.2)
1966-67 Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia 3546 (46.2)
1967-68 Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia 3350 (41.9)
1968-69 Wilt Chamberlain, Los Angeles 2662 (34.9)
1969-70 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Milwaukee 2475 (33.6)
1970-71 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Milwaukee 2924 (42.7)
1971-72 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Milwaukee 3215 (43.1)
1972-73 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Milwaukee 2765 (40.8)
1973-74 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Milwaukee 2976 (40.3) (steals and blocks added)
1974-75 Bob McAdoo, Buffalo 2955 (40.1)
1975-76 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Los Angeles 3233 (45.9)
1976-77 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Los Angeles 2856 (45.5)
1977-78 Bob McAdoo, New York 2067 (31.2) (turnovers added)
1978-79 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Los Angeles 2544 (38.7)
1979-80 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Los Angeles 2479 (37.9)
1980-81 Moses Malone, Houston 2311 (34.2)
1981-82 Moses Malone, Houston 2475 (35.0)
1982-83 Larry Bird, Boston 2176 (35.0)
1983-84 Larry Bird, Boston 2172 (34.4)
1984-85 Larry Bird, Boston 2543 (38.6)
1985-86 Larry Bird, Boston 2385 (36.8)
1986-87 Michael Jordan, Chicago 2380 (34.8)
1987-88 Michael Jordan, Chicago 2604 (37.8)
1988-89 Michael Jordan, Chicago 2749 (40.5)
1989-90 Michael Jordan, Chicago 2594 (38.9)
1990-91 David Robinson San Antonio 2488 (38.6)
1991-92 Michael Jordan, Chicago 2286 (35.4)
1992-93 Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston 2542 (37.7)
1993-94 David Robinson, San Antonio 2482 (36.8)
1994-95 David Robinson, San Antonio 2394 (37.4)
1995-96 David Robinson, San Antonio 2364 (37.6)
1996-97 Karl Malone, Utah 2261 (36.2)
1997-98 Karl Malone, Utah 2133 (33.8)
1998-99 Shaquille O’Neal, LA Lakers 1165 (32.8) (50 game season due to strike)
1999-00 Shaquille O’Neal, LA Lakers 2417 (36.7)
2000-01 Kevin Garnett, Minnesota 2047 (30.7)
2001-02 Tim Duncan, San Antonio 2341 (33.8)
2002-03 Kevin Garnett, Minnesota 2431 (35.1)
2003-04 Kevin Garnett, Minnesota 2515 (37.4)
2004-05 Kevin Garnett, Minnesota 2474 (38.0)
2005-06 LeBron James, Cleveland 2142 (30.6)
2006-07 Kevin Garnett, Minnesota 2033 (32.6)
2007-08 LeBron James, Cleveland 2100 (33.5)
2008-09 LeBron James, Cleveland 2362 (37.1)
2009-10 LeBron James, Cleveland 2345 (38.0)
2010-11 LeBron James, Miami 2095 (32.8)
2011-12 LeBron James, Miami 1755 (36.2)
2012-13 LeBron James, Miami 2336 (39.0)
2013-14 Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City 2398 (36.9)
2014-15 James Harden, Houston 1994 (32.1)
2015-16 Stephen Curry, Golden State 2263 (40.2)
2016-17 Russell Westbrook, Okla. City 2550 (43.7)
2017-18 LeBron James, Cleveland 2546 (40.4)

Wilt Chamberlain has won 10 titles, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 9, LeBron James 7, Kevin Garnett and Michael Jordan 5 each.
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