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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Bell Bottoms Day!

Bell-bottoms or flares, pants that flare below the knees into what look like bells, are celebrated today with Bell Bottoms Day. Made of materials such as denim, polyester, and cotton, and into styles like jeans and corduroys, bell-bottoms are often worn with platform shoes so that their bells stay off the ground.

Early records show that flared or belled pants were worn by sailors during the War of 1812, but they likely were worn by sailors as far back as the 1600s. They served a utilitarian purpose, making it easier for sailors to roll up their pants when they had to work or walk in high water. Flared pants also made it safer for them if they fell in water: the pants could be taken off quicker than other pants—over shoes—and they could more easily be inflated into a life preserver than other pants. Until 1998, bell-bottoms were part of the US Navy's uniform.

In the 1920s, French designer Coco Chanel designed pants for women inspired by the flared pants of sailors. Her wide-legged pants, called "yachting pants" and "beach pajamas," brought bell-bottom-like pants into fashion, and were the forerunners of the fashionable bell-bottoms that came decades later.

Bell-bottoms reached their zenith in the 1960s and '70s. In the mid-1960s they were part of European women's fashion. In America, they emerged as a reaction to the conservative clothing styles and attitudes of the 1950s, being worn by hippies of a burgeoning counterculture in the late 1960s. At first, they were not sold in regular clothing stores because they were viewed as being subversive. Hence, they were purchased at Navy surplus stores, where they were inexpensive. The repurposing of military clothing had added significance because many who wore it were against the Vietnam War. Straight-legged pants were sometimes also torn at the bottom and fabric was added to make them into bell-bottoms.

SU News

Why have so many Syracuse basketball players entered the NCAA’s transfer portal? (Mike’s Mailbox) (PS; Waters)

This week’s Mailbox focuses on two things: the transfer portal and the NCAA tournament.

In my opinion, the two shouldn’t be going on at the same time, but the portal opened two weeks ago and the tournament’s Final Four takes place this Saturday in Phoenix.

The result is two versions of March Madness – one on the court and the other in the portal.

I picked out one question out of about a dozen that were sent in about the transfer portal and a few really intriguing questions about Syracuse’s history in the NCAA tournament.

Let’s get right to them!

(If you have a question; follow-up or otherwise, for the Mailbox, email it to

Q: Why are so many players leaving Syracuse’s men’s team? We’re up to five, including Benny Williams.

Dan S.

I think we’re all getting used to how the transfer portal, the NCAA granting athletes immediate eligibility upon transferring and the advent of NIL money have combined to change college basketball.

The portal has made transferring easier. Not having to sit out a year has taken away a major deterrent to transfers. And the prospect of earning more money at another school has nearly every college athlete looking for a better deal.

As of now, five Syracuse players have entered the transfer portal: Benny Williams, Maliq Brown, Quadir Copeland, Justin Taylor and Peter Carey.

That is a lot, but Syracuse isn’t a rare case. Several teams in just the ACC, including Virginia Tech, Florida State and Pittsburgh, have experienced major roster turnover.

In reality, there’s no single reason for the departures. Although the players who have left Syracuse this season have yet to comment publicly, it’s pretty easy to see that they each have their own reasons.

Taylor started every game, but struggled with his outside shot. I would imagine he’s looking to hit ther re-set button. Carey barely played this past season and looked overmatched when he did get on the court. Williams was dismissed from the program in early February, so we know why he’s in the portal.

Brown’s situation likely involves where and how much he would play. He’s not a true center, but he needs to develop his offense to play more at power forward. Copeland’s case is curious, but he hasn’t spoken about it.

Q: Has there ever been a Final Four team that has lost twice to the same league team during the same year regular season? Syracuse beat NC State twice before losing to them in the ACC Tournament

Roger C.

I didn’t have to think very hard about this one. I came up with several examples without having to go beyond the Syracuse record book.

Syracuse went to the 1987 Final Four despite having lost to Georgetown twice in the regular season and once more in the Big East tournament.

Syracuse’s 1996 Final Four team lost to Connecticut once in the regular season and once in the Big East tournament.

Syracuse’s 2003 NCAA championship team lost to Connecticut in their only regular season meeting and once in the Big East tournament.

Syracuse’s 2013 Final Four team lost to Georgetown twice in the regular season before beating the Hoyas in the Big East tournament. The 2013 team split the regular season series with Louisville and then lost to the Cardinals in the Big East title game.

And, finally, Syracuse’s 2016 Final Four lost to Pittsburgh three times; twice in the regular season and once in the ACC tournament. Syracuse also lost to North Carolina in both regular season meetings and then again in the Final Four.

New York Wiz Kids' Elijah Moore moves downcourt during the Palmetto Road - 3SSB Championships in Rock Hill Thursday, July 7, 2023. . N. Scott Trimble |

Syracuse basketball recruit Elijah Moore wins 3-point shooting contest (PS; Ditota)
Elijah Moore, the 6-foot-4 guard who will play at Syracuse next season, won a national 3-point shooting contest, reported.

Moore participated Wednesday in the 2024 High School Slam Dunk and 3-point contest at Saguaro High School in Phoenix. He beat a field of Kon Kneuppel (Duke), Juni Mobley (Ohio State) and Jared Harris (Memphis).

Moore is considered one of the better shooters in the 2024 class. He played last season for Our Saviour Lutheran in the Bronx. Our Saviour Lutheran plays in the Atlanta-based Overtime Elite league, where it is known as JellyFam.

During Overtime Elite’s regular season, Moore averaged 16.9 points per game and made 34% of his 3-point attempts. The website rates him a 4-star prospect; ranked him the 19-best shooting guard in his class.

Sources: Mintz will not return to Orange next season (PS; Waters)

Syracuse guard Judah Mintz has played his last game for the Orange, according to two sources with knowledge of Mintz’s plans. Both sources said Mintz will enter his name into the NBA draft.

Mintz, a 6-foot-3 sophomore, led Syracuse in scoring this past season at 18.8 points per game. He finished third in the ACC in scoring behind North Carolina’s RJ Davis and Clemson’s PJ Hall.

Mintz also entered the NBA draft last year after a stellar freshman season with the Orange. He participated in the NBA Combine, learning his likely status among NBA executives. He removed his name from draft consideration just prior to the NCAA’s deadline for players to return to school.

He said after SU’s loss to N.C. State in the ACC Tournament that he would discuss his options with his parents and at some point announce his decision for 2024-25.

But after going through the NBA draft process last year, Mintz was never likely to return for his junior year.


Syracuse guard Judah Mintz finished third in the ACC in scoring this past season. (N. Scott Trimble | Scott Trimble |

Judah Mintz Leaving Is Best For Everyone (; Gotkin)
It’s always hard to see Syracuse lose one of its best players. Especially when it’s someone as fun to watch as Judah Mintz.’s Mike Waters reported earlier today that the sophomore has played his final game for Syracuse and will not be returning to the team next year.

Last offseason we went through the saga of “Will Judah Return” and he ended up deciding to come back. Adrian Autry needed Mintz on the floor this past season. He was the anchor and leader of this SU team. As Autry moves into his second year as head coach and transforms the roster, it starts to become more and more clear that Syracuse’s leading scorer just doesn’t fit in with what he is trying to build.

Sources: Syracuse guard Judah Mintz will not return to Orange next season Sources: Mintz will not return to Orange next season
— Syracuse Basketball (@syrbasketball) April 4, 2024

Why It’s Best For Syracuse That Judah Mintz Leaves

Judah Mintz is one of the best slashers in all of college basketball. His ability to get to the rim and get to the free-throw line is elite. The issue is that just isn’t what the Orange need when you look at the rest of the roster. JJ Starling is locked into the starting shooting guard spot. With Starling’s shooting issues, he was most effective as a slasher this season. Mintz and Starling just didn’t work together as well as everyone hoped. Neither one of them can be a true point guard, and because of that the offense just stalled in the halfcourt.

Syracuse was starting two shooting guards and that was apparent throughout the entire season. Mintz’s departure means that Adrian Autry can focus on getting a true point guard and a better shooter in the portal that’ll complement JJ Starling’s game.

Why It’s Best For Judah Mintz To Move On

Syracuse basketball recruiting: More scouting reports from Donnie Freeman McDonald’s performance (TNIAAM; Wall)

Syracuse Orange men’s basketball fans got a brief look at the future of the program on Tuesday night.

Incoming forward Donnie Freeman was part of the West squad in the McDonald’s All-America Game. While the East squad pulled out an 86-84 win, Freeman came off the bench to play just under 13 minutes, scoring 6 points on 2-4 shooting (2-3 from 3) with 1 rebound, 1 steal, and two turnovers. Freeman was a +15 during his minutes, which led the West team.

At the buzzer... count it! @DonavanFreeman1 x @McDAAG
— Syracuse Men’s Basketball (@Cuse_MBB) April 3, 2024

It’s not the game stats that should really jump out to Orange fans, it’s what multiple outlets had to say after watching him in action against the best of the best. Freeman had some mixed reviews among the major recruiting sites this year, but as we discussed on Monday, he’s opening more eyes.

Here’s what Finklestein had to say about Freeman from the workouts

Another player who has helped himself thus far, first in the practices and then in the scrimmages, is Syracuse signee Donnie Freeman. It started from the moment the players first walked onto the court Saturday night. How could that be? Because it immediately became clear whose height was an exaggeration and whose wasn’t. Freeman is one of the tallest players here. The fact that he’s been shooting the ball consistently from three and showing some lateral mobility for his size has only added to the intrigue thus far.
Tobias Bass of The Athletic had this to say about Freeman:

One of the biggest stock risers this week was Syracuse commit Donnie Freeman. On Day 1 of the practices, it felt like he didn’t miss a shot from behind the arc. Several scouts would look at the roster and make slight comments like “Who is that kid” or “Has he missed yet?” He has a chance to be an elite pick-and-pop guy at the next level with his 6-foot-9 frame. Every year there’s always one guy who comes out of this event and helps himself going into their freshman campaign; this year it was Freeman. He is one to look out for going into the 2024-25 college basketball season.
And SBNation’s Ricky O’Donnell added his thoughts:

Syracuse-bound forward Donnie Freeman is catching my eye in this scrimmage. Total sniper at 6'9 with deep range, and looks like he has good tools for an off-ball scorer.
— Ricky O'Donnell (@SBN_Ricky) April 1, 2024
Keeping Up With The 315 4-4-24 (ESPN; radio; The 315)
Brian starts the show off today talking about an article that has released discussing Judah Mintz desire to declare for the upcoming NBA draft. He then took a caller to end the segment. Next, Brian took a call from another long time listener about the topic. Finally, Brian finished things off with another caller, where the two talked over the current NIL system in play.

(youtube; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Syracuse Basketball has two freshmen in it's 2024 High School Recruiting Class: Five-Star Power Forward Donnie Freeman and Four-Star Guard Elijah Moore. On3 Senior National Recruiting Analyst Jamie Shaw recently watched Freeman in the McDonald's All American game.Jackson Holzer brings on Jamie to discuss the Orange's upcoming high school recruiting class, the Cuse's activity in the NCAA Transfer Portal, and a quick look at the 2025 high school recruiting class on this edition of the Locked On Syracuse Podcast.
Syracuse Basketball Off Season Updates Ep. 3 | Jyáre Davis and Dakota Leffew? (youtube; pocast; Light It Up Sports)
Really interested to see where the recruitment of these two guys go, but I could see them both landing in a Syracuse jersey.
One-on-One with Jeff Capel Pt. 1: Culture Change at Pitt, Lack of ACC Respect (; Vukovcan)
Despite not being selected for the 2024 NCAA Men’s Tournament, it’s safe to say that Jeff Capel has the Pitt men’s basketball program back on solid ground.

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For proof of that you just have to look at the teams record the last two seasons compared to the previous four. From the 2018-19 season until 2021-22 season, Pitt won a total of 51 games and 21 in the ACC. Over the last two seasons, Capel’s teams have collected 46 total wins and 26 in the ACC.

It also goes beyond wins, even in the games Pitt loses, more often than not they’re extremely competitive on the court and no longer look outmatched, something that wasn’t always the case in previous years.

That is something that Capel and his coaching staff can and will use this offseason on the recruiting trail as well as when they pursue players in the transfer portal.

This afternoon, Pittsburgh Sports Now’s Mike Vukovcan had the chance to talk with Capel about a variety of topics and as per usual, he was articulate, opinionated and all answers were well thought out.

ACCN Coverage of 2024 WBB and MBB Final Fours (RX; HM)

ACCN Coverage of 2024 WBB and MBB Final Fours
Coverage starts NOW...

From the ESPN press release of April 4, 2024...

ACC Network to Surround NC State’s Historic Men’s and Women’s Basketball Seasons with Expansive Onsite Programming in Phoenix and Cleveland

Following another successful first two weeks of ACC men’s and women’s basketball in the NCAA tournament, the NC State men’s and women’s basketball teams are both headed to the Final Four to compete for a national championship and ACC Network will surround the historic occasion with expansive onsite studio coverage from both locations. ACC Network’s signature basketball show Nothing But Net and its mainstay weekday afternoon show ACC PM will be live from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. and Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland beginning Thursday, April 4.

In Cleveland, coverage begins Thursday with a 30-minute Nothing But Net special previewing the Wolfpack’s semifinal matchup against South Carolina (6 p.m. ET). Justin Walters hosts alongside analysts Kelly Gramlich, Ivory Latta and Muffet McGraw. The NBN women’s team returns Friday with a pre-game show (6-7 p.m.) leading into the national semifinals and will be live for reaction and analysis following the games (12-12:30 a.m.). Should NC State advance on Friday, Nothing But Net will be live during the Pack’s open practice on Saturday (2 p.m., ACCNX) and will be back in action Sunday with a 60-minute championship preview (2-3 p.m.), as well as postgame coverage beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Onsite coverage of the men’s Final Four begins Friday with studio programming originating from State Farm Stadium. Nothing But Net host Kelsey Riggs will be joined by analysts and national champions Joel Berry II, Jim Boeheim, Carlos Boozer and Luke Hancock for live coverage during NC State’s open practice on Friday (2-3 p.m.). On Saturday, Nothing But Net will preview NC State’s semifinal matchup against Purdue with a two-hour pregame special (4-6 p.m.) and following the conclusion of both semifinal games, will return with postgame reaction and analysis (11:30 p.m.-12 a.m.). Should NC State advance, Nothing But Net will preview the championship game with a two-hour pregame show on Monday (7-9 p.m.), with postgame coverage beginning at 12 a.m.

Plus, ACC PM with hosts Mark Packer and Taylor Tannebaum will have comprehensive coverage of the top storylines surrounding both NC State teams on Thursday and Friday (4-6 p.m.). Friday’s show will feature a heavy lineup of guests with Tannebaum live from Cleveland and Packer live from Phoenix. Should NC State’s men’s team advance, ACC PM will be live from Phoenix on Monday (4-7 p.m.).

NC State’s dual Final Four appearances add further history to the ACC’s postseason success in both men’s and women’s basketball. The ACC is the only league to have at least one men’s and one women’s team in the Final Four in each of the last three seasons and this year marks the 15th time that the ACC has had both a men’s and women’s team in the Final Four in the same season. Over the last 10 years, 10 women's teams and nine men’s teams from the ACC have reached the Final Four – most of any conference on both the women’s and the men’s side.



The beer list at Riseform Brewing in its new location at 19 North St. in Marcellus, N.Y.Riseform Brewing

One of Central New York's smallest breweries 'grows up' into a new space (PS; $; Cazentre)

It’s about 75 yards up the street with triple the brewing capacity and an overall space that its owner says “just feels bigger.”

Riseform Brewing opens its new location at 3 p.m. today (April 4) in its new home at 19 North St. in the village of Marcellus. The brewery had been located at 4 Main St. since its debut in September 2021.

In its new location, Riseform owner/brewer Andy Tidd will be able to have eight beers on tap, up from the current five.

The new location will maintain many features of the original. That includes a “bring your own food policy.” Many Riseform customers get food from either Papa’s Express Pizza or Holy Cow! Cheese Steaks and Fish Fry, both in the village.

The major change will be the schedule: The taproom will be open as usual from Thursdays through Sundays, with free live music on Saturdays. On the other nights, it will serve as a “listening room” type venue with touring acts scheduled for ticketed events.

“This is really like a mature Riseform,” said Tidd, who runs the brewery with his wife, Meg, and other family members. “It’s a grown up version of the brewery.”

Riseform’s projected beer list for the reopening includes three New England (hazy) IPAs, two pale ales, an ESB, a Mild and a Blonde. Tidd is now brewing on a 3.5 barrel system, up from the 1-barrel unit he had in the old location (a barrel is 31 gallons)

The new space was formerly home to a shop called Anabelle Design. The remodeling into the new home of Riseform was handled by McClurg Remodeling of Marcellus.

Riseform is one of about 20 craft brewers in Onondaga County. It is named in honor of one of Tidd’s other passions, fly-fishing, Riseform is a term that describes the ripples on the water when a trout rises to the surface for the bait.

Legendary Syracuse University Professor celebrates 90th birthday (; Columbia)

Marvin Druger, renowned biology professor at SU, has recently marked a major milestone in his life as he celebrated his 90th birthday.

Druger will celebrate in the best way he knew how, surrounded by friends ,family and alumni of Syracuse University. The celebration for Druger is going to take place this weekend, April 7th.
Reflecting on reaching 90 years of age, Druger expressed his disbelief with how time has flown by so quickly. A lot of that time was spent working hard to educate those in the biology department at Syracuse University. Druger was a teacher for more than 50 years and recounts helping over 50,000 students.

Currently Druger is spending his time writing articles to 55 Plus Magazine. Druger is very excited about the celebration and getting to spend time being around those he loves, and that love him right back.

If you want to keep up with Marvin and see more about his column by visiting

Upstate NY drive-in movie theater to reopen for first time in four decades (PS; Herbert)

An Upstate New York drive-in movie theater is set to reopen for the first time in four decades.

The Democrat & Chronicle reports the Rose City Drive-In, located in Wayne County, will open for the 2024 season on Friday, April 5, with “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.” Coincidentally, the last movie shown at the drive-in when it closed in 1985 was the original “Ghostbusters” movie.

“It was dumb luck,” new Rose City Drive-In owner Paul Cole told the Rochester newspaper. “The (new ‘Ghostbusters’) movie just came out last week.”

Cole, 53, finalized his purchase last year for the drive-in, located at 5418 Route 31 West in Newark, N.Y., about 50 miles west of Syracuse. The outdoor movie screen, 100 feet wide by 45 feet high, has been cleaned up and the 17-acre site has been updated with a new 55,000-lumen laser project, a digital marquee, and a new concession building, according to the D&C.

Cole, who also owns SuperGen Products in Newark and operates Lands of Legends Raceway in Canandaigua, told the publication he’s spent nearly $750,000 on the drive-in. But it’s worth it to Cole, who said he fondly remembers his parents taking him to Rose City Drive-In when he was a kid.

According to its website, the Rose City Drive-In is also attempting to keep much of its original footprint and connecting to its history whenever possible. In a note about the renovations, Cole thanked the Eugene Colacino Family for selling the property and giving Newark’s cinema under the stars a “sequel.”

“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” will be a single feature screening this weekend, but the Rose City Drive-In plans to begin double features next week. Cole plans to show both first-run films and classics, as well as stage concerts and other events (including a solar eclipse viewing party on Monday).

For more information and tickets, visit

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