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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to International Sweat Pants Day!

Sweatpants, which are known as tracksuit bottoms or jogging bottoms in some countries, are celebrated today internationally. They are usually worn for athletic or comfort purposes, and have traditionally not been worn in a work environment. Recently they have started being worn outside of the home for reasons besides athletics. Some have become more fashionable, and have been associated with gym culture and hip-hop culture. They are usually made of cotton or polyester, are baggy, and often have an elastic waistband. They can be any color, but traditionally have been gray. They were introduced in the 1920s by Émile Camuset, the founder of Le Coq Sportif, a sports equipment and clothing company. The original sweatpants were knitted gray jersey pants which were designed to help athletes exercise easier.

SU News


Syracuse Orange guard Quadir Copeland (24) from the bench after a made Syracuse basket. The Syracuse Orange basketball team played at Georgetown on Dec. 9, 2023. Dennis Nett |

Copeland brings the ‘sauce’ to SU basketball: ‘Showtime. That’s always just been me’ (PS; $; Ditota)

Antron Copeland said he has videos of his son, at age 5, making full-court passes. Julian Dunkley, a Philadelphia-based basketball trainer, points to old videos on Instagram that show Quadir Copeland’s early dazzle with the ball.

Those who know him best saw the Syracuse point guard fight for playing time against older, bigger kids in neighborhood playgrounds and gyms. They watched him answer hostile, sometimes threatening crowds with a slick pass or a finish at the rim.

They witnessed the birth of the Syracuse showman, the kid who seized every opportunity to make a big, splashy play.

“Quadir is just a charismatic, explosive personality in a positive way type kid,” said Dunkley, who runs Difference Makers, a training and mentorship program in Philadelphia. “He loves the limelight. He loves the camera. He embraces it, man. He doesn’t run away from the moment. He’ll do anything to be part of the play to win a game.”

Copeland’s last-second 3-point basket Saturday in the JMA Wireless Dome beat Miami 72-69. He was 1-for-8 from the field before launching that shot. Still, he wanted the ball. He wanted to deflate the Hurricanes with that final dagger.

In the rush of the post-game euphoria, he grabbed a cellphone to record his reaction for SU’s social media. He mingled with Syracuse fans who pounded him on the back in celebration. He basked in the locker room water-bottle dousing from his teammates.

“He loves it,” Judah Mintz said.

Immediate reaction with Q
— Syracuse Men’s Basketball (@Cuse_MBB) January 20, 2024

Copeland, a sophomore, has emerged this season as an invaluable sixth man, the kind of player who injects energy, tenacity and a distinct interest in getting his teammates involved.

Watch Quadir Copeland’s last-second 3-pointer in Syracuse’s win over Miami from every angle (PS; $; Waters)

If you are a Syracuse basketball fans, odds are that you’ve seen Quadir Copeland’s last-second 3-pointer that lifted the Orange to a 72-69 victory over the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday at the JMA Wireless Dome.

But have you seen the shot from every angle possible? Have you seen the video taken by Syracuse football assistant Nick Williams? Or the one that’s punctuated with a comment from a member of the SU football team?

Well, we’ve got every angle covered with this compilation of videos from the thrilling final seconds of Saturday’s game.

As a refresher, let’s begin with this one that shows the final play from ESPN2′s broadcast of the game. It’s actually two angles in one. The first is the live action shot and the second shows the play from the far baseline:


(via @Cuse_MBB)
— NCAA March Madness (@MarchMadnessMBB) January 20, 2024

Now let’s go to Section 125 where the Syracuse football coaches were sitting with nearly two dozen recruits. Newly-hired Syracuse assistant coach Nick Williams took this video and that looks like SU assistant Elijah Robinson in the frame at the end.

We Called Game
— Nick Williams (@CoachNickWill) January 20, 2024

As long as we’re mixing football with basketball, let’s see the reaction in the stands where current members of the Syracuse football team were sitting when Copeland connected on his game-winner.

That’s one of SU’s incoming freshmen players with the “Tell ‘em Cuse back’' line at the end of the video.

️ “Tell ‘em ‘Cuse back.”

Great time in the Loud House yesterday.

Make that 21-straight wins in the building over the last three months from us, @Cuse_MBB and @CuseWBB
— Syracuse Football (@CuseFootball) January 21, 2024

Maybe one of the best overall videos of Syracuse’s final play comes from sports writer Kenny Lacy, who took his family to the game. They were seated in the 200 level, which provided a superb view of the play.

LETS GOOOOOO!!!! @unoducat CALLED GAME!!!!
— Kenny Lacy (@KennyLacyJr) January 20, 2024

(youtube; podcast; Axe)

Brent Axe breaks down SU basketball's thrilling 72-69 win over Miami at the Dome on Syracuse basketball postgame presented by Crouse Health.'s Mike Waters joins Axe to give his take on Quadir Copeland's game-winning shot, how a young Syracuse team stayed composed in the big moment to beat the Hurricanes and JJ Starling's offensive revival.

Overheard in the SU locker room after win vs. Miami: 'Never give up on my guys' (PS; $; Axe)

Was that really the game-winning play SU head coach Adrian Autry drew up?

Why is JJ Starling’s confidence growing?

What does a guy who hit a few game-winning shots in his Syracuse career think of Quadir Copeland’s moment in time against Miami?

Those were just a few things I overheard in the locker room following Syracuse basketball’s 72-69 win over Miami on Saturday afternoon at the JMA Wireless Dome.

Adrian Autry

On Quadir Copeland’s game-winner (with a hint of sarcasm):

“That was the play I drew up and they ran it exactly the way I told them.”

On how Syracuse didn’t let Miami pull away:

“Don’t let the runs get too big. I thought we did a good job defensively for the most part on their 3-point shooters.”

On what the lessons are for the Orange in this two-game winning streak:

“I’ve been preaching stick together, play together. The way I try to encourage. I hope they see these last two games, everyone sacrificed a little bit. I think everyone really has and we’ve come away with two huge wins. I hope that is sinking in with these guys. That’s how you win.”

Quadir Copeland

On his game-winning shot:

“It was really just a play for Judah. Wait, get downhill and you go. Make a read. It was on me to start and get out and that’s exactly what I did. My man slid in to help, I was open for the shot. I said I was going to shoot it. Regardless if I’m open or not, I was going to shoot it. I was making those shots in practice. Why not shoot it in a game and see what happens?

“When they called the timeout, I said, ‘If I get open, I’m going to shoot it regardless of what’s going on.’ ”

On his confidence to take the last shot despite a rough shooting day.

“It’s confidence. I never give up on myself. Never give up on my guys. That helps me a lot.”

Judah Mintz

On his role in setting up Copeland’s game-winner.

“I just tried to get downhill to my right hand, coach called a play to clear out that side. Maliq’s man came over to help then Quad’s man came over to help on Maliq and that left Quad open on the opposite side. And he hit it.”

Is Syracuse on the Bubble Yet? (; Frank)

Since 2019, when the ACC had three number-one seeds and one of them (Virginia) won the national title, it has not been pretty for the league. Teams at the top have had down years, the middle of the conference has cratered, and no one has stepped up to fill the void. The teams that did get in last season played admirably, and Miami made its first Final Four ever, but besides that, there has not been much positive outside of North Carolina and Duke. That’s the crux of what Brian Bennett wrote in The Athletic on Friday:

“North Carolina and Duke, it should come as no surprise, are in great shape and look like national title contenders,” he said. “Clemson, which at one point was 11-1 and debuted in this space as a No. 3 seed, has gone 1-4 in 2024 with the sole win coming at home over Boston College. The Tigers are still solidly in the field thanks in large part to nonconference wins over Alabama and TCU, but at No. 38 in the NET, their team sheet looks a little flabby around the edges. And that’s … all there is for ACC teams in the top 40 of the NET.”

This does not seem like it is a coincidence either, based on the advanced metrics and analytics, the league is not as strong as other conferences, like the Big-12, who had eight teams in the top 25 this week, and the Big Ten, often considered one of the countries best and deeper conferences.

“This is not just a one-year burp, either, as the ACC has not ranked higher than fifth in KenPom’s conference ratings since 2020,” Bennett wrote. “Last year, it was seventh, behind the Mountain West. Success in March — the league has produced four Final Four teams in the past four tournaments, including Virginia’s 2019 title — has masked a stark decline in regular-season prowess. Jokes were going around last year about a #OneBidACC, but the conference ended up with five teams in March Madness and posted a 7-5 record.”

But, that is not the whole story, as teams such as Wake Forest have improved in conference play, Florida State has turned its season around, Virginia Tech is doing its usual middle-of-the-league thing, and other teams have solid wins.

“The news isn’t all bad. ACC teams notched some good wins in the non-conference, and mild improvement in the bottom of the league reduces the risk of devastating losses the rest of the way. Games against UNC or Duke, meanwhile, provide major statement opportunities. There are still 58 days until Selection Sunday, and this current three-bid status will almost certainly improve. But if you see an ACC fan, don’t be surprised if they’re a little sick to their stomach right now.”

So, all that is to get to the Orange, who have not appeared in any brackets yet this season, and have been mentioned as potential next teams up, but never in the first four out or next four categories, and that is mostly due to not having any high-quality wins. Today, Syracuse sits 76th in the NET with a 2-5 record in Q1 and Q2 (both wins are Q2 right now) and a 9-0 record in Q3 and Q4. Yes, no bad losses, but the substance has to come at some point, and that’s why they are on the lower end of the totem pole according to Bennett.

“Syracuse? All but two of the Orange’s wins came in Quads 3 and 4, and they lost by a combined 56 points to Duke and North Carolina. Empty calories here.”
... (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse basketball picked up a thrilling 72-69 win over Miami in the JMA Wireless Dome on Saturday. Here are five takeaways from the win.

1. Onions!

In the immortal words of Bill Raftery, Syracuse had "onions" in the final sequences of the win over Pitt. Quadir Copeland had made a total of five three-pointers on the season before he hit the game winner against Miami. Copeland is not currently a great three point shooter, but he does have the ability to hit that shot. This one had extra pressure and a defender in his face, yet he still drilled it. Copeland has always seemed like the type of player that will rise to the moment, and he proved that is the case with his shot on Saturday. On top of that, Judah Mintz's calm demeanor in the lane to find Copeland was significant. On the defensive possession prior, Syracuse played strong defense without fouling to keep the game tied. Clutch play after clutch play to get Syracuse the win.

2. Backcourt

Judah Mintz did not have a vintage scoring game. Yet he still had one of, if not the, best games of his Syracuse career. Mintz scored 10 points on just 3-11 shooting, but had 13 assists, grabbed eight rebounds and only two turnovers. He was under control the whole game, ran the offense well, set up his teammates and controlled the game in multiple ways. This was a performance that showed Mintz's growth as a player. If he can continue to run the show like that, since we know he will have better scoring days, it takes him to a whole other level.

JJ Starling has really started to come into his own offensively. He scored a game high 22 points including a career high six made three pointers. Starling has become a three level scorer, and is confident making a big shot when Syracuse needs it. In his last two games, Starling is averaging 19.5 points per game while shooting 53% from three point range. He seems to be getting more and more comfortable with the team, the program and his role. That could be a significant development for the rest of the season.

3. Maliq Brown

Once again, Maliq Brown was really good in the middle. His 11 rebounds were a team high as he helped the Orange win the rebounding battle. In addition, he was, once again, extremely efficient offensively going 5-6 from the field. He also dished out two assists and had two steals. Another strong all around performance from Brown. The one down side was that he was in foul trouble. Syracuse cannot afford him to be on the bench for extended periods with McLeod out. While one of the fouls was a clear offensive foul on Miami that was called a block, he still has to be better at staying out of foul trouble moving forward.

CanesCounty - Miami Basketball: Three takeaways from road loss to Syracuse (r1vals; Benjamin)

Miami lost its second straight game to Syracuse Saturday afternoon. Here are three thoughts from the loss.

Miami shows resiliency in loss without Omier

Miami (Fl) Hurricanes head coach Jim Larranaga and players react to a play from the sidelines against the Syracuse Orange during the first half at the JMA Wireless Dome.

Miami learned it would be without its leading scorer and rebounder when Norchad Omier was ruled out with a lower extremity injury before its contest with the Orange.

That's 17.2 points and 9.6 rebounds Miami needed to make up, and they did with a group effort. Eight players saw the court against Syracuse, with Nijel Pack scoring 19 points and Matthew Cleveland leading in rebounds with 12.

Freshman Michael Nwoko started in place of Omier and played a season-high 33 minutes. His production was minimal, scoring seven points and grabbing five rebounds, but the experience could be vital for the postseason.

Omier is usually the Hurricane that registers the most paint points for Miami and was focused on getting close to the basket for high-percentage shots. Miami outscored Syracuse 38-22 in paint points.
However, toward the end of the game, Miami reverted to taking the three-point shot. With 7:10 left in the game with a five-point lead, five missed threes kept the Orange in the game.

Freshman Kyshawn George was the third-leading scorer with ten points and made some critical buckets down the stretch. It was a valiant effort without its big man in the middle, but Miami could have used Omier for rebounds in the final moments.

Where's Wooga?




Ornate carvings adorn the walls of Palladian Hall, the Syracuse event space formerly known as the lobby of Onondaga County Savings Bank at 101 S. Salina St. (Katrina Tulloch)

Palladian Hall at The Treasury: Peek inside Syracuse’s swanky new event space (PS; Tulloch)

Syracuse has a new fancy space for parties, weddings and galas galore, located in the heart of downtown.

The Treasury is the newly renovated space at 101 S. Salina St. Built by the Onondaga County Savings Bank in 1897, the 10-story neoclassical building was one of Syracuse’s first steel-frame skyscrapers.

Later in the 1980s, the company rebranded as OnBank. M&T Bank acquired OnBank in 1998 and became the building’s owner, then sold it in 2019.

Located on the southeast corner of South Salina and East Genesee streets, the structure is a contributing building in the Hanover Square Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s one of the most well-recognized buildings in the Syracuse skyline.

From its beginning, the building featured an unusually ornate bank branch with a spectacular collection of sculptural details, columns and murals.

Developers reimagined the former lobby as Palladian Hall, an elegant two-floor event space. The ceiling has a spectacular 1931 Renaissance-style mural of the constellations, inspired by a 15th-century astronomer’s map.

The lobby also features 10 murals by artist William Tefft Schwarz, depicting Syracuse’s early history. Schwarz painted the historic scenes in the arches around the lobby’s ceiling.

One archway shows the first New York State Fair in 1841. Another shows Syracuse’s first Mayor Harvey Baldwin speaking to a crowd in 1848. Another shows Father Le Moyne’s discovery of Syracuse’s salt springs in 1654.

Guests can also see the old bank vault on the hall’s lower level.

Peek inside Palladian Hall in the video below.



A Carrols restaurant in Syracuse in the 1960s. The Syracuse-based company later became the largest Burger King franchisee in the country.File photo

A whopper of a deal: Why Burger King is swallowing Syracuse’s Carrols for $1 billion (PS; $; Moriarty)

Sixty-four years ago, Herbert Slotnick decided to break out on his own after helping his father expand his chain of Central New York movie theaters and drive-ins.

After hearing a presentation on a new fast-food chain named McDonald’s during a business trip to Chicago, the World War II combat veteran applied for a franchise with the company but was rejected.

So he bought the exclusive franchise rights in New York to Carrol Systems, a fast-food restaurant chain that was a division of a Midwestern firm, Tastee Freez. The company was named after the daughter of a Tastee Freez co-owner.

Slotnick, who often worked the refreshment stands at his father’s theaters when he was a kid, opened his first two Carrols Drive-In Restaurants on Erie Boulevard in DeWitt and Route 11 in Mattydale, offering a family-friendly menu with prices that were low even for 1960.

“Pure beef” hamburgers sold for 15 cents. “Crispy” french fries were a dime. “Triple-thick” 16-ounce milkshakes went for a whopping 20 cents.

The restaurants proved so popular that Slotnick bought the entire company and opened more than 150 Carrols, mostly in New York and Pennsylvania in the 1960s and 1970s.

New York Sportsmen’s Expo, Syracuse Pond Hockey Classic, ‘Forever Plaid’: 14 things to do this week in Central NY (PS; Croyle)

It appears, at least at the time of this writing, that winter has finally arrived in Central New York.

While some may retreat for the warmth of the indoors, for many folks this week will be a great one to get outdoors and enjoy the brisk cold air.

The village of Homer in Cortland County sees the return of its Winterfest, which has been cancelled the previous three years because of Covid. Baldwinsville’s Big Chill has food and drink at Mercer Park and a chance to watch the bravest among us jump into the Seneca River. Beaver Lake Nature Center is hosting skiing and snowshoeing beneath the full moon this weekend and the annual Syracuse Pond Hockey Classic is all set for the skating rink of Clinton Square on Saturday.

If you want some time inside, there is a Billy Joel and Elton John tribute show at the Palace Theatre, a production of “Forever Plaid” in Baldwinsville, a special showing of “The Wizard of Oz” in Hamilton, with an appearance by a Dorothy impersonator, and the annual New York Sportsmen’s Expo at the New York State Fairgrounds.

Know of an event you would like to see on this list? Email us at least two weeks in advance at


Eco-Friendly Art Exhibition

Visit the Baldwinsville Public Library in January to see an “Eco-Friendly Art Exhibition. Paper collage artist Pat Hale Wilson has created more than 30 “colorful and funky” works from recycled frames and discarded magazines. The free exhibit is open during library hours through January 31.

Where: 33 East Genesee Street, Baldwinsville

When: Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fridays until 5 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4.

How much: Free

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