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Aug 27, 2011
I admit I've become uber-sensitive to this and the block/charge call is certainly a difficult one but the inconsistency here is maddening. Seems like the exact same contact and movement can be a block, offensive foul or no call depending on the reaction of the defender. Offensive foul on CJ was a clear flop. CJ did extend his forearm but defender looked like he was hit by a train. A couple of possessions later Cooney had virtually identical position on Miller. Miller extended forearm and Cooney held his position. No call. Officials must be able to recognize this tactic and reward solid defense and penalize the overt over-reacting. Flop and no call would generally end up with an uncontested shot. Let them play.
Did you see the one near the end of the MD/Virginia game? The Virginia player shoved the MD player out of the way to receive the inbounds pass under the basket. There was no doubt about it as the MD player was thrown to the ground and imo and the ref correctly called the Virginia player for the shove. The announcers however said the MD player flopped and got the call. Eye of the beholder I guess, but in my mind it's a foul if you get an unfair advantage and in that case the Virginia player would not have gotten the pass with the MD player in his way.
It's always bothered me and unfortunately somewhat justifies flopping. I get that it's a hard thing to call in real-time, but by the same token I don't want to hear "you couldn't do better" because a 5yr old could not do worse either. If refs were as good as announcers always say they are, then it wouldn't be mandatory for defenders to flop for there to be an offensive foul. It's a never-ending conundrum.
It should be taken out of the game. If you are not attempting to play the ball, then it should be a foul on the defender, period, end of story. Take the subjectivity out of it, at least take as much out as you can. Especially, if you're the secondary defender. I hate that help side defense has turned into go and run underneath a guy. Hate it.

CJ may have extended but it was minimal and in response to the defender jumping sideways to get into his path which was done so he could also fall backwords and pick up a foul. The defender correctly guessed where CJ was going but didn't have and more right to that space than CJ, wasn't established and his whole defensive attempt was to collect an offensive foul. To me playing defense to pick up an offensive foul should never be rewarded because its not defending. Stand there in the path all you want if you are there or with your hands up I'm totally cool with that but the minute you start falling like a felled tree our leap backwords like you gout launched from a cannon it should be an automatic defensive foul. Call it like that all the time and force defenders to play defense.
Dennis Nett's picture answered any question I had whether it was a block or charge. Parker is falling backwards before CJ even gets there.


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