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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Hurray for Buttons Day!

Hurray! Today we celebrate buttons! The first buttons were used for ornamentation and seals, and have been found in the Indus River Valley (c. 2800-2600 BCE), China (c. 2000-1500 BCE), and ancient Rome. The oldest known button—dating to 5000 BCE—was made from a curved shell and found in the Indus River Valley. Buttons that function as fasteners, along with buttonholes, didn't come about until the 13th century, where they first appeared in Germany and spread throughout Europe. They have been made from almost every material, their composition often reflecting the popular materials of the era in which they were made. Today they are most often constructed out of hard plastic, metals, seashells, or wood. They have been created by artisans, artists, and craftspeople, out of raw materials or found objects such as fossils, or from a combination of both. They have been made in small quantities, or in large quantities at factories

SU News

Fans Are Worried Clemson May Be Cursed After What Dabo Did Last Night (; Machlin)

Condolences to gbo. It was a good run.

Dabo Swinney has led Clemson to four straight College Football Playoff appearances and two national title wins, and is on the verge of putting together one of the best recruiting classes ever. But one photo has many Tigers fans worried that the team could now be cursed moving forward.

At last night’s Toronto Raptors game against the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals, Swinney was pictured alongside notable Raptors fan and world-famous recording artist Drake. The picture immediately led to fans fearing that the “Drake curse” was now stuck to Clemson.

The “Drake Curse” has plagued the sports world for several years now. Just about every team or athlete the Grammy winning recording artist has supported in the last few years has suffered some kind of terrible heartbreak.

Barcelona, Conor McGregor, Alabama, Serena Williams, Kentucky, the Golden State Warriors, and Johnny Manziel all famously suffered epic meltdowns and losses shortly after Drake came out in support of them.

https://n./news/acc-spotlight-five-players-that-emerged-this-spring (rivals; Farrell)

Mark Pszonak contributed to this report.

Spring football is in the books and many players across Power Five conferences took the next step forward, or in some cases their first step toward stardom. This week, we look at some of those standouts and we continue with the ACC - and cheat a bit by adding Notre Dame.

MORE: Big Ten spring breakouts | SEC


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The skinny: Kendrick avoided the usual recruiting drama by committing to Clemson during the Tigers’ Junior Day event a year before he actually signed. His athleticism proved to be very advantageous for the Tigers during the spring, and may prove to be very beneficial for his future.

Kendrick made the move from wide receiver to cornerback during the spring, due to several injuries at the position, and surprised many with how quickly he excelled. People are already saying that he has the natural abilities to play the position in the NFL, so it will be interesting to see how he progresses during the summer and the 2019 season.

Farrell’s take: Kendrick was a great athlete coming out of high school who played quarterback, but could project at wide receiver or cornerback or even safety. His move to defense doesn’t change his potential at all, and might be the perfect fit. The former five-star could be the next great one in the defensive backfield for the Tigers as he has excellent speed, size and good instincts.


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6'5" | 210 LBS | TE

Spending by Sport, 2017-18 (RX; HM)

It's a very slow time for ACC football news so far this week (although TV schedules are coming soon!), and I've been wanting to look at this anyway, so here's a breakdown of spending (percent of AD budget) by school, from the 2017-18 EADA data...

First, here's the total spending for the most common ACC sports:

Football Basketball All Track Soccer Baseball All Others
BC $23,477,213 $10,626,557 $2,105,751 $2,911,580 $2,092,021 $16,503,701
Clemson $46,302,285 $12,115,065 $4,649,810 $3,665,688 $3,620,802 $8,000,540
Duke $26,200,992 $27,766,912 $3,695,229 $3,779,382 $2,962,610 $19,583,476
FSU $57,732,569 $17,668,836 $5,181,616 $2,590,332 $6,076,428 $12,192,624
GT $25,096,298 $12,804,589 $2,153,379 $1,809,897 $7,648,978
NCSU $21,321,620 $13,273,159 $3,097,488 $2,726,555 $2,709,718 $11,992,713
SU $24,994,763 $20,190,487 $4,032,387 $3,910,179 $18,953,765
UL $26,858,473 $27,300,375 $3,162,217 $3,042,862 $3,457,960 $14,692,017
Miami $37,268,190 $13,493,167 $4,843,387 $1,727,201 $3,725,691 $8,626,776
UNC $21,068,434 $13,308,480 $2,614,418 $2,952,793 $2,914,794 $16,191,101
ND $42,822,063 $13,614,854 $3,491,614 $4,113,986 $2,256,408 $24,277,296
Pitt $27,141,760 $16,950,982 $2,672,974 $2,971,594 $1,814,921 $9,162,614
UVA $22,552,489 $15,244,370 $3,601,758 $3,489,311 $3,648,381 $18,199,722
VT $27,864,229 $15,363,901 $2,875,111 $2,437,934 $2,794,995 $11,041,908
WFU $19,360,660 $11,378,381 $2,610,959 $3,524,246 $2,466,918 $7,163,869
AVG $30,004,136 $16,073,341 $3,385,873 $2,922,910 $2,823,436 $13,615,407


ACCN News - 5/8/19 (RX; HM)

ACC Commissioner John Swofford met with reporters this Monday (it's an annual meeting), and of course there were questions about the upcoming ACC Network channel. Here are some useful highlights:

Disney, the parent company of ESPN, has yet to reach a deal for the ACC Network with Comcast, Charter/Spectrum, Dish Network or AT&T U-verse. It’s expected that several of those deals could drag out until around the launch date (August 22nd, 2019). Swofford feels that the ACC Network has leverage in the marketplace thanks to partnering with ESPN - "Mickey Mouse carries a lot of weight,” he said. We recently reported on rumors that Charter intends to carry the ACCN [LINK], and indeed Swofford did mention ongoing negotiations with Charter and AT&T, but didn’t provide many details.

Swofford also said the network is still developing original programming ideas to complement the live games, and that events like the scholar-athlete luncheon and the ACC Legends event could be broadcast on the network. The re-airing of classic games will also be part of the programming.

Swofford also envisions more spring football exposure on the ACCN next spring. When asked if they wanted to air more spring football, he replied "The simple answer is yes". This year, roughly half of ACC teams televised their spring game (8 did, 6 did not). The ACC policy is to let member schools decide whether or not to televise their spring games, and there are no plans to change that - officially. But while schools won’t be contractually obligated to put their spring games on the network, the conference wants to get more of those games on the air - and so does ESPN.


ACC Daily Digest, May 9: VT in play for Tavien Feaster, Curran Scott now a Clemson Tiger, Duke lands 5-star Roach - (; Geisinger)

ICYMI, Duke lands its first 2020 commitment: 5-star Jeremy Roach

Later in the evening on Wednesday (May 8), Duke got on the board with its 2020 basketball recruiting. The Blue Devils landed a commitment from 5-star point guard Jeremy Roach.

Roach is rated as the No. 2 point guard in his class, according to 247 Sports. He’s also a big fan of Duke’s social media game, too. Assistant coach Jon Scheyer led his recruitment; Roach also took an official visit to Durham last October.

Lot of basketball programs have placed a higher premium on social media content in recent years.

I've done a lot of commitment interviews, Jeremy Roach is first I've heard cite social media when discussing a pledge. It's not why he's going to Duke, but appears to have helped.

— Evan Daniels (@EvanDaniels) May 9, 2019

Clemson officially adds transfer Curran Scott

The Clubhouse With Kyle Bailey Hour 4: ACC & SEC College Football Coaches Rankings - WFNZ Podcasts - (' podcast; Kyle Bailey)

In Hour 4 of The Clubhouse with Kyle Bailey, Kyle gives his thoughts on Gene Sapakoff and Tom Fornelli's rankings of college football coaches in the ACC, SEC and Power 5. Replay of the interview from earlier in the show with South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp.


Ocean Blue—city club style and substance in Utica (Dining Out review) (PS; Woodman)

At the top of the Landmarc building in Utica, a restaurant combines pristine subway tile and a pretty copper-topped bar with luxurious booth seating and views of the city to create the atmosphere of a city club.

At Ocean Blue, that atmosphere is matched by the quality and attention to detail in the food we enjoyed at a recent Saturday brunch.

Seating is available on the rooftop patio and we wish the weather had allowed us to experience the vista and comfortable furniture there. Instead, we were seated at a high-backed booth in the black, white and brown dining room and immediately served complimentary sparkling water and a plate of little sweet muffins.

A list of original cocktails and several wines by the glass are available for $9 to $16. We started with a Rude Awakening ($14) made with strong coffee, vanilla vodka and caramel and white chocolate liqueurs, resulting in a refreshingly strong drink that was not overly sweet.

Our Hemingway cocktail ($12) was even stronger, a mixture of Goslings Black Seal rum sharpened by grapefruit and lime juices and sweetened with cherry liqueur and simple syrup. A wine, rum and citrus sangria ($12) later accompanied our main course.

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