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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Hostess Cupcake Day!

On Hostess CupCake Day, we celebrate the iconic snack food. The cupcakes were first "introduced" on May 10, 1919, possibly being first sold the following day, on May 11, the date on which we celebrate the holiday. They have always been made of devil's cake and were originally hand-covered with vanilla or chocolate icing. Originally known as "Chocolate Cup Cakes," they were created by the Taggart Bakery and made at their Indianapolis bakery. They were purchased by the Continental Baking Company in 1925 and were renamed Hostess Cup Cakes (today CupCakes). Some see them as being the first commercially produced cupcake, although this has been disputed by Tastykake, which was founded in 1914.

SU News

Syracuse Basketball: Boeheim’s Army roster, so far, is absolutely divine (; Adler)

Momentum is gearing up for Boeheim’s Army, which has announced its initial three line-up additions for the $2 million The Basketball Tournament.
As I’ve lamented before on Inside The Loud House, when March Madness ends, it is a semi-depressing moment for me.

That’s because I adore college basketball, particularly the Big Dance, and especially when my beloved SU hoops outfit goes on an extended run in the NCAA Tournament, which occurred this past March.

However, despite 2017-18 concluding, we still have Orange-related basketball to admire before the next season begins.

Boeheim’s Army, comprised of former Syracuse studs and named after the program’s Hall of Fame head coach, this summer will once again compete in The Basketball Tournament (“TBT”), where the winning crew collects $2 million.

Earlier this week, Boeheim’s Army revealed via Twitter the first three guys on its roster, and they are Eric Devendorf, Kris Joseph and Brandon Triche.

Will Mike Hopkins Turn Washington into Syracuse West? (; Berg)

When Mike Hopkins accepted the offer to become the men’s basketball coach at Washington just over a year ago, many fans assumed that he would turn the program into Syracuse West. After all, Hopkins spent his collegiate playing career and an incredible 22 years with the Orange. Unlike most coaches who meld together philosophies from several different mentors, Hopkins spent nearly three decades learning from Jim Boeheim.

If Hopkins replicated the record of success that Syracuse experienced in his time with the program, most Husky fans would gladly accept those results. In the 22 years Hopkins spent on the staff, Syracuse never had a losing record, and only had a losing conference record one time. The team went to the NCAA Tournament 16 times, the Final Four four times, and won the National Championship in 2003. Although Washingtonians might want to avoid the disciplinary record and sanctions from that Syracuse tenure, the on-court product stands as an exceptional model.

In The Money: Second-round picks cash-in guaranteed contracts at exceedingly high rates (; Dauster)

The first thing you hear whenever any underclassmen says that they are testing the waters of the NBA draft is that they should return to school if they are not going to be a first round pick because they are not going to get any guaranteed money from an NBA team.

But a study by NBC Sports proves that is not the case.

Of the 132 college players selected in the second round of the last six NBA drafts, 91 of them — or 68.9 percent — received at least a one-year guaranteed NBA contract, meaning they had at least one season where they made the NBA’s minimum salary. This past season, the NBA minimum for a rookie was $815,615, a number that will continue to rise as the NBA’s salary cap rises.



Tournaments – Sharkey's Bar & Grill (

Benefit for the Gedneys May 12th


Saturday,May 12 @ 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Liverpool, NY 13088 United States
What better way to bring volleyball, friendships and caring together than supporting one of our dear families?! All proceeds for this tourney go directly to the fund set up by the Syracuse Football Club to benefit the Gedney children. We will have raffles, prizes, food, and of course - volleyball. Coed Intermediate/Advanced 4s May 12th $100/team You Always Run the Ball, Why Can't I Run the Ball? Mitch/Joe/Cait/Katie Volleyball is a Girl's Sport - Ri Kimball (Great Team Name, Rileigh!!)…
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