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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to National Wear Purple for Peace Day!

On National Wear Purple for Peace Day, people don't wear purple to stop nuclear war or a particular conflict, and they don't aim for world peace just for the sake of it—they have a reason behind it. The day was made to get aliens to visit earth! Whoever thought it up believed that humans are too violent towards each other and that if we ever are going to get aliens to visit us, we better clean up our act. They also believed that wearing the color purple would help us achieve world peace, and would signal to aliens that we are on our way to reaching our goal.

SU News

Syracuse Football: Bring on Clemson, other ACC bigs as much as possible (itlh; Adler)

So media reports have swirled all over the Internet over the past few days regarding Atlantic Coast Conference officials discussing a make-over of their scheduling model, and certainly, a lot of Syracuse football fans have chimed in on this hot-button topic.

According to various reports, including one from SyracuseOnSI publisher Mike McAllister, the ACC is contemplating the elimination of its two divisions, which is fine by me, because I believe it would allow squads in the league to compete with one another with more frequency.

Per McAllister, one option under consideration is deemed the “3-5-5 model,” whereby every ACC squad would have three permanent foes season after season.

Then, the remainder of the teams in the ACC would get broken up into two groups of five teams that, according to McAllister, would rotate in and out every other stanza.

I'd like to see Syracuse football play the best of the best in the ACC.

If the conference’s two divisions, the Atlantic and the Coastal, are scrapped, then I imagine the Orange wouldn’t suit up quite as often with other squads in its division.

For reference’s sake, Syracuse football is in the Atlantic division, along with Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, N.C. State and Wake Forest.

Zyian Moultrie-Goddard Schedules Syracuse Official Visit (SI; McAllister)

Class of 2023 New Rochelle (NY) Iona Prep linebacker Zyian Moultrie-Goddard will return to the Syracuse campus in June for an official visit. Moultrie-Goddard announced his Orange official will take place the weekend of June 17th. He does not have any other officials scheduled at this time. Quarterback commit LaNorris Sellers and offensive line target Naquil Betrand will also be on official visits that weekend.

Moultrie-Goddard is no stranger to visiting Syracuse. He was on campus for Junior Day in early March and also attended the Orange spring game in April.

"It was good, really enjoyed it," Moultrie-Goddard said after his Junior Day visit. "Great atmosphere up there. We had a position meeting, I had a talk with coach Babers and we watched the basketball game. I really liked the position meeting. I got a chance to talk football with coach White and see how I would fit into the scheme.

"I would play where Marlowe Wax currently is. He sees a lot of similarities in our game. I like it. It's similar to what I play now."

Friday Feedback: Syracuse football’s ACC rivals and Men’s basketball marquee game (TNIAAM; Wall)

We’ve talked a lot about the ACC’s proposed football schedule change and how it might impact the Syracuse Orange. But before we turn it over to you to play administrator let’s recap last week’s polls.

We asked which team you’d want Syracuse to play as a non-conference opponent and as expected old Lambert Trophy rival West Virginia was the clear winner over Michigan and UCLA. Thankfully most of you don’t want Bama which was refreshing to see. When it comes to men’s basketball you want to see Kentucky and in the other category you said getting the Denver Pioneers in the Dome for a lacrosse game beat out UConn and South Carolina’s women’s basketball squads.

Now for this week’s questions:


We assume Syracuse football will be matched with BC and Pitt, so which school would you prefer as the 3rd rival?

This poll is closed
  • 16%





    Virginia Tech



Teel: Hokies' Babcock, Pry aligned on football scheduling, governance at ACC meetings (; Teel)​

As an early and persistent advocate for remodeling the ACC’s football schedule, Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock departed the conference’s annual spring meetings optimistic.

“We’re close,” Babcock said moments after the final session adjourned Thursday. “We’ve talked about scheduling a lot over the last three years, but this is the most momentum I’ve seen. I like it. I want the Hokies to play N.C. State and Florida State and everybody on the other side [more often].

“I hope we can bring some closure to it this summer. We didn’t vote. There will be some nuance on the three permanent opponents. I feel like we’re there, rounding third base so to speak.”

The new format will disband the ACC’s Coastal and Atlantic Divisions and assign each team three annual opponents. Your remaining 10 league rivals rotate onto the schedule in groups of five every other season.

Under the divisional model, Virginia Tech faces Atlantic programs N.C. State, Florida State, Clemson, Louisville, Syracuse and Wake Forest once every six seasons, once every 12 at Lane Stadium. If, as expected, a majority of athletic directors approve the new structure, teams will play all of their ACC rivals at least every other season, at least once every four years at home.
The change would be a long overdue win for athletes, fans and ESPN.

New Hokies coach Brent Pry said he’s in favor of any schedule that boosts the ACC’s chances to land multiple teams in the 12-team College Football Playoff, which most everyone anticipates starting in 2026.

The 3-5-5 format should do just that, improving teams’ strength-of-schedule rankings and assuring that the two best teams clash in the conference championship game.

“I don’t know that it’s a revenue-driver,” Babcock said, “but it does give more marquee matchups ... and with the 12-team playoff, hopefully strategies to get two teams in there. Obviously the argument for divisions is it’s still nice to win [your] side, but I think most people, even if they like that, understand the need [for change].”

Potential Drawbacks of ACC Dropping Divisions (; podcast)

With the ACC set to take advantage of the relaxed NCAA rules, some teams would be assigned tougher annual schedules based on their three-team rotation while some teams would get an easier three-game schedule.

Links, News and Rumors - 2022 May 16 (RX; HM)

Links, News and Rumors - 2022 May 16

This is amazing to me.
— Gerod Holliman (@GerodHolliman) May 14, 2022
The ACC has 5 of the top 10 players with the most Passes intercepted in a single season:

1. Gerod Holliman, Louisville - 14
2. David Amerson, NC State - 13
T3. Terrell Buckley, Florida State - 12
T3. Tony Thurman, Boston College - 12
T8. Dre Bly, North Carolina - 11

That's just CRAZY!
From All Sports Discussion: The ACC's 10 best conference football games for 2022 (6-10)
I won't tell you which games they picked and spoil the fun. I still need to give you my picks, so enjoy these and we'll see if I end up with the same picks or different ones a little later...


Better Annual Matchups? (RX; HM)

Better Annual Matchups?

This is a follow-up on "Which 3 Annual FB Games?".

I stand corrected.

I thought I had about the best annual tv matchups, then Frank the Tank comes along and does it better! From a CSNBBS thread called "ACC eliminating divisions 2023", Frank the Tank Wrote:

My thoughts:

  • BC - Syracuse, Pitt, Miami
  • Clemson - FSU, GT, NC State
  • Duke - UNC, Wake, GT
  • FSU - Miami, Clemson, GT
  • GT - Clemson, FSU, Duke
  • Louisville - Pitt, VT, Wake
  • Miami - VT, FSU, BC
  • UNC - UVA, Duke, NC State
  • NC State - UNC, Wake, Clemson
  • Pitt - BC, Syracuse, Louisville
  • Syracuse - BC, Pitt, UVA
  • UVA - VT, UNC, Syracuse
  • VT - UVA, Miami, Louisville
  • Wake - Duke, NC State, Louisville

My main quibble with the potential opponents listed by Andy Staples is that I believe that Miami-VT needs to be protected and then the changes cascade from there.

Key differences between Frank's matrix and mine:
  • Miami would get VT and BC instead of GT and Pitt.
  • Pitt/BC would be an annual game, as would Clemson/NC State.
  • Syracuse swaps Louisville for UVa, which would now play Duke semi-annually.
  • However, Duke and GT would continue playing each other every year.
Is it a lot better? I don't think so, but I will concede it's a little better.

ACC Pride 2022-05-14 (RX; HM)

ACC Pride 2022-05-14

From ACC Communications "Points of Pride" (May 13, 2022)...

ACC Football

Three of the top seven quarterbacks in the country entering the 2022 season are from the ACC, according to USA Today. They are No. 3 Sam Hartman of Wake Forest, No. 4 Tyler Van Dyke of Miami and No. 7 Devin Leary of NC State.
Pitt's Hugh Green, a two-time member of the FWAA All-America Team, has been named the 2022 recipient of the Bronko Nagurski Legends Award and will be honored at the Bronko Nagurski Awards Banquet presented by LendingTree on Dec. 5 at the Charlotte Convention Center. Green, a 6-2, 225-pound end in college, played at Pitt from 1977-80 and was a member of the FWAA's All-America team his final two seasons with the Panthers. The Legends Award recipient is chosen from past FWAA All-America teams. has listed its breakout players for each ACC team this fall and the list includes Boston College DL Kwan Williams, Clemson CB Nate Wiggins, Duke DT DeWayne Carter, Florida State RB Lawrance Toafili, Georgia Tech RB Antonio Martin, Louisville RB Tiyon Evans, Miami DT Leonard Taylor, North Carolina QB Drake Maye, NC State CB Shyheim Battle, Pitt QB Kedon Slovis, Syracuse WR Courtney Jackson, Virginia WR Lavel Davis Jr., Virginia Tech DE Tyjuan Garbutt and Wake Forest WR Taylor Morin.

Florida State, NC State, Louisville and Syracuse all rank among the top 15 in ESPN Bill Connelly’s returning production rankings. FSU returns 82% of its production overall, including 90% on defense, which ranks second nationally.



ABC News anchor David Muir was this years speaker at the Syracuse University 2022 graduation. May 15, 2022. Dennis Nett |

‘You kept going’: David Muir praises 6,000 new Syracuse University graduates (photos) (PS; Weaver)

David Muir praised more than 6,000 Syracuse University graduates today, congratulating them for their perseverance and achievements not just on campus, but during a historic moment when the coronavirus pandemic, political conflict and worldwide unrest remain concerns.

“You kept all the noise at bay, and you kept going,” the Syracuse native said. “This right here is proof that you already have it within you. You’ve already been tested. You already kept going. You broke through it all here today. You’ve earned your place in this graduating class.”

Muir, anchor and managing editor of “ABC World News Tonight with David Muir,” talked about his early days as a teenager, when he first began working for a Syracuse television station. He also joked with students and their parents, who often drop kids off in sunny August and pick them up in sunny May without ever getting a taste of a true Syracuse winter.

“They have no idea what happens in between,” he said. “I think it was snowing last week.”

Today SU conferred bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, juris doctor and master of laws degrees. The total number of graduates was 6,468, according to the school.
Muir has anchored “World News Tonight” since 2014 and has been the most-watched news anchor for more than five years, reporting from war zones and disasters including Afghanistan, Iraq, the Ukraine border, Tahrir Square, Mogadishu, Gaza, Guantanamo, Fukushima, Beirut and the Syrian border.

Muir is a former reporter at Syracuse’s WTVH (now part of CNY Central) and a graduate of Onondaga Central High School and Ithaca College.

“I’m really here today to celebrate all of you because of that perseverance I spoke of,” he said. “I know that you’ll be happy if you never Zoom again. You’ll be happy when the masks are finally behind us.”



Hokie Mark

2nd String
Apr 15, 2013
One thing that I think keeps getting lost in pro/con discussions of division-less scheduling: ticket sales. When you host teams that haven't been to your stadium in 6 years, you'll probably sell more tickets for that game. Also, playing teams which are within driving distance (yes, even Syracuse has those) drives up demand, as well as old Big East foes.

Whether TV revenue goes up or not, expect ticket sales to improve.


All American
Aug 20, 2011
One thing that I think keeps getting lost in pro/con discussions of division-less scheduling: ticket sales. When you host teams that haven't been to your stadium in 6 years, you'll probably sell more tickets for that game. Also, playing teams which are within driving distance (yes, even Syracuse has those) drives up demand, as well as old Big East foes.

Whether TV revenue goes up or not, expect ticket sales to improve.
That's why playing Miami, and Virginia Tech would be better then playing any of the North Carolina Schools.


Living Legend
Aug 26, 2011
it was pretty cool how fast it change color last night.. glad the clouds rolled away .

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