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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011

Based on an image from Orange Zone

Welcome to African American Coaches Day!

African American Coaches Day is celebrated every first Tuesday of February in the United States. This year it falls on February 6. This day addresses the need for the black community to embrace coaching to help spur business and personal development. Although its history isn’t documented, the significant day trashes baseless stereotypes throughout history that African Americans aren’t “good enough.” A mere scan through history books clearly shows they undeniably sit amongst the world’s most brilliant minds with super impressive accomplishments — hence the reason there are a ton of scholarships available for Black students. Picture Fritz Pollard: N.F.L.’s First African American Head Coach; Brooklyn Dodgers’ Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play major league baseball, and many more.


In the 15th century, the word ‘Coach’ was derived from the Hungarian word ‘kocsi’, the shortened form of ‘Koczi szeter,’ translated ‘wagon of Kocs.’ It was a large comfortable four-wheeled carriage made by an unknown carriage maker from the village of Kocs, Komárom-Esztergom county, Hungary. But, records have it, its usage later spread to the French ‘coche’ and German ‘kotsche.’

SU News

Syracuse basketball vs. Louisville: 5 Key Things to Know (PS; $; Waters)

The Syracuse Orange will face a key test on Wednesday night when the Louisville Cardinals come to the JMA Wireless Dome.

The test won’t come from Louisville though. The Orange’s own will and determination will be what’s on the line in Wednesday’s game.

This will be Syracuse’s first game since Saturday’s 99-70 loss at Wake Forest. After the embarrassing display, Syracuse coach Adrian Autry called out his team, describing the performance as “unacceptable.’'

Syracuse is now 14-8 overall and 5-6 in the ACC. In seven of SU’s eight losses, the final margin has been at least 16 points. But losses at North Carolina, Duke and Virginia can be somewhat understandable. The 29-point loss to Wake Forest was much harder to stomach.

During his appearance on the ACC’s weekly coaches conference call, Autry reiterated his displeasure with his team’s lack of effort on Saturday.

“You’re gonna fight. You’re gonna get back (on defense) ... and I didn’t see those things,’' Autry said. “I’m gonna continually watch that. So if I gotta play walk-ons; whoever I gotta play the way I need you to play, then that’s what’s gonna happen.’'

So Wednesday’s game against Louisville becomes important just in terms of how will this Syracuse team respond. Will the Orange’s young lineup step up and meet Autry’s demands?

Louisville may be 7-15 for the season and 2-9 in the ACC, but the Cardinals are capable of beating just about any team. The Cards’ two conference wins have come against Miami and Florida State. Syracuse needed a last-second 3-pointer to beat Miami and lost at home to Florida State by 16 points.

The Syracuse-Louisville game is scheduled to start at 7 p.m and will be televised on the ACC Network.

Here are 5 Key Things to Know about the matchup:

Recent defense

On March 2, 2006, Syracuse took a 108-69 loss to DePaul. In what became known as the DePaul DeBacle, the Blue Demons made 62.1% of their field goal attempts. That figure included DePaul’s 16-for-28 night from the 3-point line.

Since then, in a span of more than 600 games, Syracuse hadn’t allowed any team to make 60% of its shots. (Credit to SU radio voice Matt Park for that stat).

Until this past week.

In back-to-back losses to Boston College and Wake Forest, Syracuse allowed both teams to shoot better than 60% from the field. The Eagles went 30-for-50 in their 80-75 win over the Orange last Tuesday.

On Saturday, Wake Forest knocked down 35 out of 53 field goal attempts; a blistering 66%.

Those shooting numbers are just mind-boggling and point to a complete lack of defensive effort. The Orange must pick up its intensity and attention to detail. And, as Autry suggested, the players unwilling to give forth an honest effort on defense will have to sit.


Courtesy of Scott Schild | Syracuse allowed Wake Forest to shoot 66% from the field in its 29-point loss to the Demon Deacons.

Film Review: Dissecting SU’s lethargic defense in 29-point defeat to Wake Forest (DO; Schiff)

Syracuse head coach Adrian Autry’s biting words held no remorse — a postgame reaction never seen before from the first-year head coach. An apology came first, issued to Syracuse University and its fans. Then, a series of sharp responses to questions, slamming his players for their lack of competitive fire in an embarrassing 99-70 defeat at Wake Forest.

The result marked SU’s fourth 20-plus point loss this season. The Demon Deacons shot 63.2% from 3 and 66% overall. Maybe Autry’s response was the only adequate one.

“We didn’t play any defense at all,” Autry said. “We didn’t pressure the ball, we didn’t fight to get in front, we didn’t do anything. They did what they wanted to do tonight. Unacceptable.”

Among the Orange’s many shortcomings, a disturbing lack of effort on the defensive end punctuated a forgettable evening. Missed assignments, uncontrolled closeouts, discipline-less stances and lazy reach-ins gifted uncontested looks to Wake Forest’s shooters and open lanes for its post players.

Here’s a breakdown of a few lackluster defensive possessions Saturday which best encapsulate Syracuse’s collapse in Winston-Salem:

1st Half, 12:00 — Hunter Sallis cans transition 3, generates 15-7 Wake Forest lead

Though Cameron Hildreth opts not to push pace after gathering a Chris Bell miss, Wake Forest somehow beats Syracuse in transition. An inability to match up defensively occurs right before Hildreth crosses midcourt. Bunched together along the far sideline, SU’s players are seemingly oblivious to an unpressured Hunter Sallis and Parker Friedrichsen.

Spotting open space to his left, Hildreth gives up to Sallis. Benny Williams — the Orange’s deepest defender — realizes Sallis is his assignment and sprints crosscourt to contest. Despite being the closest to Sallis, Bell refuses to leave Friedrichsen alone in the left corner. Instead, he sandwiches himself between the two — an odd choice which neither stops Sallis nor fully eliminates Friedrichsen from receiving a kick-out. Given a wealth of time to pull up for 3, pump-fake and drive for 2 or make the extra pass, Sallis cashes in behind the arc for a 15-7 Demon Deacons’ lead.

The make prompts Autry to call a timeout. On the court, Williams and Judah Mintz both raise their arms in frustration — the result of an unforced miscommunication which gave Sallis three of his eventual game-high 24 points.

1st Half, 3:36 — Kevin “Boopie” Miller flies by Syracuse defense, opens up 34-20 Demon Deacons cushion

After Mintz hit a mid-range jumper over Kevin “Boopie” Miller, the latter made a beeline for SU’s basket on the ensuing possession.

Bubble Watch: As it gets desperate for Syracuse, here’s how things shape up for the ACC (PS; $; Carlson)
By losing both of its games in ugly fashion last week the Syracuse men’s basketball team needs a finish that will feel next-to miraculous if it hopes to make the NCAA Tournament.

Despite how you might be feeling about the Orange following its blowout loss to Wake Forest, there are positives component to the team’s resume.

Syracuse (14-8, 5-6 ACC) owns a strength-of-record mark of No. 44 in the country. Strength-of-record attempts to calculate how difficult it would be for a team to produce the same results. It ranks No. 36 in the Kevin Pauga Index, another resume-based metric.

The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee places value on those numbers. If the NCAA tournament field was filled by using those measures, Syracuse would actually qualify as an at-large team.

Unfortunately, there are more negatives.

The Orange have been blown out regularly this season, torpedoing their standing in any measure that incorporates efficiency like the NET and Ken Pomeroy. Syracuse also hasn’t beaten a single team that is currently projected to make the NCAA Tournament as an at-large team.

Syracuse simply doesn’t look like a very good basketball team.

While there is still time left, it’s hard to imagine Syracuse playing consistently enough to boost its sinking regular-season resume or win four consecutive games at the ACC Tournament.

The Orange is no longer projected into the NCAA Tournament by any of the 88 professional or amateur bracketologists who submit their work to the Bracket Matrix. They aren’t ranked among the final teams omitted either.

Some contributors do still list the Orange as “under consideration.”

#JBRBracketology - Seed List Monday 2/5.

-Kansas surges to top of 2 line with dominating win over Houston
-Wisconsin slides to tier below the 2 seeds with disappointing home loss to Purdue
-Alabama surges to #10 overall at 8-1 in SEC
-Duke, Iowa State fall to 4 line, while…
— JBR Bracketology (@JBRBracketology) February 5, 2024

Keeping Up With The 315 2-5-24 (ESPN; radio; The 315)

Brian Started things off talking about Syracuse Men’s Basketball’s most recent 99-70 loss to Wake Forest. He talked about tough of loss it was for fans, reactions around the community, and more. Brian then took calls from listeners on a variety of ‘Cuse men’s basketball topics before wrapping up the show.

Torrey Ball "The 315" 2-5-24 (ESPN; radio; The 315)

Syracuse University’s Deputy Athletics Director Torrey Ball joined Brian today to talk about renovations currently being made to the JMA Dome. the talk ranged from seat back to tickets and much in between.

UNITED STATES - APRIL 07: Coll, Basketball: NCAA finals, Syracuse’s Carmelo Anthony victorious with trophy after game vs Kansas, New Orleans, LA 4/7/2003 SetNumber: X68059 TK2

YouTube Gold: 2003’s One Shining Moment (DBR; King)
By 2003, a lot had changed in the worlds of college basketball and broadcast TV. The tournament was bigger than ever, and the switch to HDTV was well under way.

It started in Raleigh on WRAL in 1996 and began to roll out nationwide a couple of years later. Analog TV would be shut down in 2009.

The video for 2003’s One Shining Moment appears to be the first shot in HDTV. It’s probably 720p which is why it isn’t as crystal clear as some TV is today. Nonetheless, it’s a big jump over the analog broadcasts and, mercifully, the production guys got tired of the goofy special effects. It was kind of cool to put trailing stars on a shot basketball, but by 2002, it had gotten out of control and completely ruined the feature.

2003 was the Year of Carmelo as Syracuse, a long-time national presence before and during the Big East era, broke through behind the brilliant play of freshman Anthony.

They returned to the fast intro shots before the “ball is tipped” starts the vocals. And the vocals here are by the late Luther Vandross. Apparently it was the last thing he recorded before his death (Vandross had a severe stroke on April 16 and died in 2005).

Maryland’s carnivorous Steve Blake gets the first shot right after the vocals start and he’s staring right into the camera.

Troy and Xavier get the “running for your life” moment and then Anthony pops in.

There’s a great shot of Jim Boehiem looking entirely bored then stunned. Julius Hodge makes a brief appearance, then there are a number of face shots before Oklahoma State’s Ivan McFarlin gets his bit of immortality. Jordan Cornette exults for Notre Dame. Maryland’s John Gilchrist tells Xavier’s Dedrick Finn to bring it on.

Two players jump in the air in glee followed by a dogpile, then a dunk and finally Western Kentucky’s David Boyden nails a three at the “frozen in time” spot.

Soon, Oregon’s Luke Ridnour slumps over at “the moment is gone” followed by the bench dancing shot, this time of Marquette’s Joe Chapman. Holy Cross’s Greg Kinsey leans over and spikes the ball in frustration when Vandross sings “win or lose.” Then a guy chases the ball down only to fly over press row. This was at the “you always did your best” then Auburn’s Nathan Watson raises his finger to the sky in victory.

Butler’s team just erupts off the bench after beating #5 Mississippi State and then it’s Arizona’s turn, most likely after a double OT win over Xavier.

Troy’s Rob Lewin gets the coveted “beat of your heart” shot just before Gilchrist plows over UNC-W’s John Goldsberry. There are three Very Concerned Players before Kansas Jayhawk Kirk Hinrich knocks a ball loose - but was he called for a foul?

Longhorn Brandon Mouton has a nice move in the open court to get around a defender. Arizona’s Hassan Adams celebrates at the “more than a race” line which he shares with Hinrich and Mouton. Creighton's DeAnthony Bowen shows remarkable agility next. There is an Arizona dunk followed by Keith Langford slamming one home for Kansas during the guitar solo. Marquette’s Robert Jackson comes over to celebrate with teammate Travis Diener.

After a dunk and a buzzer beater, a guy on the bench has his hands on his head in shock and disbelief. What just happened??

As the win or lose line starts, CBS marks it with a Texas celebration between Mouton and TJ Ford and a guy agonizing over his team’s defeat. Two Jayhawks talk and then there’s a shot of Brad Buckman leaping gleefully with his arms raised up high as the Longhorns advance.

Keeping Up with Syracuse Basketball's Tournament Chances (itlh; Stalker)
In typical Syracuse basketball fashion, this season has been an absolute roller coaster. From buzzer-beater thrills (thank you, Quadir Copeland), to absolute blow-outs, we have seen it all. Honestly, that's why I love being a Syracuse fan.

But, as always, this back-and-forth affair leaves us fans wondering, is Syracuse going to make the tournament? Are we going to see another 2015-2016 run? Truthfully, I don't have the answers, but let's take a look at the Orange's resume.

The Resume

It's not unrealistic to think that the Orange have a shot of making the NCAA tournament. They have a solid record of 14-8 (5-6 in conference play), and a decent but unspectacular resume, including an away win versus Pittsburgh (a Q1 win). However, the NCAA NET rankings have the Pittsburgh win trending down. To make matters worse, the Pittsburgh win is considered a weaker Quad 1 win.

The Orange have faired quite well with Q2, Q3, and Q4 wins, with a record of 12-2 thus far, but the 1-5 record in Q1 is a glaring hole in their resume that potentially exposes some talent disparity. The recent losses to Florida State (Q3) and Boston College (Q2) do not help their case.

That doesn't mean a tourney bid is impossible, more likely improbable. The road to March is littered with potholes for this Orange squad, including another game against their juggernaut foe, North Carolina, who almost literally blew the Orange off the court in their meeting earlier in the year. But crazier things have happened than an improbable 'Cuse team suiting up in March.

The rest of the schedule is manageable, but, at this point, 'Cuse needs to outperform expectations. With 9 games left (not including the ACC tournament), here's the breakdown.

Syracuse CRUSHED by Wake Forest - Where do the Orange go from here? (youtube; podcast; Field of 68)

Syracuse CRUSHED by Wake Forest - Where do the Orange go from here?
ACC men’s basketball power rankings: six more weeks of underrated basketball (TNIAAM; Wall)
We thought it was weird that the Syracuse Orange got a week off from ACC play, but apparently it happens.

Now on to this week’s ACC MBB Power Rankings as we wait for someone in the middle to put together a winning streak.

1. North Carolina Tar Heels (18-4, 10-1)

Apparently the cool thing to do is to lose at Georgia Tech. No one in Chapel Hill cares after UNC took care of Duke over the weekend. Hubert Davis’ crew is going to be playing for a potential one seed the rest of the way,

2. Duke Blue Devils (16-5, 7-3)

Not sure what to make of this group. They are talented, but depth is a concern and they will be on a lot of “first round upset candidates” lists next month.

3. Virginia Cavaliers (17-5, 8-3)

Tony Bennett can coach.

4. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (14-7, 6-4)

Steve Forbes owes Mark Few a little something for sending Hunter Sallis and Efton Reid to Winston Salem.

5. NC State Wolfpack (15-7, 7-4)

Losing to Syracuse seems to spring teams into a run of success. We encourage more ACC teams to try this theory out. Trust us.

6. Miami Hurricanes (15-7, 6-5)

They can’t string together good games in a row. Still could make a decent play when we get to the ACC Tournament.

7. Florida State Seminoles (12-9, 6-4)

Thought they might be making things interesting, then they lost to Louisville. Now they’ll be back to playing spoiler.

8. Syracuse Orange (14-8, 5-6)

Let’s see how Syracuse responds to their off-week. A strong week will take some of the heat off of Adrian Autry.

9. Virginia Tech Hokies (13-9, 5-6)

Does Virginia Tech retire Hunter Cattoor’s number this month or do they wait until he’s finished with his law degree?

10. Clemson Tigers (14-7, 4-6)

If you want proof that the ACC is a premier conference, look no further than Clemson. Beat SEC leader Alabama, beat everyone’s SEC darling South Carolina, beat Boise State, beat TCU. Yet, two games under .500 in the ACC. Take that for data.

11. Pittsburgh Panthers (14-8, 5-6)

Doesn’t it feel like Syracuse is destined to see Pitt for a 3rd time this season?

Don’t Boo Joe Girard This Weekend (; Aitken)
Joe Girard is making his Syracuse homecoming this Saturday, when Clemson comes to the Dome to take on SU. It’s been a game that’s been circled on Orange fan’s calendars since the guard transferred to the Tigers, for better or for worse.

Many fans may have mixed feelings about Girard. He’s one of the most decorated shooters in program history, but had the misfortune of playing for Syracuse during one of the worst few-year stretches in the last five decades. Missing the tournament in his last two years at SU didn’t bode well for his reputation, but that can’t be pinned on just Girard.

Joe Girard was given a lot of blame for a lack of team success, when there were really so many factors going into it. The Orange were recruiting worse, playing a dying form of defense, and seeing a decline in coaching prowess at the end of Boeheim’s career. While Girard had his flaws, like subpar defense and streaky shooting, he still accomplished quite a bit at Syracuse.

The stats speak for themselves: Joe Girard is one of the best shooters in program history. He made the third-most three-pointers of any SU player, has the second-highest career free throw percentage, and is a top-20 scorer in Orange history. In a tough ACC conference, that’s no accident.

Girard was simply a good player at Syracuse. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Was he perfect? No. No player is. But Joe Girard produced for four years at SU, despite being scrutinized since the moment he stepped on campus. That’s impressive.

Pitt HC Jeff Capel On Bracketology, Lack of National ACC Respect: ‘I Don’t Understand It’ (; Michalowski)
The ACC is once again a topic of national conversation as we approach the NCAA Tournament.

Once again, the conference, according to several big-name media companies, is having a down year. For example, in the past week alone, Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports, Joe Lunardi of ESPN, and The Field of 68 have rated the Mountain West Conference higher than the ACC in either power rankings, comparisons on TV, or in NCAA Tournament bracket predictions. Check them out below.

Do you agree?
— The Field of 68 (@TheFieldOf68) February 5, 2024

TELL ‘EM @JonRothstein
“One of the best leagues in college basketball. Better than the Pac-12. Better than the ACC.”
— Mountain West (@MountainWest) January 31, 2024
— Joe Lunardi (@ESPNLunardi) February 4, 2024

In Lunardi’s bracket prediction, the ACC only has three teams in the NCAA Tournament field. This, just one year after the conference had the third-highest win percentage in last year’s NCAA Tournament. Its teams went 7-5 in last year’s Tournament, a run that included Miami getting all the way to the Final Four.

“First and foremost, I don’t look at them,” Pitt’s Jeff Capel said about bracketology predictions. “I hear about them, because I hear people complaining about them. People on my staff. But I try not to look at it. I don’t because it doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand it. I don’t. For the life of me, I don’t.”

The eight top-70 teams in the ACC this year, according to NET, are listed as follows: North Carolina (9), Duke (19), Clemson (37), Wake Forest (41), Virginia (42), Virginia Tech (53), Miami (62), and Pitt (64). When looking at games played against opponents that slot under the NET’s Quadrants 1 and 2, the ACC only has Florida State (6-5, ranked No. 94), Miami (7-5, ranked No. 62), Virginia (5-4), and North Carolina (9-4) with winning records. Miami is the only team out of the top eight in the league with a Quad 4 loss, which certainly hurts the Hurricanes this year.

In The Field Of 68’s Power Rankings, the ACC ranked 6th out of 7 conferences, sitting behind the Big 12, the SEC, the Big Ten, the Big East, and the Mountain West. The ACC currently has eight teams ranked in the top-70 of the NCAA’s NET rankings, while the Big 12 has 11, the Big East has nine, the SEC has nine, the Big Ten has eight, and the Mountain West has six.

“Our league is really good, the teams in this league are really good, the players, the coaches,” Capel continued. “It’s way more than North Carolina and Duke. Last year, the narrative was that Duke or Carolina aren’t how they normally are. Well, they played the other day, and both teams were in the top ten. Duke and Carolina are Duke and Carolina. They’re both really, really good. But so is NC State, so is Virginia, so is the rest of our league. It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating. If you look at the number of teams that we have that are in the top 75 in the NET, just, all of those things.”

Armando Bacot Says ACC Runs Through Him & Chapel Hill; What Did Scheyer, Blue Devils Miss in Round 1 (youtube; podcast; Locked on ACC)

Armando Bacot Says ACC Runs Through Him & Chapel Hill; What Did Scheyer, Blue Devils Miss in Round 1
Links, News and Rumors 2024 Feb 5 (RX; HM)

Links, News and Rumors 2024 Feb 5

From the AP article "Big Ten, SEC forming joint advisory group to find solutions to college sports issues":

The Big Ten and Southeastern Conference are formally trying to find solutions to the issues facing college sports.

Of course, we all remember how it went the last time the Big Ten formed an "alliance". Watch your back, SEC!
What does this "advisory group" really mean? All Sports Discussion has a clear and level-headed explanation in "The SEC Big 10 alliance doesn’t mean much."
I guess the title kinda give it away just a little bit...
Tony Altimore is at it again, this time with a graph showing the number of football games with over 4 million viewers for each power conference team:


As the #CFP leaders meet today in Dallas, there will be much talk about power jockeying. As you hear details, keep in mind the below, which charts how many times each team has been a part of a game big enough to pull 4+M viewers:
— Tony Altimore (@TJAltimore) February 5, 2024
Same song, different verse: Florida State, Notre Dame, and Clemson stand out among ACC teams. Also, water is wet.
Finally, for you ACC basketball fans,
MBB: From "Purdue Flexes Its Muscle As Kentucky Faces Defensive Crisis", there's one ACC-related section...

Harrison Ingram’s emergence continues at North Carolina

Tennessee's Dalton Knecht is the popular choice for the award of college basketball’s best transfer, but in terms of overall impact, not many would top North Carolina’s Harrison Ingram. The Stanford import had perhaps his best game as a Tar Heel in the rivalry win over Duke, showcasing the skill set that has made him a perfect fit in Hubert Davis’s system on both ends. Offensively, Ingram drilled five threes to keep Duke at arm’s length, and defensively, he led the team with four steals and 13 rebounds.

ACCN Special Feb 28th: Duke & UNC Legends Reunited (RX; HM)

ACCN Special Feb 28th: Duke & UNC Legends Reunited
From the ESPN Press Release of February 3, 2024...

Coach K & Roy Williams Rivals Reunited, an Hour-Long Special Conversation Between the Duke and UNC Coaching Legends, to Premiere February 28 on ACC Network

Rival coaches sit together for an extended conversation for the first time ever
Hosted by Wes Durham, Hall of Famers share stories, laughs and coaching philosophies

Coach K. Roy Williams. Get your ready!

Rivals Reunited | Feb. 28 on ACCN
— ACC Network (@accnetwork) February 3, 2024
Coach K & Roy Williams Rivals Reunited, a one-hour special featuring coaching legends Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams sitting down together for an extensive conversation for the first time since their college coaching careers began over 40 years ago, will debut Wednesday, February 28 at 9 p.m. ET on ACC Network, it was announced today on ESPN’s College GameDay from Chapel Hill. Produced by Raycom Sports in partnership with ESPN, the conversation is hosted by ESPN and ACCN play-by-play commentator Wes Durham as the Hall of Fame Duke and North Carolina coaches share stories about their legendary careers and discuss their coaching philosophies.

Two of the most successful NCAA basketball coaches in history, who competed against one another in one of the fiercest rivalries in all of sports, Krzyzewski and Williams sit together for a rare in-depth, on-camera conversation, something they never did together during their coaching careers. Now, for the first time, Coach K and Williams look back on their remarkable tenures and share their favorite memories from the biggest rivalry in college basketball. Both legends speak candidly about their retirements and share their thoughts about the future of college basketball.

“With nearly 2,000 wins and eight combined national titles, it was just incredible to see these two coaching icons exchange stories about their path to success, their inspirations, their lasting lessons and influences to the programs they impacted over their careers,” said Durham, who has called ACC games for nearly 30 years and whose father, Woody Durham, was the legendary ‘Voice of the Tar Heels’. “Also, they were candid to share their thoughts on the sport and where it might be headed. The opportunity to sit with Coach K and Coach Williams was a unique professional thrill for me.”

Historic game highlights, photos and coaching clips are incorporated into the ACC Network presentation. The conversation took place in July 2023 at the Greensboro Coliseum in front of an intimate audience consisting of members of the North Carolina Coaches Association.

“What an honor for us to produce a show with these two legends,” said Rob Reichley, Raycom Sports Executive Producer. “It was a unique opportunity to have Coach K and Coach Williams sit side-by-side and tell stories about their careers and the people who helped them become Hall of Famers. Along with their memories of the intense Duke-UNC rivalry, there are some laughs as well as tales that you’ve never heard before.”


Taxpayers spend extra $1 million for Tully’s stand used 13 days a year at NY State Fair (PS; Weiner)

Two years ago, the New York State Fair said it would spend $1.4 million from taxpayers for a new building to house Tully’s, a fair favorite known for its chicken tenders.

But now that the new concession stand is complete, it turns out the final cost of the project is about $2.3 million, state contracting records show. That’s almost $1 million more than initially disclosed for the 2,740-square-foot building. The building is used only during the 13-day run of the fair.

State officials told | The Post-Standard that the bigger expense is not the result of cost overruns, but rather a difference in what was publicly disclosed in their 2022 announcement of the Tully’s deal.

The $1.4 million was for “hard construction costs” such as material and labor, according to the state Office of General Services, which oversees construction contracts for state-owned buildings.

The figure did not include almost $800,000 in “soft costs” such as engineering design, permitting and oversight, said Georgina Parsons, an OGS spokesperson.

“This includes such things as site surveying and geotechnical borings that are necessary for building and site design, special inspection services associated with ensuring the construction is in compliance with the New York State Building Code, design services, contract administration services and construction management and inspection services,” Parsons wrote in an email.

Construction costs also increased by about $100,000 over the original contract.

Salt City Market launches cooking class to teach teens kitchen skills (PS; Duffie)
A Syracuse woman who once faced food insecurity in her youth has partnered with Salt City Market to bring kitchen literacy skills to the community.

Salt City Market will host cooking classes for the community, starting Feb. 4. The Kitchen Literacy Project will provide classes like fermenting, foraging, croissant lamination, cake decorating, cheese education, and herbal medicine workshops on Sundays and Tuesdays in February and March.

The inspiration for the project came as founder, Jess Miller wanted to increase kitchen literacy in youth and families around Syracuse. She began a conversation with Adam Sudmann, Market manager.

“I brought up to him how I feel really passionately that there needs to be more kitchen education for kids,” she said.

As a dual citizen of England and the United States, she moved around often and recalls the tense moments at the grocery store when she had to put food back because her family could not afford it.

“We never went hungry but we definitely understood that our parents didn’t have a lot of money,” she said.

“There were seasons when we lived on just corn or other ones where we grew a lot of basil and we would make our own pesto,” she said.

“We were really lucky in that our parents knew how to cook and knew how to take very little money and turn it into a meal.” She hopes that these classes will empower teens and their families to do the same.

Syracuse airport is getting two more national fast-food chain restaurants (PS; $; Moriarty)

Visitors to Syracuse Hancock International Airport will soon have two new places to grab a bite to eat before boarding their flights, with a Mexican eatery and a bagel shop set to open this year.

The Syracuse Regional Airport Authority and Gideon Toal Management Services announced plans on Friday for GTMS to open a Qdoba Mexican Eats and an Einstein Bros Bagels in the post-security areas of the airport.

Qdoba will be located in the post-security checkpoint hallway leading to Concourse A gates, positioned next to the Escape Lounge, which is also operated by GTMS.

Einstein Bros. Bagels will occupy a newly planned extension at the end of Concourse B.

Both food and beverage concepts are expected to open at different points in 2024.

Airport officials said the quick-serve nature of each will help the airport meet the demand for more grab-and-go options, especially during peak travel hours. The airport sees most of its traffic during three distinct “banks” -- or clusters of outgoing flights -- most days from 4 – 6 a.m., 10 a.m. – noon, and 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

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