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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to National Milk Day!

National Milk Day celebrates milk and marks the anniversary—according to a number of secondary sources—of the day milk was first delivered in sterilized glass bottles: January 11, 1878. The delivery took place in New York City and was at the hand of the New York Dairy Company, which was owned by Alexander Campbell and located in Brooklyn, and which later became known as the Alex. Campbell Milk Company. (Although, other sources say the first glass container for milk was the Lester Milk Jar, and another early patent was made by Dr. Henry Thatcher after he saw a child accidentally drop their rag doll into an open milk bucket in 1884.) The delivery of bottled milk was critical because it helped ensure that safe milk was available to those who didn't live on farms.

SU News


Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Basketball: Top takeaways as ‘Cuse gets past Boston College at home (itlh; Adler)

Wednesday night’s Atlantic Coast Conference clash for Syracuse basketball against long-time rival Boston College wasn’t necessarily a must-win for the Orange, but it was close to it.

The ‘Cuse, which has no bad losses on its post-season resume, is still on the hunt for some marquee victories as it looks to enter the conversation for an invite to this spring’s NCAA Tournament.

However, the Orange, as it pushes through league play during the 2023-24 season, has to keep winning games, particularly at home, versus decent, but not great, opponents.

That was the case on Wednesday evening on the Hill, as Syracuse basketball blew a 19-point lead in the first half against the Eagles, found itself down by a small sum in the second half, but ultimately came away with a 69-59 triumph over Boston College in a pivotal result for the ‘Cuse.

(youtube; podcast; Axe)

Brent Axe chats live following Syracuse basketball's 69-59 win over the Boston College Eagles at the JMA Wireless Dome on Wednesday night. It was a wild game at the Dome as Syracuse led by 19-points, lost that lead, but fought tooth-and-nail with BC in the 2nd half to grab a key win.

Axe: Syracuse basketball had to ride a big wave to beat Boston College (podcast) (PS; podcast; Axe)

What goes up, must come down.

For the Syracuse University men’s basketball team, that was a 19-point lead it held over Boston College that evaporated in a 69-59 win over the Eagles on Wednesday night at the JMA Wireless Dome.


Mark Konezny, Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

New starters step up as Syracuse basketball remains undefeated at home D&C; Slaughter)

No center, no problem.

Syracuse coach Adrian Autry may toy with his lineup as his starting center is injured, but sophomore forward Maliq Brown played "phenomenal" Wednesday night, stuffing the stat sheet while keeping Boston College's 7-footer scoreless in the Orange's 69-59 win during Wednesday's Atlantic Coast Conference bout at the JMA Wireless Dome.

Even though the Orange entered two new starters in the lineup, their defense was stingy and made key stops in the final moments to improve to 11-4 overall, 2-2 in ACC play and 8-0 in the dome while Brown shined in a tough matchup.

"Probably one of our better defensive games we've had in conference play this year," Autry said after the game.

Maliq Brown owned the Post

Syracuse's 7-foot-4 center Naheem McLeod suffered an injury in practice that will sideline him indefinitely, but the 6-foot-8 Maliq Brown shined as a starter against Boston College.

More valuable than Brown's 19 points was his ability to keep BC star Quinten Post scoreless. Post entered the game averaging over 18 points, but left Syracuse 0-for-4 from the floor with seven turnovers in 26 minutes. He fouled out when the Eagles trailed by four with 2:13 remaining.

Chris Bell, Justin Taylor bounce back in victory over Boston College (DO; Schiff)

Chris Bell took one hesitation dribble and rose into a jumper over Boston College’s Prince Aligbe. Was it the right shot? Aligbe had given BC a 50-49 lead off of a lefty layup moments before. Bell had spent the last seven minutes on the bench.

But it was his favored left wing — the same one where he canned a 3 versus Colgate on Nov. 14 to knot the game at 70-70 and erase a 24-point deficit in an eventual Syracuse win. Once Bell sees daylight he usually pulls the trigger.

Bell’s attempt swished through and gave SU a 52-50 advantage with around six minutes remaining. The Orange never trailed again. The odds don’t have to be in Bell’s favor. The confidence is limitless.

“(I) was really happy to see Bell get some shots going down,” Syracuse head coach Adrian Autry said. “He hit a big one when they got back in the game late.”

Entering Wednesday’s conference matchup with Boston College, Bell bore single-digit scoring across four straight games. Seven and four against Pittsburgh and Niagara. Two at Duke. Zero versus Oregon. Fellow wing Justin Taylor shared Bell’s struggles — three points in Syracuse’s last two Atlantic Coast Conference contests on top of multiple scoreless outings throughout the 2023-24 campaign.

Syracuse men’s basketball: Three takeaways from late-night victory over Boston College (TNIAAM; Ostrowski)

The Syracuse Orange are back to .500 (2-2) in ACC play, as despite losing a 19-point first half lead, SU successfully rallied late to narrowly squeeze past Boston College 69-59 Wednesday night in the JMA Dome.

The game was divided into three acts, making it easy to similarly split our three takeaways from win number 11 on the season.

Grand Theft Otto

Unfortunately, Otto wasn’t able to sub in for the injured Naheem McLeod. I guess it’s fair since BC didn’t think to bring their Eagle dude along with them. Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images
The first 18 minutes of this game were all Orange, and it mainly had to do with their patience and precision on defense.

Chris Bell and Justin Taylor drained threes to open the scoring, but after that, the only thing falling from distance were bricks. While the offense slowed to a crawl, the man-to-man looked locked in, and the Eagles began to force passes.

Even without their 7’4” center, ‘Cuse used their reach to take advantage. Quadir Copeland had three takeaways, while Maliq Brown had three blocks and was one of three Orange players with a pair of steals.

Overall, the Orange had 12 first half steals, leading to 16 points; BC only had six points off turnovers, and not-so-coincidentally trailed by 10 at halftime.

Lack of Adjustments

Syracuse committed a cardinal sin: they let their foot off the gas way too early.

An 8-0 run by BC gave them confidence and momentum coming out of the locker room, and once they held onto the basketball better, they realized SU was diverting back into iso-ball. The main culprit: Judah Mintz.

I’ve been worried about Judah’s need to get to the line for a long time, and tonight showed what can happen (1/7 FG) when he’s limited in that regard. It doesn’t help that whistles were left in pockets all night, but you have to find a way for your playmaker to get going if his de facto strategy of “drive through contact” isn’t working. There was way too much of four white jerseys standing still while the fifth did the same move for the -th time.

Allen Griffin "The 315" 1-10-24 (ESPN; radio; The 315)

Syracuse basketball Assistant Coach Allen Griffin joined Brian today on The 315 for his weekly interview. Coach Griff talked about the early buy week, the importance of team practices, and more.

Fizz Report Card: Syracuse Beats Boston College 69-59 (; Gotkin)

Maliq Brown: A

The undersized center got his first start of the season tonight after it was announced prior to the game that Naheem McLeod would miss time due to a foot injury. The sophomore made the most of his opportunity. Brown was stifling on the defensive end, keeping Boston College’s star center Quinten Post quiet. Add on the number of blows and hits that Brown received from Post, that makes this performance even more impressive. Maliq Brown has been playing like an All-ACC player recently.

Syracuse’s Defense: A

Especially at the start of the game, the Orange defense was lock down. You can make a strong case that the defense was the best its been all season. Boston College is by no means a bad offensive basketball team. They entered the contest top 50 in KenPom offensive efficiency and had the 11th least turnovers per game in the country. The Orange sped the Eagles up on offense and made them uncomfortable.

Overall Offense: C

This was a rough night for the Orange on the offensive end and the main reason was Judah Mintz just simply wasn’t himself. Mintz struggled to make shots from the field and really only was making shots at the free throw line. Justin Taylor made a three to start the game then missed a lot of bad shots and didn’t contribute on the offensive end. JJ Starling couldn’t get anything to go on the offensive end and neither could Benny Williams. All things considered, it’s truly shocking how the Orange scored as many as they did.

MBB: All-Time AP Poll Points (RX; HM)

MBB: All-Time AP Poll Points

The AP college basketball poll just turned 75. In that time, which teams have collected the most AP poll vote points?

through 75 storied years of AP Top 25 college basketball polls...

To celebrate this month’s 75th anniversary of the Top 25, the AP reviewed every poll to determine the all-time No. 1 and the Wildcats — the winningest program in college basketball — narrowly edged North Carolina for the top of the heap...
Top-ranked teams all-time in the AP Top 25 poll based on points from votes

MBB TeamPoll Points
1 Kentucky17,852|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
2 N. Carolina17,268||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
3 Duke16,897||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
4 Kansas15,430|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
5 UCLA13,073|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
6 Louisville9,493|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
7 Arizona9,277||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
8 Indiana8,796|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
9 Syracuse7,890|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
10 Michigan St7,263||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
11 Ohio St.6,973||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
12 Illinois6,953||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
13 Villanova6,829||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
14 Michigan6,620|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
15 Cincinnati6,293|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
16 Maryland6,049||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
17 UConn5,810|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
18 Georgetown5,480|||||||||||||||||||||||||||
19 Purdue5,449|||||||||||||||||||||||||||
20 Marquette5,362||||||||||||||||||||||||||
21 Virginia5,114|||||||||||||||||||||||||
22 Notre Dame5,108|||||||||||||||||||||||||
23 Oklahoma5,075|||||||||||||||||||||||||
24 Gonzaga5,057|||||||||||||||||||||||||
25 NC State5,002|||||||||||||||||||||||||


MBB: Wednesday Results 2024 Jan 10 (RX; HM)

MBB: Wednesday Results 2024 Jan 10

I'm going to try something different in this post - combine the latest 3 basketball questions from All Sports Discussion with the actual results to answer those questions. Let me know in the comments if you like it (I'm especially curious how the folks at ASD feel about it!)

Can Wake Forest escape the house of horrors at FSU?

That game was played Tuesday night, and the answer was...

Wake Forest 82

Florida State 87

NO, they could not. The Noles have now won three ACC games in a row (GT, VT, Wake) after losing 5 non-conference games - including Lipscomb.

Is Clemson in trouble?

Clemson 72

Va Tech 87

YES, they are. This is the third loss in a row for the Tigers - not good.

Can Miami establish itself as an ACC contender?

Louisville 80

Miami (FL) 71

NO, not like this. Louisville was dead last in the ACC and in fact had not won a single game - until now. And it was in Miami, no less!
... (ASD; Fann)

15. Louisville (5-9, 0-3) NET – 262 / RPI – 309

Last Week – 15

Louisville is in their customary spot at the bottom of the ACC.

14. Georgia Tech (8-7, 1-3) NET – 124 / RPI – 66

Last Week – 9

Georgia Tech has completely fallen apart since their 8-3 start. Did they really beat Duke?

13. Notre Dame (7-9, 2-3) NET – 173 / RPI – 164

Last Week – 13

Notre Dame is playing well enough to play spoiler in the ACC. Don’t sleep on them.

12. Florida State (9-6, 3-1) NET – 119 / RPI – 89

Last Week – 14

Florida State has won three games in row, and look like a different team since the loss to Lipscomb.

11. Boston College (10-4, 1-2) NET – 74 / RPI – 61

Last Week – 12

Boston College is a dangerous looking team as they’ve won 5 of their last 6 games.

10. Virginia Tech (9-5, 1-2) NET – 65 / RPI – 71

Last Week – 10

If Virginia Tech beats Clemson and Miami, you can totally give them a reset on the season. It’s a huge week ahead for the Hokies.

9. Pittsburgh (10-6, 1-4) NET – 53 / RPI – 115

Last Week – 6

If Pittsburgh loses at home Syracuse, then you can call it a season for the Panthers.

8. Syracuse (9-4, 1-2) NET – 75 / RPI – 20

Last Week – 5

You really can’t look seriously at Syracuse until they get over .500 in the ACC.

7. Virginia (11-4, 2-2) NET – 54 / RPI – 59

Last Week – 8

Virginia is really a mess when they go on the road. A game at Wake Forest will be a test.

6. NC State (11-3, 3-0) NET – 66 / RPI – 62

Last Week – 11

If NC State beats UNC, then you really need to start paying attention the Wolfpack.

5. Wake Forest (11-4, 3-1) NET – 47 / RPI – 30

Last Week – 7

Wake Forest was on fire until they went to suddenly very dangerous Florida State.

4. Miami (11-3, 2-1) NET – 40 / RPI – 28

Last Week – 4

Miami is an OT loss at Wake Forest from a 5 game winning streak.

3. Clemson (11-3, 1-2) NET – 23 / RPI – 7

Last Week – 1

You can’t forget Clemson’s non-conference start, but they are struggling in conference play. Their defense has been a real problem.

2. Duke (12-3, 2-1) NET – 18 / RPI – 47

Last Week – 3

Duke has looked like Final 4 team since the loss to Georgia Tech on December 2. Reeling Georgia Tech is in big trouble this week.

1. UNC (11-3, 3-0) NET – 10 / RPI – 13

Last Week – 2

North Carolina is on a roll after dispatching Clemson in LittleJohn. RJ Davis may be the ACC POY.

ACC News

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech Game Highlights | 2023-24 ACC Men's Basketball (youtube; video; ACC DN)

The Hokies got one of their biggest wins yet this season taking down No.21 Clemson at home, 87-72. Sean Pedulla had a monster night scoring 32 points on 9 of 16 shooting and added 7 assists for Virginia Tech. Fellow Hokie Tyler Nickel chipped in 24 points and was 5 of 7 shooting from 3-point territory. Ian Schieffelin was the leading scorer for Clemson with 15 points and snagged 8 boards.

North Carolina vs. NC State Condensed Game | 2023-24 ACC Men’s Basketball (youtube; video; ACC DN)

The No.7 Tar Heels cruised to an impressive 67-54 victory over NC State. RJ Davis notched 16 points and 4 rebounds, and Elliott Cadeau had 11 points plus 6 assists for the Tar Heels. Harrison Ingram hauled in a career-high 19 rebounds in the win to go with 9 points. Casey Morsell and DJ Burns Jr. combined for 23 points and 8 rebounds for the Wolfpack.

Louisville vs. Miami Condensed Game | 2023-24 ACC Men’s Basketball (youtube; video; ACC DN)

The Cardinals picked up their first true road win since January 2022 by stunning the Hurricanes, 80-71 in Coral Gables. Miami shot 27.8% from the field in the second half, and that includes going 3-16 from three in that half. Mike James scored 16 of Louisville's first 18 points and finished the game with a career-high 26 points. Brandon Hunter-Hatfield had 22 points and nine rebounds. For Miami, Matthew Cleveland had 22 points and 12 rebounds.

Bacot: I got a lot smaller and [Burns] got a lot bigger :: (; video)

Armando Bacot speaks to the media after a 67-54 win over NC State. Reporter: Pat Welter



The Misto mixed meat platter and the special vegan combo served together on top of a large injera at EthioEritrea Restaurant in Syracuse.

At EthioEritrea Restaurant in Syracuse, discover a vibrant feast made to be shared (Dining Out Review) (PS; $; Pucci)

Open the front door into the dining room at EthioEritrea Restaurant in Syracuse and you’ll be greeted by the inviting aroma of toasted spices and roasted coffee, making this intimate restaurant feel even cozier.

The restaurant opened in November 2019 and a few months later, found itself included in a CNN story on 20 of the world’s best new restaurants for 2020, immediately catapulting this otherwise unassuming restaurant onto the radar of diners far beyond Central New York.

Despite the international accolades, the restaurant was fairly quiet on a recent stop for an early dinner on the kind of chilly winter day that calls out for a hearty meal.

As the restaurant’s straightforward name implies, the menu features the cuisines of Ethiopia and Eritrea, neighboring countries in the Horn of Africa. It’s tough to choose from the menu of around a dozen meat dishes and a half-dozen vegetable offerings, so we were thankful to see combination plates that offered a wide range of selections.

Sambusas ($6), one of four appetizers on the menu, provided an exemplary start to the meal. Clearly hand-formed, the sambusas were fried until the russet brown pastry crust – substantial, yet tender – was shatteringly crisp. Inside, the filling of ground meat and cooked greens was supported by a hefty dose of sauteed onions – a recurring theme throughout the meal.

‘Christmas Vacation’ reunion: 3rd actor joins new movie filming in Central NY (PS; Herbert)

The “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” reunion is growing in Central New York.

Producers announced Monday that Brian Doyle-Murray is joining the cast of “The Christmas Letter,” a new holiday film that began shooting in Utica over the weekend. Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid will also have roles; in 1989′s “Christmas Vacation,” Doyle-Murray played the boss of Chase’s Clark Griswold, kidnapped by Cousin Eddie (Quaid) after Clark complains about his Christmas bonus.

Angus Benfield, who is producing and starring in “The Christmas Letter,” said last week he was excited to have “Chevy and Randy reunited again on screen” with “a little bit of an homage to ‘Christmas Vacation.’” The 1989 film, written by John Hughes, is a holiday classic about a married father whose plans for a big family celebration turn into disaster with memorable scenes involving Christmas lights, sledding, and a squirrel.

“The Christmas Letter” will focus on an “everyday man who gets a Christmas letter every year from his (wealthier) friend” and decides to take his family on “wild, crazy adventures” for a whole year in an attempt to top his friend’s Christmas letter, according to director Tori Hunter.

“It’s a holiday film that goes past the holidays,” Hunter explained. “I love that we get to go on a whole year of him searching for happiness and joy until he finds his true happiness... is right in front of him with his family.”

Benfield, whose credits include “Inventing Anna,” “Yellow Bird” and “NCIS: Los Angeles,” will star as the “everyday Joe,” a character named Joe Michaels. Benfield is also producing the project through his company LAMA Entertainment.

It’s unclear what roles Chase, Quaid and Doyle-Murray will have in the new film.

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