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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Clerihew Day!

Edmund Clerihew Bentley, commonly known as E.C. Bentley, was born on today's date in 1875. He was a British writer known for clerihews: four-line biographical poems of a comedic nature and an AABB rhyme scheme. The subject of the poem is usually named in the first line, and other characteristics of the poem are its clumsy rhythm and irregular number of accents.

Bentley came up with his first clerihew at the age of 16, while in a science class. It was about a chemist named Sir Humphry Davy and was later published in 1905 in Biography for Beginners. The clerihew is as follows:

Sir Humphry Davy
Abominated gravy.
He lived in the odium

Of having discovered sodium.

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Go ahead and zoom in. Closer. Get a good look at Chris Gedney, holding his little girl as ocean waves batter his lower body and barely budge him.

His 6-year-old daughter grabs the back of his neck as she places each foot in her father’s palms. His forearms hardly wobble as he lifts her up, then down, until her feet touch the water.
What did Dad used to say?

“Elevator up!”
“Elevator down!”

Ellianna bursts into laughter in between sips of lemonade, rewatching a DVD of a 2011 family vacation in Cape May, N.J.

We think we always knew the football icon from Liverpool. But few have seen Chris Gedney like his first wife, the woman holding the camera.

Kathy Patton-Gedney can tell you about the moments like this, when he was a gentle, caring father of four. But she can also tell you about his emasculating, life-threatening disease, the pills and the alcohol. How all these forces conspired to exacerbate his emotional problems until the day he took his life.
Interviews with family members, friends and former co-workers, messages from Gedney and a review of police and medical documents obtained by, help explain what has seemed inexplicable since last winter.
They show how one of the most popular figures in Central New York privately fought a decade-long struggle that ended on the afternoon of March 9, 2018 with a gunshot to the neck.
Gedney killed himself the way he did, friends and family say, because he believed something was wrong with his brain after taking thousands of hits during his football career. He joined a lawsuit against the NFL in 2012. His brain was shipped to Boston to be studied for chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

In the wake of Gedney’s death, former Syracuse football players held private meetings to discuss the message in it, whispering their worries about the hidden cost of the game they chose.

As for now, Kathy’s sitting at the kitchen table in front of a basket full of sympathy cards, weighing the hidden side of Gedney against the image.

Here’s a note from the chairman of the Chicago Bears, tucked under one from the daughter of Coach Dick MacPherson and countless more from neighbors and friends. That Chris Gedney is unmistakable.

The home-grown, Syracuse University All-American who played six seasons in the NFL before returning to his alma mater to work in fundraising and to broadcast football games on the radio, a hometown hero who had it all: six-figure salary, attractive wife and four children -- Annaleigh, Chase, Montanna and Ellianna -- in a big house in the hills of Onondaga.

And yet, Kathy can’t tell you everything. There are parts to this story that remain a mystery more than a year later. There are things she will never know. Police never found a suicide note.

Scott Schwedes remembers the close friendship he had with Chris Gedney, who committed suicide in 2018. Gedney was troubled with Stage 2 CTE and a host of other maladies that consumed him.

On The Block On Demand (espnsyracuse; radio; Axe)

Brent discusses Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander’s comments on his suspicion and displeasure with the MLB using juiced balls. Later, he gives his thoughts on the recently published numbers regarding the amount of money Syracuse University spends on each athletic program. (; Flaherty)

The ACC may be the toughest conference in the country to find bold predictions for.
Quite simply, heading into the season, there doesn't seem to be much suspense in the race for the league title. And while everyone is busy penning Clemson on the ACC championship trophy and their college football playoff brackets, there also seems to be a pretty general consensus on the way people see the rest of the league unfolding as well. Even in the ACC Coastal, which could turn out to be a pretty wild race, Miami is the favorite and people have picked Virginia so often as a sleeper team — including in the 247Sports' own ACC preview — that the Cavaliers can't really be considered a sleeper anymore.
Sure, someone could go buck wild and predict Georgia Tech to a bowl or North Carolina to win the division, but those are less bold predictions and more takes so hot you'll scald your fingers typing them in.

That's a really long way to say that, while we picked 10 bold predictions for the ACC for the 2019 season, it's an imperfect process. Some, readers will regard as significantly more tepid than the average bold takes. And still others may seem like major stretches. But in a league where most people already have their picks carved into stone, that's the way it goes.


We’re bullish here on new Louisville coach Scott Satterfield, who helped Appalachian State to a 10-win season a year ago. But Louisville faces a serious building job, not just from a talent standpoint but from a culture standpoint, with the latter part shockingly falling off a cliff in a program just two years from an eight-win season and three-years from a 7-1 mark in the ACC and co-Coastal Division title. Finding a quarterback will be key; as much as Lamar Jackson helped hide some of the growing problems in the program, finding a star or future star at the position could accelerate Satterfield’s process. Georgia Tech will challenge this prediction as the Yellow Jackets start a system rebuild from the triple-option, but it isn’t called a bold prediction for a reason.

Dino Babers

Will Syracuse win 10 games again? That could depend largely on how the Orange do in non-conference play, with a showdown with former ACC opponent Maryland and another game against a solid Western Michigan program. Last year’s Orange team went 4-0 in non-league games, and another hot start is a must to approach last year’s results. But whether Syracuse wins eight or 10 is somewhat immaterial; Babers appears to have Syracuse on solid footing. The next step could be improving a defense that ranked 60th in FootballOutsiders’ S&P+ a year ago. The offense figures to be good once again, but could find more consistency.

... (; Muldowney)

Cam Akers had a rocky sophomore year for Florida State football, but can the former blue-chipper bounce back in 2019 as a Heisman candidate?

Sophomore slumps are real — just ask Cam Akers.
After rushing for over 1,000 yards on 5.3 per carry as a freshman in 2017, Akers had to adjust to an entirely new coaching staff which means a new playbook and that led to a rough second season in Tallahassee.

Some might blame Willie Taggart for the regression, but it had a lot to do with confidence based on not living up to high expectations and setting the bar far too high as a freshman.
Any time a first-year back rushes for over 1,000 yards, the fans just expect that each season after, finishing off with a near 2,000-yard season as juniors or seniors. That’s not always the case and Akers killed himself trying to live up to those expectations.
When you come to college as a five-star running back and No. 3 player in the nation, people assume you’re going to adjust easily and average over 1,000-yards per season. Akers has the talent, but just needs to avoid the noise coming from social media, negative fans and even opposing fans and players and he should be back to normal.

Confidence and health are the two big roadblocks standing between Akers and another 1,000-yard season with Heisman contention.
... (; Spencer)


When looking at Strength of Schedule number between Alabama and Clemson football, Crimson Tide fans might be a little surprised at the results.

Though ‘Strength of Schedule’ isn’t always the best metric, it certainly can be a helpful tool that includes several different factors all at once to give us a single ranking.
Strength of Schedule is always a measurement brought up when analysts begin making cases for CFB Playoff teams.

When looking at the numbers for Alabama and Clemson football, SEC fans might be a little shocked to learn that things aren’t as ‘black and white’ as they might seem.
You see, over the past few months especially, SEC and Bama fans alike have harped on how tough an SEC schedule is to play year-in and year-out. They’ve argued that Clemson football plays in a weak ACC and that gives the Tigers a built-in advantage, but the numbers don’t necessarily back up that argument.
Here’s a look at Clemson’s strength of schedule compared with Alabama’s over the past four seasons- the years the two teams have played- before the postseason. So, this is just looking at the regular season, and not bolstering numbers from playing in the CFB Playoff.

  • 2015: Clemson 36, Alabama 3
  • 2016: Clemson 40, Alabama 2
  • 2017: Clemson 9, Alabama 46
  • 2018: Clemson 49, Alabama 58
What this metric shows is a steady decline in the SEC, from a noted small sample size. Alabama had one of the toughest schedules, according to the metric, in 2015 and 2016, but nowhere near that in 2017 or 2018.
... (; Lyons)

Sorry gbo

Wayne Mass, a former All-American offensive tackle for the Clemson football program, has passed away after suffering a heart attack. He was 73.

It has been a rough stretch for former Clemson players of late. Former Tigers running back Tyshon Dye died in a swimming accident on July 4, while Dr. Randy Smith, a starter for the Tigers in the 1960s, passed away two days later after a prolonged cancer fight.

Mass and Smith were teammates on the offensive line in 1965, the first of three straight ACC Championships won by Mass and the Tigers. Clemson was 17-13 overall, but an impressive 17-3 during that stretch.
In 1966, Wayne Mass was named an All-American by multiple publications.

Dell Sports gave him first-team honors, while United Press International named him to the second team. He was also an All-ACC player in both 1966 and 1967.

Former Clemson All-American offensive tackle, Wayne Mass, passes away at the age of 73 Former Clemson All-American offensive tackle, Wayne Mass, passes away at the age of 73
— FOX Carolina News (@foxcarolinanews) July 8, 2019
Mass went on to be drafted in the fourth round of the 1968 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears, and played three seasons with the franchise.
... (RX; HM)

Returning Starters, 2019

In today's college football, it's not uncommon for freshmen to play right away - especially at the "skill" positions. However, sometimes experience is important - particularly on the offensive line. What's the outlook for ACC teams (and Notre Dame) for 2019? Today we take a look at Phil Steele's charts for returning starters...

Most-to-least ACC experience returning:

Returning starters
ACC TeamTotalSeniorsJr+SophOL
Wake Forest21101182
Georgia Tech1981144
N Carolina1981148
NC State2171432
Notre Dame2171460
Boston Coll.1951465
... (RX; HM)

ACC 2018-19 Academic Honor Roll

ACC Announces 2018-2019 Academic Honor Roll
Record 4,768 recognized for achievements in classroom

GREENSBORO, N.C. ( – The Atlantic Coast Conference announced the 2018-19 Honor Roll on Tuesday, recognizing classroom excellence during the most recent academic year.

The ACC Honor Roll is comprised of student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year. The conference recognized a record 4,768 student-athletes.

Duke led all schools with 519 student-athletes recognized, and Notre Dame followed with 460. Virginia saw 427 student-athletes achieve Honor Roll status, followed by North Carolina with 405.

Boston College had 393 student-athletes recognized, followed by Louisville with 378 and Syracuse with 287. NC State was next with 286, followed by Virginia Tech (283), Florida State (259), Clemson (242), Pitt (230), Wake Forest (226), Georgia Tech (196) and Miami (177).
... (RX;HM)

Dabo's Secrets to Winning

From The Excelling Edge: 10 Secrets Every Coach Should Steal from Dabo Swinney
Dabo Swinney is an unlikely character to lead an unlikely team to the top of a dog-eat-dog sport... Underneath the underdog story and never say die attitude there is much we can learn from Tiger’s head coach Dabo Swinney...
Here are some of the best "secrets" from the article...
1. Be an “Over-Believer.”
...Swinney believes in his team more than they believe in themselves... [that] belief, “raises the level of belief in his coaches and players.” During [one] halftime speech, Dabo told the team that they were going to win it. He didn’t know how, but they would win.
AKA the power of positive thinking.
2. Empower Your Top Performers.
Due to Swinney’s belief in his staff and team, he entrusts them to make key decisions. With six seconds left on the game clock in Tampa, he trusted his co-offensive coordinators Jeff Scott and Tony Elliott, and quarterback Deshaun Watson to win the game... when some might have expected Clemson to kick the field goal and settle for overtime. Instead they put the ball in Watson’s hands, believing in him to either win the game with a touchdown or leave enough time on the clock to kick the tying field goal... [Watson] hit Renfrow in the chest for the win.
Trust breeds confidence, which breeds success.
6. Lead with a Compelling Vision.
In [January 2016] Clemson players gathered around their coach after losing the National Championship to Alabama... In the shadow of defeat, Dabo was already inspiring his team for next season. He told them they’d be coming back next year.

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For Madison Bistro, the proof was in the butter.

That butter—a bourbon, maple and bacon compound butter—topped a grilled New York strip sourced from a farm in Canastota that earned the restaurant a win in the New York Beef Council’s steak competition.
Five semifinalists competed in a final cook-off Monday at Onondaga Community College. The winning steak was determined by a blind taste test by a panel of four judges.

The restaurant, located at 135 N. Court St. in Wampsville, is no stranger to beef competitions. Its Elvis burger, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and a heap of fried shoestring onions, was a finalist in the beef council’s 2018 best burger contest and took home third place in this year’s burger competition with its Texan burger, topped with smoked brisket and barbecue sauce.

[The contests] have completely changed our game," Madison Bistro owner Victor Ramirez said Monday.



Former Iggy Winner. I used to be somebody special
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Aug 15, 2011
Q: Where do I apply for a job as steak contest judge? I really NEED that job!
Me too. Anyone, anywhere who needs a steak judge, know that I am willing to serve.

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