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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to Star Trek Day!

Star Trek Day celebrates the premiere of Star Trek: The Original Series, but more broadly speaking, it celebrates everything in the Star Trek universe. The day has been embraced by the likes of CBS, Google, and even Oreo. September 8th has long been informally observed as Star Trek Day, but beginning in 2020, CBS—first through CBS All Access and then through Paramount+—began hosting Star Trek Day celebrations. These have featured live-streamed panels with conversations with cast members from different series, streams of Star Trek episodes, the raising of money for social justice issues, and sales on Star Trek merchandise.

SU News

Rocky Hill’s Justin Barron looks forward to a homecoming as his Syracuse team comes to play UConn (; $; Amore)

Justin Barron used to occupy a season ticket at Rentschler Field, and boo the other team. Even when the UConn game was all but decided, he insisted on staying until the bitter end.

“Games where fans were leaving because it was lopsided one way or the other,” said Jason Barron, Justin’s father and former UConn player. “But he just had a love for the game, so he would never want to leave. Him being at the game was like a film session, he was always studying it, even at a young age.”

The stadium was often packed, or nearly packed in those days. There were games when Jason wanted to rush the field, but his son was too small for that.

This Saturday will be a different kind of experience for the Barrons of Rocky Hill. Justin will be starting in the defensive backfield for Syracuse, and his father the former Husky promises to be “bleeding orange.” Family and friends figure to total close to 150, Jason said, with tailgating Gate D.

“When the schedule was released, and I saw it, it was one of those full circle moments,” Justin Barron said after a practice this week. “Being a kid, growing up in Connecticut, I used to play on Sundays in the Rocky Hill youth league, and we’d go every game Saturday and tailgate. The biggest game I remember, they played Michigan (2013). And I remember Robert Griffin III playing there for Baylor (2008). It was so cool, because the stadium was always packed. We were shoulder to shoulder in the entire stadium.”

As Jim Mora works to restore that kind of excitement to UConn home football games, this game against an old Big East rival and northeast neighbor has that kind of potential. For Justin Barron, it’s another game to show off his wide range of skills.

SU's attacking defense goes by a new name: Meet ‘The Mob’ (PS; $; Leiker)

The Legion of Boom. The New York Sack Exchange. The Steel Curtain. The Monsters of the Midway.

The great defenses throughout time have often adopted monikers, bestowed to them by fans, commentators, journalists or sometimes the players themselves.

Here in Syracuse, the “four-wheel drive” harkens back to the 1980s and the defensive line led by Tim Green, Jamie Kimmel, Bill Pendock and Blaise Winter.

Four decades later, third-year defensive coordinator Tony White has molded his unit into a formidable force that has forged a distinct identity. In last week’s season-opening win, the defense forced three turnovers and held one of the ACC’s most talented quarterbacks and explosive offenses to just seven points.

Now it’s got a nickname.

Forget the 3-3-5. Syracuse’s attacking defense is known as “The Mob.”

It’s been a three-year process building the group to what it is today, said Garrett Williams, a starter all three years under White. Syracuse did not make the defensive coordinator available for an interview.

His first year leading the defense in 2020 was like a test run, offering a glimpse of what Syracuse could be in his new 3-3-5 system.


Courtesy of SU Athletics Syracuse used its blowout win over UConn in 2012 as a launching pad for a successful rest of the season.

Syracuse’s ‘turning point’ in 2012 came through 40-10 win over UConn (DO; Alandt)

Sitting at 2-4 after a “heartbreaker” of a loss to Rutgers, Syracuse was staring down a UConn team that always played it “tough.” Former tight end Alec Lemon remembers the “nonchalant” mood on campus prior to the Friday night home game.

“There goes the Syracuse football back to their old ways,” Lemon remembers.

SU faced a Huskies team that had four eventual third-round picks in the NFL draft, including two cornerbacks — Dwayne Gratz and Blidi Wreh-Wilson — that gave Ryan Nassib fits. Zack Chibane said the team was disappointed how the season had gone to that point, and thought SU’s talent, including Nassib, Lemon and Jerome Smith, wasn’t reflected by the record.

Chibane remembers head coach Doug Marrone repeatedly playing the blocked field goal that Rutgers returned for a touchdown during film sessions. The field goal unit, filled with skilled linemen who’d been together for four years, uncharacteristically let a player slip through and block the kick that would’ve given Syracuse the lead. The Orange welcomed UConn with star offensive lineman Justin Pugh back in the lineup following a year-long injury and placed an emphasis on a more balanced offensive approach.

Syracuse and UConn competed as Big East rivals from 1991-2013, before realignment placed the Orange in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Following SU’s first win against the Huskies in 2004, UConn rattled off six straight wins. But under Marrone, and hoping to win the Big East Championship, Syracuse dismantled UConn on Oct. 19 — a 40-10 “rare” balanced game that catapulted the Orange to an eventual 8-5 season that culminated with a New Era Pinstripe Bowl win.

“That was as good a feeling as you get walking away from a game,” said former offensive tackle Sean Hickey.

Lemon remembers the team having a steak dinner at the Genesee Grande Hotel before watching the film and going to bed. Syracuse liked to have its players stay in the hotel on game night to ensure each player was solely focused on the game plan and walkthroughs. There was an air of desperation as the team prepared for the Huskies. Hickey said they felt like they were squandering a talented team. He doubted the team would have any momentum for the remainder of the season.

After breakfast, they walked through the game plan before heading over to Manley Field House for another walkthrough on the indoor turf. They had just enough time to catch a 30-minute nap before taking a bus to the Dome around 6 p.m. The game plan designed by Marrone and Nathaniel Hackett was simple. Chibane said Rutgers had an unusual defense, one that applied more pressure on the defensive line, so Syracuse’s plan was to exploit the weakness over the top with a ton of passing.


Daily Orange File Photo Garrett Williams’ interception against Louisville was the kind of play that excites NFL scouts.

Notebook: Williams returns as key playmaker, introducing Derek McDonald ahead of UConn (DO; Smith)

Garrett Williams felt like he left a lot on the table last year. After entering the season as the next projected Syracuse defensive back to be taken in the NFL draft, Williams missed two games due to injury. Even though he led the Atlantic Coast Conference in pass breakups for the second straight year while earning all-conference honors, he thought he could’ve done more.

Syracuse entered Williams into the NFL Draft Advisory Board, composed of pro football scouts who give opinions to underclassmen players on their draft stock. The board tells players one of four things: either they will be a first, second or third round selection, or they should return to school (implying they’d be undrafted or selected in the final four rounds). In Williams’ case, the board told him “very late in the process” to come back to school, he said in the spring. The request didn’t matter to him, though, because he had already made his decision.

Williams’ return gives Syracuse’s secondary a talented, veteran player whose focus is staying on the field. A hamstring injury slowed him down last year, forcing him to miss games against UAlbany and Virginia Tech. But Williams spoke with former Syracuse defensive backs — and current NFL players — Ifeatu Melifonwu and Andre Cisco about ways to stay healthy. Melifonwu told Williams that hydrating and stretching before and after workouts, along with other little things, would prepare his body for every snap. Williams said he has a plan with SU’s training staff to prevent injuries, too.

“I feel like if I’m available, I’m a big asset to the team,” Williams said.

Williams has also limited the time he spends preparing for games. He felt that last year he watched too much film, and “flooded” himself with information to the point where he couldn’t remember simple things. He now spends two hours a day preparing for games.

On Saturday against Louisville, Williams finished as the Orange’s second-best tackler and snagged an impressive interception on a deep play-action heave to the end zone. It was a play the Cardinals used freely against SU last year in their 41-3 win, but something Syracuse prepared for, which showed through Williams’ play. He showcased the kind of playmaking ability that has him projected as a first rounder in the 2023 NFL draft.

“G-Dub made a great NFL play. You could tell that he’s one of the top corners, if not the top corner, in the country,” defensive back Alijah Clark said.

What’s college football saying about Syracuse after week 1? (TNIAAM; Wall)

Each week, we’ll take a look at what other college football media sites are saying about the Syracuse Orange after they knocked off the Louisville Cardinals to open the season.


Sean Tucker and Marlowe Wax earned ACC Player of the Week honors at their respective positions.

Garrett Shrader was named the quarterback on PFF’s Team of the Week.

QB: Garrett Shrader
WR: ???
CB: Jakorian Bennett

PFF’s College Football Week 1 Team of the Week⬇️College Football Week 1: PFF Team of the Week & Player Awards | College Football | PFF
— PFF College (@PFF_College) September 7, 2022

In this week’s SP+ rankings Syracuse moves up to 57th spot with the offense 66th while the defense ranks 45th. The Orange are ranked between Marshall and Boise St. This week’s opponent the UConn Huskies are 122nd with their offense 127th and defense 119th.

Next man up: Syracuse football looks to fill injury void with youth, experience (; Hodges)

When a teammate goes down injured the old cliché always comes out of the coach's mouth.

It's next man up, for both injuries that have a player out for a couple of days, to those that end seasons, and the Syracuse Orange football team saw not one, but two impactful player's seasons end before they truly began.


Chris Elmore, a six-year player unselfish in his work, filled the role of lead blocker for one of the most prolific running backs in the country for less than a full half of football. On the other side of the ball linebacker Stefon Thompson flashed all over the field before hitting the turf with a non-contact injury.

Both young men, according to Head Coach Dino Babers, have unbelievable leadership skills. Skills Babers hopes will be seen and heard on the sidelines for the rest of this season and back on field come next season. In terms of who fills the on-field void the Orange already have their answer.

It's not odd to see an 81 on offense, and at 6'7", 262lbs, tight end Maximilian Mang pops on the field thanks to his size alone. That kind of size will help when he's taking on big and fast defensive ends, or lead blocking for Sean Tucker (who just happens to be one of his best friends).

How UConn football coach Jim Mora views meeting with Syracuse: ‘Never been a big rivalry guy’ (; $; Anthony)

The Rentschler Field lights will shine on the familiar Syracuse colors Saturday night as the UConn football team welcomes the Orange to East Hartford for a game made possible by two factors: the flexibility of independence, and the Huskies’ desire to give the public reason to engage with the product athletic David Benedict and coach Jim Mora are trying to fix.

The opponents matter. UConn and Syracuse have such rich shared history — mostly in basketball, sure, but the football component was ripe for a while, too. Any sighting or even thoughts about Otto The Orange or the “S” logo and the old Big East will always make it easier for the casual fan to pay attention.

That doesn’t mean Mora, his staff and his players are upping the smelling salts or bursting through meeting room walls like Kool-Aid Man this week.

‎Locked On Syracuse - Daily Podcast On Syracuse Orange Football & Basketball: Can Garrett Shrader Throw For 300 Yards Against UConn? on Apple Podcasts (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Matt Bonaparte and Owen Valentine jump into the things they want to see from Syracuse Football against UConn. Plus, we answer your Twitter questions taking us back to the Louisville game and around the ACC.

Syracuse Football: Quick hits about the Orange heading into week 2 (itlh; Fiello)

Hello and welcome to Inside The Loud House – today is a glorious day as we soak in that Syracuse football 31-7 victory over Louisville. I’m not a bragger or smack talker but I do enjoy the victories and mourn the losses for a bit before letting them go.

This one I’m particularly enjoying because so many counted Syracuse football out and yet they dominated and I’m like a proud brother who just watched as that brother you believed in actually went out and proved they’re worthy.

Now, as to what this column entails. I want to say that I love writing about Syracuse football and Syracuse Orange sports so when my brother Neil Adler offered me this opportunity, I took it. But lately, my time is kinda hectic BUT oh no my friend, I’m not giving up…I’m just trying to find practical ways to balance home life, work life and living that Orange life.

With that said, my goal as of now (though in professional wrestling terms, the card is subject to change) is to provide some quick hits about the past game and also the upcoming games. So without further ado, let’s hit this like Sean Tucker hitting a hole in the offensive line.

Here are some quick hits on Syracuse football in week one and looking ahead to week two.

Louisville Hits:


I can’t emphasize enough even listing this first how much it warms my heart that fans showed up and showed out Saturday night. Thank you Otto’s Army! Thank you other SU students! Thank you Syracuse alumni & Syracuse locals who not only showed up but were loud and effective.


Sean Tucker was exactly who we thought he was and could be. When he went down, I swear I heard crying throughout Orange Nation and it wasn’t just me. But thankfully he recovered and ended with 98 yards rushing, 85 yards receiving and two touchdowns. God bless you, Sean Tucker.

Syracuse Visit Boosts Interest For Nyreek Clyburn (SI; McAllister)

Class of 2024 Paterson (NJ) Eastside edge Nyreek Clyburn was offered by Syracuse in July of this year. He also holds scholarship opportunities from Ole Miss and Rutgers. On Saturday, Clyburn was in attendance for the Orange's season opening win over Louisville.

"Honestly, it was great," Clyburn said. "Really gave me a big look at what college is like. It's like a whole other family over there to me to be honest."

The game day atmosphere was a significant highlight of the trip and left a lasting impression on the 6-3, 220 pounder.

"Well I see Syracuse is coming prepared for every game they got coming this season," Clyburn said. "They come out with the dog in them, you know? That just made me love football 100 times more. The fans are just adding on to the greatness of Syracuse. So hyped. I could imagine how the players feel out there with the energy all around them."

During his visit, Clyburn also spent time speaking with the Syracuse coaching staff. They reiterated that Clyburn is a priority for them in the 2024 recruiting cycle.

Syracuse Reveals Week Two Uniform Combination vs UConn (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse football will wear orange helmets, white jerseys and orange pants when it faces UConn on the road Saturday night.

Syracuse started the season on a strong note with a 31-7 home win over Louisville. The Cardinals had won three straight against the Orange before the dominant performance snapped that streak. Sean Tucker earned ACC Running Back of the Week after accumulated 184 all purpose yards while leading the team in rushing and receiving. He also scored two touchdowns.

Marlowe Wax led a strong defensive effort that earned him ACC Linebacker of the Week. The Syracuse defense kept Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham out of the end zone for the first time in 30 games, which was the longest active streak in FBS.

Now the Orange looks to start the season 2-0 while facing its first road test of the season at UConn. The Huskies went through an offseason coaching change and are now led by Jim Mora Jr. Mora Jr. previously coached in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons and at the collegiate ranks at UCLA.

Meet The Enemy: Uconn’s Facts and Players to Know – Orange Fizz – Daily Syracuse Recruiting News & Team Coverage (; Griffin)

Syracuse could start the season 2-0 for the first time since 2018 on Saturday, but to do so the Orange will need to take down an old Big East rival. For the first time in four years, SU will challenge Uconn.


The Huskies are 1-1 in the 2022 early-going, already matching their win total from a season ago. Uconn was an abysmal 1-11 last year, with the one victory coming against FCS Yale. The Huskies have lost their last 15 games against FBS opponents, with their most recent victory coming back in 2019.


Mora has been all over the football landscape, both pro and collegiate, over the last 35 years. The LA native started his career as an assistant with the Chargers and worked his way up the coaching totem pole over the next 20 years. Finally, he got a shot to be the Falcons’ Head Coach in 2004. Mora went 26-22 over three seasons in Atlanta before he was relieved of his job. He later served separate stints as Head Coach for the Seahawks as well as for UCLA. After Mora finished with the Bruins in 2017, he took some time off before getting hired by Uconn prior to this season. Two games in, he’s 1-1. Huskies Athletic Director David Benedict spoke of Mora as “a proven winner, a man of integrity, and he possesses the experience and energy to lead our football program back to success”.


If this article had been written two weeks ago, we wouldn’t be talking about Turner. The true freshman took over under center in Uconn’s season opener after presumed starter Ta’Quan Roberson tore his ACL during the game. As you could guess, Turner has looked like a true freshman. The Fort Lauderdale native hasn’t eclipsed 200 passing yards in a game yet and has thrown the same number of interceptions as touchdowns. But Turner’s first start is out of the way, and more likely than not some jitters are gone too as he enters start number two.


While Turner may be struggling in the passing game, Carter has had it going on the ground. The Rochester native already has a pair of 100-yard rushing games with a touchdown to along with it. Carter is already more than halfway there to match his rushing yards total from last season. Carter is without question the biggest stud in the Husky offense, and Tony White will have his hands full slowing the running back down.

Syracuse Running Back Sean Tucker Is The Most Entertaining Tweeter In College Football (; Marsh)

Syracuse football doesn't get much press these days. The Orange have made just one bowl game in the last eight years and SU is just 29-43 in the Dino Babers era.

But in 2022, there is a reason to be excited about the Syracuse football team. And that reason can be found in the Orange's backfield. In case you're unaware, running back Sean Tucker is one of the best in the entire country. Last year, he set plenty of program records, including becoming the single-season rushing leader:

42 years later. Joe Morris’ record falls.@seantucker2020is your new single-season rushing leader at
— Syracuse Football (@CuseFootball)November 20, 2021

But the thing that really separates Sean Tucker from every other player in college football are his postgame tweets. That's right, after each game, you'll see Tucker's thoughts posted on social media that include his commentary and stat lines. Here is what we got after Syracuse's Week 1 win over Louisville:

Last night we started the ‘22 season at home and the fans really showed out! We won Syracuse 31 Louisville 7. I'm pleased with my performance and outcome of the game. I rushed for 98yds, TD and 6 rec for 85yds, TD. WE BALLED-OUT and we're just getting started!
— Sean Tucker (@seantucker2020)September 4, 2022

He doesn't just do this after wins, though. Sean Tucker does not hide how he is feeling after SU loses, just look at some of last year's postgame tweets:

We lost Saturday, NC St 41 Syr 17. I'm pleased with my performance but not happy with the outcome. With just 13 Att for 105 Yds and TD there was so much more I could have done. One more game one more win. Cuse fans let's pack the house this Saturday! I'm still in the
— Sean Tucker (@seantucker2020)November 22, 2021
We lost Saturday Lou 41 Syr 3. I'm ok with my performance but I wanted to do more. I'm not happy with the outcome so I plan to grind harder this week. I had 19 Att for 95 Yds. 2 games left and I'm still in the
— Sean Tucker (@seantucker2020)November 15, 2021
Friday we lost, Syr 14 CLEM 17. I'm pleased with my performance but not happy we lost another close one. I ran 22 Att for 157 Yds with 2 Rec for 20 Yds. With 5 games left, I'm just getting started!
— Sean Tucker (@seantucker2020)October 17, 2021

Syracuse heads to Storrs this weekend for a battle with UConn. With a win, the Orange would be 2-0 for the first time since 2018 (SU is favored by 22.5). But no matter what, we'll be fortunate enough to get a postgame tweet from the one and only Sean Tucker.

Orange Watch: Ex-Syracuse coach Paul Pasqualoni back in NFL - The Juice Online (the juice; Bierman)

Item: As Syracuse and Connecticut are set to face off Saturday night in East Hartford (7:00 p.m. ET / CBS Sports Network), it’s the perfect time to spotlight the only man to coach both programs, ironically during the same week that he gets back to work coaching in the NFL regular season. Coach P is the winningest coach in Big East history, after guiding Syracuse to three 10-win seasons and nine bowl games during an illustrious run between 1991-2004, later followed by a not-so-successful 28-game stint (10-18) as UConn coach between 2011-13. Back in the NFL for the first time since 2019, Pasqualoni is preparing his Carolina Panthers defensive line unit for its season opener Sunday hosting the Cleveland Browns.

Having just turned age 73 on August 16, and arriving in Charlotte seven months ago, Paul Pasqualoni couldn’t be happier still doing what he loves best (aside from his family). Coaching football.

Pasqualoni finished up a two-year stint at Florida following the 2021 season, serving as a coach whisperer, if you will, to Dan Mullen, a former graduate assistant on his 1998 SU coaching staff.

“I’ve had the good fortune to be able to go back to work for guys who have worked for me,” Pasqualoni explained during a summer press conference with media covering the Panthers. “Went back to Connecticut, COVID had just hit.” (In 2020, after two-years with the Detroit Lions under another former Syracuse grad assistant Matt Patricia.)

“Danny Mullen had worked for me at Syracuse, so he called me and asked if I would go down to the Florida Gators to be a special assistant to the head coach.”

In the impatient SEC, a 5-6 finish (6-7 total) in Mullen’s fourth season with the Gators, even following consecutive Peach, Orange, and Cotton bowl appearances, cost him his job. Even though new UF coach Billy Napier offered to retain him in the same advanced mentoring role, Pasqualoni was instead thinking about what he wanted next in his professional life.

Paul Pasqualoni, after an inconspicuous playing career as a Penn State linebacker, began his fabled coaching career 50 years ago (1972) as an assistant at Cheshire High School in his Connecticut hometown.

He was then hired by George DeLeone to join the staff at Central Connecticut State in 1976, eventually becoming the head coach at Western Connecticut State for five years before joining DeLeone on Dick MacPherson’s ‘Cuse staff for the magical 1987 season.

Syracuse RB Sean Tucker: Calvert Hall Represented 'Important Years' For His Development - PressBox (; Power)

Syracuse running back and Calvert Hall alum Sean Tucker has two things on his mind during his third college football season — powering the Orange to an ACC championship and winning the Heisman Trophy.

However, Tucker’s success at Syracuse did not happen overnight. Instead, it took years of grinding dating back to his time with the Cardinals.

Tucker entered the fold as a sophomore at Calvert Hall following an injury to one of the Cardinals’ running backs. The Owings Mills, Md., native immediately made his mark in a game against Wise High School, scoring his first varsity touchdown and solidifying himself as a key weapon for Calvert Hall’s offense.

Tucker went on to start during the remaining two years of his high school career. He committed to Syracuse in April 2019, the spring before his senior year at Calvert Hall. He racked up 1,204 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns as a senior, cementing himself as one of the top prospects in the state.

Tucker recognizes the importance his time at Calvert Hall had on his college career.

Sorry, Syracuse! Each Southern Tier County's Official College Football Team (; Pitcher)

Week one of the college football season got off with a bang with many exciting finishes including Florida State surviving LSU's big comeback when the kicker missed the extra point with no time on the clock.

Syracuse fans were really rejoicing after a convincing 31-7 win over Louisville on Saturday, Sept 3rd at the Loud House. Here in the Southern Tier, Binghamton University doesn't have a college football team.

The all-CFB Imperialism Map has been updated!
— College Sports Logos (@college_logos) September 1, 2022

So since Binghamton University doesn't have a college football team, who is the Southern Tier's team?

Broome County's Official College Football Team

Cortland Red Dragons. I'm not overly surprised with SUNY Cortland so close to Broome County. Many really good football players from the area play there and they can get a great education at the same time.

It's also been harder to cheer for the Orange for the past decade, so going for the Red (Dragons) makes a lot of sense.

Tioga County's Official College Football Team

Ithaca College. The Bombers are near by and if you are looking to make a day of it, you can also enjoy the waterfalls and the wineries.

Chenango County's Official College Football Team


On the Block On Demand 9-7 (ESPN; radio; Axe)

Brent Axe explains how SU can maintain its momentum heading into Week 2 against UConn. Plus, Josh is in to get Brent’s prop picks for Saturday’s game.

ACC Football News and Notes: A look inside the busy Week 2 schedule (AFP; Staff)

After posting a 10-2 mark in non-conference games through the first week of the season, the ACC’s Week 2 schedule features 11 non-conference matchups and one league game – Boston College at Virginia Tech (Saturday, 8 p.m./ACCN).

Four ACC teams face Power 5 opponents and three of those games are on the road – Duke at Northwestern (Saturday, noon/FS1), Wake Forest at Vanderbilt (Noon/SECN) and Virginia at Illinois (Saturday, 4 p.m./ESPNU).

The lone Power 5 matchup at an ACC school is Tennessee at Pitt (Saturday, 3:30 p.m./ABC). There are four games against Group of 5/Independent opponents this weekend and three against FCS competition.


The action begins Friday night when Louisville travels to Orlando to face UCF (Friday, 7:30 p.m./ESPN2). Last year – also on a Friday night – the Cardinals’ Jaylen Alderman returned an interception 66 yards for a touchdown with 13 seconds remaining for a 42-35 victory. Louisville and UCF have met three previous times on the gridiron with the Cardinals holding a 2-1 advantage.

Duke and Northwestern will be meeting for the 22nd time since the series began in 1985. The Blue Devils’ 30-23 win in Durham last season was their third straight versus the Wildcats. This is the second game of a four-year home-and-home set between the Blue Devils and Wildcats, and Duke’s first road game under first-year head coach Mike Elko.

Reigning ACC Atlantic Division Champion Wake Forest plays its first road game of the year after knocking off VMI, 44-10, last weekend. The Deacs received a solid effort from under center from QB Mitch Griffis who threw for 288 yards and three touchdowns in his first career start. On Sept. 6, Wake Forest announced that QB Sam Hartman – who missed the first game of the year with a non-football medical issue – has been medically cleared and is available to play this weekend.

In one of the marquee matchups of the early season, No. 17 Pitt looks to improve to 2-0 when it plays host to No. 24 Tennessee in the series known as “The Johnny Majors Classic.” Majors coached at both schools. This is Tennessee’s first visit to Pittsburgh and marks the first time Pitt has ever hosted an SEC team. It is Tennessee’s first road game against an ACC team since losing at Georgia Tech in 1986.

ACC Football Power Rankings: Week Two - Sports Illustrated Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets News, Analysis and More (SI; Caudell)

Week one is officially in the books and the ACC is facing a lot of questions after the first set of games of the year.

Clemson was the media's pick to win the league again this year, but the Tiger's offense remains a cause of concern after an unimpressive showing against Georgia Tech. NC State and North Carolina survived tough road tests and Florida State got their best win of the Mike Norvell era by beating LSU on a blocked extra point in New Orleans.

Check out last week's rankings here.

So who moved up and who moved down this week's power rankings in the ACC? Let's break it down below. The record and last week's result is in parentheses.

14. Duke (1-0, W vs Temple 30-0)- Last week: 14

Duke was impressive in their week one win over Temple, but the Owls might be a bottom-five team in the country, so the Blue Devils remain last.

Up next for Duke: At Northwestern

13. Georgia Tech (0-1, L vs Clemson 10-41)- Last week: 13

No other ACC team faced a tougher test than Georgia Tech, who opened against fourth-ranked Clemson. The Yellow Jackets gave Clemson a good game early, but the Tiger's depth took over in the end.

Up next for Georgia Tech: vs Western Carolina

12. Virginia Tech (0-1, L vs Old Dominion 20-17)- Last week: 10

Virginia Tech suffered the most embarrassing loss in the ACC by losing to Old Dominion yet again. It was a tough debut for head coach Brent Pry and it could be tough for the Hokies to make a bowl game.

Up next for Virginia Tech: vs Boston College

11. Boston College (0-1, L vs Rutgers 22-21)- Last week: 9

Boston College looked like they were going to escape with a win vs Rutgers, but fell short due to three turnovers from star quarterback Phil Jurkovec.

Up next for Boston College: At Virginia Tech

10. Virginia (1-0, W vs Richmond 34-17)- Last week: 10

Brennan Armstrong and Virginia got a win over Richmond in week one
Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports
Virginia got a simple win over Virginia and quarterback Brennan Armstrong and it was a nice start to the Tony Elliott era in Charlottesville.

Up next: At Illinois

9. Louisville (0-1, L vs Syracuse 7-31)- Last week: 5

There was no ACC team more disappointing than Louisville in week one. The Cardinals went on the road to face Syracuse and did not look good at all.

Louisville was expected to have one of the most explosive offenses in the ACC but looked pedestrian against a solid Syracuse defense. Head coach Scott Satterfield could be on the hot seat with more performances like this.

Up next: At UCF (Friday)

8. Syracuse (1-0, W vs Louisville 31-7)- Last week: 12

The Orange looked really good Saturday night against Louisville and could be much better than originally thought. Quarterback Garrett Shrader looked good and the defense bottled up Louisville's offense.

This is a big season for head coach Dino Babers and he is off to a great start in 2022.

Up next: At UConn

A September boost for ACC football - Salisbury Post (AP; Beard)

Duke coach Mike Elko has been around college football long enough to know how the season’s opening month can shape the perception of a league’s strength.

That’s important in the weeks ahead for the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The league won — or survived, in some cases — its highest-profile nonconference matchups in Week 1, including Florida State’s wild win against LSU. That gives the ACC a shot in the month of September to strengthen its reputation, in hopes of returning to this year’s College Football Playoff while facing uncertainty about its long-term future in a football-driven landscape.

“We have to win football games,” said Elko, who left Texas A&M’s staff to take over at Duke this fall. “I mean, nobody’s shying away from that. It’s a competitive market, it’s a competitive landscape in college football.

“But we also are very quick to pull the panic button on things like this and overreact. We weren’t gone coming into the season. We certainly haven’t re-arrived after Week 1.”

This week’s schedule includes No. 17 Pittsburgh hosting No. 24 Tennessee and No. 23 Wake Forest visiting Vanderbilt — now with star quarterback Sam Hartman back in the fold — in games against the Southeastern Conference, while Virginia visits Illinois and Duke visits Northwestern in Big Ten matchups.


How ACC football managed to win no hearts in Week 1 (; Lloyd)

ACC football has developed a reputation for being rather unimpressive in recent memory, and Week 1 somehow failed to change that.

The ACC was given a spectacular count of five teams in the AP Preseason Top 25 to enter this season, placing them in second place for ranked schools amongst the Power Five conferences.

Considering the unspectacular nature of the league as a whole over the past several years, sitting behind only the SEC in the rankings — and by a margin of one school, no less — is no small accomplishment. But, to receive such a respectable level of hype comes with a heap of responsibility attached to it.

Simply put, said responsibility belongs to the act of the ACC proving that its ranked programs are worthy of such a status, and preferably as soon as possible. However, the ways in which each ranked program opened its season failed to make too large of an impact on its perceived formidability for one reason or another.

Of the five teams in the poll (all of which should remain ranked until further notice), Miami and Wake Forest played FCS-level opponents, North Carolina State played a Group of Five one, and Clemson and Pittsburgh both played Power Five ones.

Obviously, some of those games should sound more meaningful than some others, but all five of them either told the college football world nothing or left a helping of concern.

For starters, Miami played Bethune-Cookman while Wake Forest took on VMI. As one could surely imagine, the ACC team in each of those contests won by enormous margins.

But, while that is good news, big-name programs are expected to do just that, as FCS teams play at the level that they do for a reason. In other words, neither of those Atlantic Coast powers will be playing conference opponents as well as we’ve seen them play early on.

JHowell's 2022 Week 2 Predictions (RX; HM)

JHowell's 2022 Week 2 Predictions

Below are the projections through the games of 9-10-22 [ACC-related only - Hokie Mark].

Games against non-rated [e.g. FCS] teams are excluded.
The favorite is listed first with the projected margin of victory (i.e., the line) in parenthesis.
'TP' represents the total number of points expected to be scored in the game, and 'Odds' represents the odds [probability] of the favorite winning straight-up (not against-the-spread).

Friday, September 9, 2022

#26-Central Florida (-13.5) vs. #77-Louisville (TP=54 Odds=.707)

Saturday, September 10, 2022

#7-Notre Dame (-11.5) vs. #43-Marshall (TP=48 Odds=.705)
#20-Pittsburgh (-7) vs. #40-Tennessee (TP=60 Odds=.601)
#29-Wake Forest (-12) @ #101-Vanderbilt (TP=56 Odds=.683)
#30-Miami (-18.5) vs. #114-Southern Mississippi (TP=48 Odds=.806)
#35-North Carolina (-8) @ #73-Georgia State (TP=70 Odds=.598)
#54-Virginia (-2.5) @ #84-Illinois (TP=49 Odds=.550)
#65-Northwestern (-9.5) vs. #106-Duke (TP=50 Odds=.659)
#72-Syracuse (-12) @ #127-Connecticut (TP=54 Odds=.688)

Hospitality, Old Dominion Style (RX; HM)

Hospitality, Old Dominion Style

There's a lot of discussion about whether playing at ODU is strategically the right thing for Virginia Tech to do (for example, see "The ACC must stop scheduling so many G5 road games" on These games tend to fall into the "nothing to gain and everything to lose" category for the visiting ACC teams - although at this point, honestly, I feel like the Hokies mustwin at least one game at ODU just to prove that they can do it.

However, the upset loss is not the whole story.

First, there was the elevator at halftime. If you haven't heard, the start of the second half was delayed because the Virginia Tech assistant coaches were caught between floors in an elevator. Some ODU fans tried to say it was the fault of those coaches because they should've taken the stairs - to which I reply: if you're going to have an elevator, maintain the stupid thing!

But that wasn't the worst of it.

After the game was over, imagine the surprise as Hokie players discovered their lockers had been broken into and their personal belongings stolen during the game!

Pry said #Hokies delayed their departure from Norfolk quite a bit while dealing with police after locker room was burglarized at some point during the ODU game.

Said he's never encountered something like that before.
— Andy Bitter (@AndyBitterVT) September 6, 2022

The "About" Paragraphs (RX; HM)

The "About" Paragraphs

Sometimes when we read an article or an official announcement, there's a paragraph at the end which often starts with "About...".
I, for one, generally ignore these, but maybe I shouldn't - there's some good stuff there!

Take the ACCDN, for instance:

The ACC Digital Network (theACCDN) is a joint venture between Stadium, and Raycom Sports, a long-time television producer and partner of the Atlantic Coast Conference. The cross-platform digital video network covers the spectrum of one of the nation’s top intercollegiate athletic conferences, featuring original on-demand content throughout the entire year. All ACCDN videos are viewable on, the ACC mobile and tablet app, as well as various streaming and connected mobile and TV devices. For more information, visit and follow @theACCDN on Twitter, and Instagram.



Sara Rius, the owner of Mamacitas Restaurant in North Syracuse. (Charlie Miller | Charlie Miller

First Look: A popular Puerto Rican food truck becomes a restaurant in North Syracuse (PS; Miller)

It was two years ago this morning that Sara Rius told her husband she was heading to work as she walked out the door.

Instead of sitting down at a desk and firing up her computer at a credit union, she checked into rehab at Tully Hill.

Today, 730 days sober, Sara will leave her house and unlock the front door to Mamacitas, the restaurant she’s opening at 7 a.m.

“Cooking saved my life,” she said. “I’m the happiest when I’m in the kitchen. If I hadn’t done this, I’d still be drinking.”

Mamacitas is the latest incarnation of Sara’s food adventure.

She’s Italian, and her husband is Puerto Rican. She hadn’t cooked much more than chicken parmesan when she and Mark Anthony Rius were dating. Her now-mother-in-law, Abigail Rius, eventually taught Sara the basics of Puerto Rican cuisine, just as Abigail’s mother taught her.

After leaving Tully Hill, Sara immersed herself into cooking and developed her own island fusion dishes.

“It’s Puerto Rican food with a twist,” she said on Wednesday. “If you have a bland palate, you’re not going to like my food. I spice it up. Just look at my kitchen.”

Early in her newfound sobriety, she bought a tent and sold her spiced-up rice and meat bowls, mofongo and empanadas at local farmers markets. After selling out of food each weekend, she converted a small truck that had been a portable hot dog cart into a mobile kitchen. That still wasn’t big enough, so she upgraded to a larger food truck.

Sara drove to food truck events and local breweries throughout Central New York. Her birria egg rolls came within a point of winning a recent food truck competition. At last year’s food truck rodeo at the State Fair, she was within points of beating 32 competitors.

Today is the latest stop on Sara’s second career path. This building along Taft Road in North Syracuse once was a pizzeria and a takeout Chinese restaurant. Now it’s Mamacitas Puerto Rican Kitchen.

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