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Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to National Panda Day!

National Panda Day, also known as Giant Panda Bear Day and Panda Day, celebrates the giant panda. It sometimes is also used to celebrate the red panda, although this is usually not the case, as red pandas already have their own holiday. The number of giant pandas in the wild has slowly been increasing since the 1970s, when there were only about 1000. As of 2020, there were about 1900 giant pandas in the wild, and about 300 in zoos. Still, the giant panda is considered to be vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

Years ago, giant pandas could be found throughout southern and eastern China, Myanmar, and northern Vietnam. Humans are their greatest threat, and the expansion of population and development has led to habitat fragmentation and loss and has limited them to six mountain ranges in the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Gansu, and Shaanxi. Most live in cool, wet bamboo forests in the Minshan and Qinling mountains, between 5,000 and 10,000 feet above sea level. Establishing new reserves and extending existing ones is essential for preserving and rebuilding the panda population. Close to two-thirds of the world's pandas are now protected in China's reserves.

SU News

Syracuse football Pro Day set for Friday; what it means for NFL Draft hopefuls (; Bailey)

Syracuse football's annual Pro Day is set for this Friday, an SU Athletics spokesperson confirmed on Monday afternoon. The Orange's outgoing seniors will get a chance to show professional scouts what they can do on the field and how they measure up physically.

This year, the event is especially important for the team's top NFL hopefuls. Defensive backs Ifeatu Melifonwu, Trill Williams and Andre Cisco were all invited to the NFL Combine, but with no in-person activities happening in Indianapolis due to the coronavirus pandemic, Pro Day will serve as their best opportunity to impress.

The 6-foot-3, 213-pound Melifonwu has risen up draft boards since announcing in December that he would forgo his redshirt senior season. He's currently slotted as the No. 48 overall prospect on the CBS Sports Big Board and the No. 6 cornerback.

Melifonwu, who previously outlined his reasons for declaring for the NFL Draft, started all 11 games last year, racking up nine pass break-ups to go with 55 tackles, including three for loss, an interception and a sack. He has already participated in the Senior Bowl, recording three tackles and two pass break-ups during the star-studded event in Mobile, Ala.

Pittsburgh Football: Panthers' 2021 Spring Preview (; Kinne)

Coming off their fourth five-loss season in six years, there are some knowns concerning Pittsburgh heading into spring practice. Kenny Pickett will be back for year number five with the Panthers and what he is as a quarterback is pretty clear. Also, head coach Pat Narduzzi will once again field an aggressive, attacking defense because that is what he puts out every season.

But Pitt has some major questions surrounding the team as well. How these questions are answered will determine whether or not the Panthers can become more than the second-tier bowl option that they’ve been since Narduzzi took over.

5 Storylines to Watch During Pittsburgh's Spring Practices

1. Who will be the primary ball carrier?

The Panthers have finished 13th in the ACC in rushing offense each of the past two seasons. To make a leap forward in the standings, the ground game must improve and it starts by identifying who will be the main running back. Vincent Davis' 2020 numbers — 632 yards on 4.4 yards per carry — were far from spectacular and A.J. Davis led the way with similar totals in 2019. Both return, but Pittsburgh needs more. Much more. Watch for Israel Abankinda, a 2020 signee that appeared in seven games this past fall, to put himself in position for more touches.

2. New faces on the interior of the offensive line

Center Jimmy Morrissey's decision to enter the NFL draft will have the biggest impact on how the 2021 Pittsburgh offensive line looks, but guard Bryce Hargrove's departure will factor as well. Even with those two in the middle, the Panthers' front didn't have a great 2020 season. The running backs can't shoulder all the blame for the rushing woes and the quarterbacks did face too much pressure at times. Owen Drexel is a veteran that should take over for Morrissey while Maryland transfer Marcus Minor will compete with several holdovers for the vacant guard spot.

Best ACC Players who NEVER won a Heisman (RX; HM)

Best ACC Players who NEVER won a Heisman

Obviously, this is going to be my opinion - feel free to state yours in a comment. I am going to limit it to QBs, RBs and WRs from each school because I want the list to be as realistic as possible. The ACC may have produced some of the best offensive and defensive linemen of all time, but those guys were never going to win a Heisman Trophy... it is what it is.
Boston College

Matt Ryan
DeShaun Watson

Travis Etienne


Sonny Jurgensen
Florida State
Warrick Dunn

Peter Warrick

Georgia Tech

Calvin Johnson ("Megatron")
Johnny Unitas
Edgerrin James

North Carolina

Charlie "Choo-choo" Justice*
NC State
Roman Gabriel

Notre Dame

Raghib "Rocket" Ismail
Hugh Green

Larry Fitzgerald
Jim Brown

Don McPherson

2020-21 Bowl + NCAAT Teams (RX; HM)

2020-21 Bowl + NCAAT Teams

How many teams reached the postseason in the two biggest college sports?

17 schools had their Football team play in a bowl this year and are sending a team to the NCAA tournament:
• Bama
• Houston
• Ohio State
• Texas
• Colorado
• Clemson
• Florida
• Oregon
• Oklahoma
• Wisconsin
• Liberty
• App State

ACC eliminates intraconference transfer rule as NCAA debates one-time transfers for college football (; Sallee)

The NCAA has been debating a one-time transfer rule that will allow college football and basketball players to move schools and be immediately eligible for years. While the overarching rule remains in flux, the ACC announced a decision that could dramatically accelerate the process for its athletes. The conference on Monday announced the elimination of its intraconference transfer rule, paving the way for players to move within the league without having to sit out for a full season.

"The time has come for all student-athletes to have the opportunity to transfer and be permitted to compete immediately," said first-year ACC commissioner Jim Phillips. "This decision is in the best interest of our student-athletes as it allows greater flexibility during their collegiate career."

The decision, which was unanimously approved by the ACC Board of Directors, reverses the previous rule which mandated that players sit out for two full academic semesters or three full quarters before regaining athletic eligibility.

The NCAA Division I council tabled a national one-time transfer proposal in January. Even though the vote was delayed, the organization still has the issue on its radar and is likely to focus heavily on it in the coming months.

Could the ACC's decision serve as the snowball effect and force other conferences -- and perhaps the NCAA -- to speed up their decision-making processes? That remains to be seen. It certainly seems like college athletics is in the midst of a massive landscape change that, at the very least, will include greater flexibility for players to do what they feel is necessary to further their academic and athletic careers.; Stephenson)

The ACC has eliminated its intraconference transfer rule, which means undergraduate student-athletes may now transfer within the conference without sitting out a year.

The move comes after what the league termed a “unanimous vote” of the ACC Board of Directors.

“The time has come for all student-athletes to have the opportunity to transfer and be permitted to compete immediately,” ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips said. “This decision is in the best interest of our student-athletes as it allows greater flexibility during their collegiate career.”

Under the previous ACC rule, athletes had to sit out a year if they transferred directly from one league school to another. Exceptions were carved out for graduate transfers and those who applied for a waiver due to special circumstances.

The ACC’s move might put pressure on the SEC to make a similar change, given that the two conferences often operate in lockstep on such issues. The SEC in September granted a handful of intraconference transfer waivers to undergraduate football players, including quarterback Joey Gatewood (Auburn to Kentucky) and offensive lineman Cade Mays (Georgia to Tennessee).

The SEC’s 2018 transfer policy remains in place, however. The lone automatic exceptions are for graduate transfers and those whose schools are facing NCAA sanctions; all others must sit out a year.

Other; $; Hernandez)

While Central New Yorkers will have to wait another week for Rudy’s Lakeside Drive-in on Lake Ontario to open for its seasonal dining, an Adirondack restaurant owned by one of the Rudy’s family can serve you their seafood staples year-round.

Rudy’s Scar Bar and Grille is located within Chalet Whiteface, a business venture started by Allison Livesey, who is part of the family who has been running the Oswego, NY institution since 1946. After growing up with the Rudy’s Lakeside business, Livesey said opening up a place of her own in the Adirondacks was a chance to springboard off the original idea and have some flexibility to change things up a bit.

Chalet Whiteface and Rudy's Scar Bar

The husband and wife team of Chalet Whiteface and Rudy's Scar Bar: owner Allison Livesey and Scott Goewey stand at the bar located on the bottom floor.Lou Reuter | Contributing photographer

“The spice business was kind of mine and my brother is running the flagship location down there,” Livesey said. “I just did a spinoff and it gave me flexibility to bring in more farm-to-table concept and specials.”

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