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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to National Bologna Day!

National Bologna Day is dedicated to bologna, a smoked and seasoned sausage popular in sandwiches. Although it sometimes is informally spelled as baloney, it takes its name from Bologna, Italy, a city where mortadella, a pork sausage, originated. The bologna sausage derives from mortadella, and is usually made with pork or beef, but can also be made with meats such as chicken, turkey, venison, or with a combination of them, or with soy protein. Seasonings such as black pepper, coriander, celery seed, nutmeg, and allspice are added. Myrtle berries, which are an important flavoring in mortadella, are also used. In the United States, the sausage is finely ground so that fat pieces are not visible.

SU News

College football fans, media blast ACC officials for bias in Clemson-Syracuse game (; Spencer)

College football fans and media weren’t happy with the officiating late in the Syracuse-Clemson game on Saturday afternoon at Clemson.

At issue were a pair of plays in which quarterbacks were hit late out of bounds. Clemson’s Cade Klubnick, replacing starter DJ Uiagalelei, drew a flag, while Syracuse’s Garrett Shrader did not.

That had fans furious, especially since the game was taking place at Clemson. The calls of shaky officiating for the Tigers were loud.

As you can see below, there was plenty of reaction to the call and no-call on Twitter:

ABC showing the two plays side by side was great. Watching them back to back, the uncalled Clemson shove was more egregious than the Syracuse penalty. Refs flipping this game.
— Dan Wolken (@DanWolken) October 22, 2022

These refs trying to get Clemson back in this game!!! Nonsense

— Aaron Murray (@aaronmurray11) October 22, 2022

These Refs are bush league. Totally on Clemson’s side. That was a late hit out of bounds and they completely blew it. Dabo has the refs in his back pocket.
— Big Game Boomer (@BigGameBoomer) October 22, 2022

#Syracuse getting absolutely robbed by the refs right now. The @NCAA wants to see Clemson succeed soooo bad. Shits gotta stop ?
— Luke Sgroi (@LukeSgroi) October 22, 2022

This Clemson game is disgusting. Blatant rigging by the refs. Absolutely gross
— mikemag22 (@mikemag333) October 22, 2022

— timthetatman? (@timthetatman) October 22, 2022

The refs are protecting Clemson lmao horrible officiating #Clemson #Syracuse
— Catfish (@DeadassCatfish) October 22, 2022

It’s fine with me if the refs chose to call none or both. But you can’t give that call to #Clemson and not to #Syracuse. #ACC just opens themselves up for the conspiracy theorists BIG TIME…
— Ethan (@ESabro3) October 22, 2022

#14 Syracuse is penalized for a late hit out of bounds but #6 Clemson is not on the next drive. Now why is that?
— Point Franz ? (@DerFranzWagner) October 22, 2022

Lil home Valley cookin' for Clemson.
— Ralph D. Russo (@ralphDrussoAP) October 22, 2022


Syracuse Orange linebacker Mikel Jones (3) is comforted after the Orange’s loss to Clemson Oct.22, 2022. Dennis Nett |

SU gets some sympathy after crushing loss: Clemson can ‘thank the refs’ (what they’re saying) (PS; Nett; photo gallery)

Syracuse at Clemson photo gallery

After gazing toward SU, ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’ is going to Jackson State (PS; Leiker)

Syracuse may have lost a little more with Saturday’s crushing loss at Clemson.

ESPN’s “College GameDay” is headed to Jackson State for its HBCU rivalry against Southern University, the network announced Sunday.


The epic HBCU rivalry matchup between @GeauxJags and @GoJSUTigersFB is up next!
— College GameDay (@CollegeGameDay) October 23, 2022

The news comes after SU had been put on alert it was one of several schools being considered to host the show. SU put out a call to dome staff to beef up security on the Quad for “a high-profile” event that will lead into next week’s game against Notre Dame.

Syracuse is one of seven Power Five schools to never host “College GameDay” for football. The show has come to Syracuse during basketball season four times.

“College GameDay” airs from 9 a.m. to noon.

Syracuse (6-1, 3-1 ACC) hosts Notre Dame (4-3) at noon Saturday in a nationally televised game on ABC.

‘Cuse football can’t hold on in Death Valley, fall to Clemson 27-21 (; Shiroff)

Death Valley is known as one of the hardest places to win a football game as a visitor. On Saturday, the No. 14 Syracuse Orange learned the hard way just how difficult it is.

In front of a roaring crowd of 81,500 in Clemson, South Carolina, Syracuse faced the No. 5 Clemson Tigers in one of the most highly anticipated games in recent memory. It marks the first time that two teams that were 6-0 or better have faced off in Clemson’s home stadium.

The game started off looking pretty bleak for the Orange on both sides of the ball. Head coach Dino Babers decided to go for it on 4th and 4 just five minutes into the game, a risk that yielded no reward. Clemson scored just over two minutes later.

However, Syracuse quarterback Garrett Shrader and his offense marched up the field in dominant fashion and found their way into the end zone with just under six minutes to go in the first quarter. The score was a result of a 12-yard completion from Shrader to star running back Sean Tucker.

The Clemson offense was on a roll, making their way all the way to the Syracuse 35-yard line. It was then with less than a minute in the first quarter that Clemson’s breakout star quarterback DJ Uiagalelei would throw his first of two interceptions. Syracuse defensive back Ja’Had Carter was able to pick off Uiagalelei at the Syracuse 15-yard line.

Here’s Where CBS Sports Ranks Syracuse After the Thriller vs. Clemson – Orange Fizz – Daily Syracuse Recruiting News & Team Coverage (; Amendolara)

If any of the doubters watched Syracuse battle tooth-and-nail at Clemson, they’d have to change their tune. For those who have assumed SU’s 6-0 start to the season was luck, mediocre competition and backup QBs, Saturday was a stamp of respect. While the Tigers might not be the powerhouse version that won national championships under Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence, this is still a terrific team. And for SU to push the Tigers to the brink (again) in Death Valley was proof the Orange are a very good team.

Syracuse is poised to drop in the AP Poll when the new rankings come out on Sunday. Chip Patterson at CBS Sports has already put out his projections with analysis. He put the Orange at #19, dropping 5 spots with the loss.

“AP voters were slow to give attention to Syracuse during its undefeated start, and that usually results in a quick knock down after a loss. Two things should help provide a floor for Syracuse from a rankings perspective, the first is how close the Orange came to pulling off the road upset in Death Valley and the second is the head-to-head win against NC State, which is in danger of getting jumped on some ballots but should still remain in the top 25 on Sunday.” – CBS Sports

Clemson Football: Tigers survive Syracuse upset bid (; Coleman)

On a day when it seemed like very few things went right for Clemson football the Tigers found a way to beat an undermanned, but tough Syracuse Orange team 27-21 and extend their home winning streak to 38 games.

Dabo Swinney pulled all the right strings, whether it was calling timeouts near the end of the first half that ultimately mean a B.T. Potter field goal or pulling D.J. Uiagalelei in the third quarter in favor of true freshman Cade Klubnik.

Uiagalelei regressed to his 2021 form with wobbly passes, fumbles returned for touchdowns and bad interceptions.

Klubnik mostly handed off, but a worn-down Orange defense could do nothing to stop the Clemson running game combo of Will Shipley and Phil Mafah.




The Orange were their own worst enemy, losing their composure when they had Clemson stopped on Klubnik’s first drive and that ultimately resulted in a Clemson touchdown and momentum shift.

Good teams find a way to win, but there are still plenty of questions about this Clemson team despite their 8-0 record.

Post-game Dabo reiterated that D.J. was still the starter, still the team’s quarterback and that’s the right call in my mind.

Clemson football escapes Syracuse, but won’t survive without better play by D.J. Uiagalelei

On the other hand, there are games on the schedule that are clear losses if D.J. plays the way he did today.

Syracuse football: This season will be defined by the Orange response (TNIAAM; Wall)

The Syracuse Orange gave away an orange opportunity yesterday. I know that makes the 27-21 loss hurt more- because the game was there for the taking and Syracuse simply didn’t get it done in the second half.

Let’s be clear, the time management in the final minutes, the continued penalty problem, and the peculiar play-calling are all things that should have been better. We will keep digging into this the next couple of days but it’s fair to say the coaching didn’t match the effort of the players. I’ve got no issues with that criticism.

What I do have issues with is people jumping to this notion that Dino Babers is awful or should be fired. I have an issue with people putting the blame on Elijah Cundiff-Fuentes for a poor decision on a play he’d certainly want to have back. I have an issue with the leap from 6-1 to “oh my god we’re in hell here”.

Clemson barely surviving Syracuse is an alarming sign (; Braziller)

Clemson found a way to win on Saturday, rallied from a 14-point deficit despite four turnovers and a quarterback change, and prevailed even though its two quarterbacks completed only 15 passes.

If you’re an orange pom-pom waiver, that was the story of the afternoon in Death Valley, the Tigers surviving and advancing, remaining one of six undefeated power-conference teams in the country by squeezing past Syracuse, 27-21. For those of us based in reality, who watch the entire country perform on a weekly basis and already had doubts about Clemson, this was an alarming performance.

Simply put, the Tigers didn’t look like an elite team. They didn’t resemble anything close to Ohio State or the big three in the SEC of Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia, or even of the ilk of Michigan, TCU and Oregon.

The defense was up and down, even if it responded well in the second half. Quarterback DJ Uiagalelei couldn’t handle the pressure of a quality defense and committed three turnovers before being lifted for freshman Cade Klubnik. This move came on the heels of coach Dabo Swinney taking victory laps this week, mocking reporters for doubting Uiagalelei, calling the early-season calls for Klubnik “embarrassing.”

Syracuse lost this game more than Clemson won it. It committed bonehead penalty after bonehead penalty, it was on the wrong end of some questionable calls — the officials swallowed their whistle on a clear roughing-the-passer penalty that continued the Tigers’ momentum — it iced its own star, limiting standout running back Sean Tucker to 10 touches, and coach Dino Babers handcuffed his team by allowing 25 seconds of the clock in the final two minutes to elapse before using his final timeout.

Five Takeaways: Clemson 27 Syracuse 21 (SI; McAllister)

Five takeaways from #14 Syracuse’s 27-21 loss at #5 Clemson.

1. The MOB

The defense has a very solid game against Clemson. Syracuse forced four turnovers, held Clemson scoreless in a red zone trip for the first time this season, recorded two sacks and knocked the starting quarterback out of the game. Yes the Tigers had 450 total yards of offense, but that was in part due to 85 total plays. The run defense has trouble for portions of the game, but overall it is hard to complain about that effort. Anyone who doubted this defense should no longer have that doubt.

2. Sean Tucker Usage

Five carries for Tucker is inexcusable. After the game Dino Babers said that was in large part to how Clemson was defending the zone-read, forcing Shrader to keep it a vast majority of the time. However, more traditional hand-offs need to occur in that case then. But your best offensive weapon cannot have only five rushing attempts. It is also not like he was ineffective when he did tote the ball, as he averaged over 10 yards per carry. I believe this directly led to some of the offensive struggles in the second half.

3. Second Receiving Threat

Against an elite defense like Clemson, Syracuse lacking a second consistently receiving threat to pair with Oronde Gadsden really hurt the Orange. As the game progressed, Clemson’s coverage focused most of its attention on Gadsden. The other receivers could not get open enough and that really hampered the offense. Gadsden still had a strong afternoon with 86 yards on six receptions, but the Orange passing attack needs someone else to step up.

Syracuse football beat itself in blowing opportunity to upset No. 5 Clemson (itlh; Adler)

Syracuse football had a 4-1 advantage in the turnover department against No. 5 Clemson in Death Valley on Saturday afternoon. Orange fans would have hoped that such an edge could have propelled the No. 14 ‘Cuse to victory against the Tigers.

But that didn’t occur. The Orange didn’t score at all in the second half after entering the locker room at halftime with a 21-10 lead over Clemson.

And the lone turnover by Syracuse football (6-1) came on its last offensive series and with the ‘Cuse trailing 27-21. Quarterback Garrett Shrader, who was stellar in the first half, threw a poor pass that was intercepted, sealing the six-point triumph for the Tigers (8-0).

Listen, there is no shame in losing to Clemson by six points on the road, especially considering that the Tigers are a legit College Football Playoff contender and haven’t lost at Memorial Stadium in forever.

However, what angers, frustrates and irritates me is that the Orange had plenty of opportunities to stun Clemson, move into the top 10 nationally, and jump out to the top spot in the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Atlantic division.

Syracuse football beat itself in losing at No. 5 Clemson.

Running back Sean Tucker, an All-American during the 2021 season, averaged about 10 yards per carry on Saturday afternoon versus the Tigers.

The trouble is that he only carried the ball five times. I’m curious to see what his tweet is in the coming days regarding his performance, and the team’s performance. #NotPleased?

Breaking It Down with Bri: Clemson vs. Syracuse (; video; Hentschel)

Breaking It Down with Bri: Clemson vs. Syracuse

Paws up, paws down: Clemson vs. Syracuse (, Stephenson)

In a game filled with turnovers, a quarterback change and a game-sealing interception, every play counted down to the final seconds of Clemson’s 27-21 victory over Syracuse last Saturday.

Here are some paws up and paws down from the Tigers’ come-from-behind win over the Orange.

Paws up: Cade Klubnik brings the momentum

It was the fourth possession of the second half when true freshman quarterback Cade Klubnik took over for DJ Uiagalelei, and he was able to turn the tide for the Tigers.

The former five-star prospect out of Texas brought the energy that the offense desperately needed.

Reeling from a 21-10 deficit to win the game 27-21 was no small feat for a quarterback who has seen very few snaps in his collegiate career.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for the true freshman, but his composure and ability to stay calm in the moment awards him a paws up.

Paws down: Turnovers

They always say to win a football game, you have to win the turnover margin. Although Clemson won the game, that is something the Tigers didn’t accomplish against the Orange.

Clemson had four turnovers on the day, including a fumble in the red zone that Syracuse returned for a touchdown.

With the lack of ball security, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney had to turn to Klubnik to try to reignite the offense.

It seemed that an early interception thrown by Uiagalelei and an uncharacteristic fumble by running back Will Shipley caused errors to proliferate as the game progressed.

Orange, Dino Babers Roasted After Bizarre Clock Management In Loss To Clemson (; Silverman)

Syracuse had a chance to upset Clemson on the road Saturday, but head coach Dino Babers put his team in a brutal position with shaky clock management.

After holding the Tigers to a field goal that gave Clemson a 27-21 lead with 1:33 left in the fourth quarter, the Orange got the ball back with a chance to register the upset. However, that opportunity was minimized when Babers allowed 24 seconds to be run off the clock before calling timeout.

Babers was roundly criticized on Twitter by college football journalists. That included Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, who also quoted play-by-play announcer Sean McDonough. “Dino Babers wasted 20 or 30 seconds deciding whether to take a timeout. Sean McDonough: ‘That’s a whiff right there.’ ”

Babers has been victimized by clock-management issues in the past. His gaffe against Clemson caused Tim Murray of VSiN to question what he had seen. “Wait… did Dino Babers really let 24 seconds just roll off the clock before calling a timeout?”

After the troubling coaching move, Syracuse quarterback Garrett Shrader’s late pass was intercepted at the Clemson 15-yard line. That turnover clinched the game for the Tigers.

Clemson had a notable comeback in the game, as the Tigers trailed 21-10 at the start of the fourth quarter. Clemson’s Phil Mafah scored on a 1-yard touchdown run to cap a 15-play, 80-yard drive and Will Shipley followed with a 50-yard scoring run. Placekicker B.T. Potter closed out the scoring with a 44-yard field goal.

Clemson defensive lineman has question for ACC refs (; Staff)

Once again Clemson’s defensive linemen seemed to be held on a number of plays Saturday against Syracuse without a holding call from the refs.

Defensive lineman Xavier Thomas took to Twitter to ask about the lack of holding calls Saturday night.

All seriousness though, are the refs allergic or blind to a holding call?? … I mean im already on one foot. Help me out
— Xavier Thomas (@atxlete) October 22, 2022


The Orange showed signs that they could finish the season 11-1 throughout their loss to the Tigers.

The next day: Syracuse still has plenty to play for following Clemson loss (DO; Smith)

It was one of the most hyped Syracuse games in recent memory, and for good reason.

The Orange hadn’t played in a top-15 matchup since 2018, and that one was a dud — SU fell 36-3 to Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium. The only other top-15 game involving Syracuse this century was in November 2001, when No. 1 Miami blew out the Orange 59-0.

This game appeared like it would end much differently. No. 14 Syracuse was going to exit Memorial Stadium — a stadium it had never won in — with an impressive win over No. 5 Clemson. The defense generated four turnovers, its most in two years, and the offense put a couple solid drives together that put the Orange in a position to win.

Then freshman quarterback Cade Klubnik entered the game for Clemson, SU’s offense disappeared and penalties went against the Orange. Syracuse led for nearly 30 minutes in Death Valley, yet lost 27-21. The possibility of a program-changing win, one that could’ve led to multiple firsts — among them an Atlantic Division title, a conference championship, College Gameday finally visiting SU’s campus — faded.

But even with the emotional loss, this Syracuse team still has the chance at a historic season. Syracuse has a legitimate shot to finish the regular season 11-1 as the ACC’s clear second-best team. The Orange Bowl is still in play. There are some tough games left, but this SU squad, once predicted to finish the year last in their division, has proved through seven games they can play with, and beat, almost anyone in the country.

The bumps that at times hurt the Orange the most Saturday came via penalty flags — or the lack of them in some cases. There were two personal fouls on Klubnik’s first drive under center, and a pass interference in the end zone that could’ve given SU’s offense more time to notch a game-winning drive. There was also a no-call when Shrader was shoved out of bounds in the fourth quarter in an eerily similar way to how Klubnik was hit along the sideline moments before.

The hit on Klubnik was called. The one on Shrader wasn’t.

“I feel like mine was definitely a lot worse,” Shrader said.


Wilmeth Sidat-Singh was "on the absolute cusp of becoming a household name" before he killed in a plane crash while training as a Tuskegee Airmen.

'AS EVER, SINGH': Wilmeth Sidat-Singh was Syracuse's 1st Black star athlete (DO; Vasudevan)

All Wilmeth Sidat-Singh could do was sit. Because of a gentleman’s agreement — an unofficial contract between Southern and Northern schools that prevented African Americans from playing anywhere under the Mason–Dixon line — Sidat-Singh didn’t dress against Maryland.

He sat next to teammate Marty Glickman in the locker room when the head coach and athletic director told him the news at a blackboard talk the night before the game. A week earlier, he threw three touchdowns to defeat Cornell. But No. 7 Maryland would’ve canceled the game if he took the field. Sidat-Singh kept his head down on the sidelines throughout the No. 17 Orange’s 13-0 loss.

“We were beaten, but not by 11 men in football togs,” The Daily Orange’s “Mulling It Over With Muller” column read after the game.

That game took place 85 years ago on Oct. 23, 1937. The gentleman’s agreement also kept Sidat-Singh out of a Syracuse basketball game against Navy a few months later. Other Northern colleges like Northwestern ensured all their players would be allowed to play at Southern schools. Syracuse didn’t.

“Big man on campus, who had to sit out a game. It wasn’t our finest moment,” said Larry Martin, former Vice President for Program Development at SU.

Sidat-Singh starred on Syracuse’s football and basketball teams in the late 1930s, leading SU on the hardwood to three straight winning seasons. Former Washington Tribune writer Sam Lacy compared him to Joe Lewis and Jackie Robinson, saying he was one of the most talented athletes of his generation. Sidat-Singh was “on the absolute cusp of becoming a household name,” according to journalist Sean Kirst, but people forgot his importance after he died in a 1943 plane crash while training as a Tuskegee Airmen. Eventually, Syracuse “got it right,” Martin said, retiring Sidat-Singh’s number in 2005 before Maryland apologized in 2013.

“It’s always important to know about our history and what went right and what didn’t go as well as it should have,” Martin said. “This man fought all kinds of barriers and nothing could hold him back.”

Sidat-Singh arrived at Syracuse on a basketball scholarship, but after former lacrosse coach Roy Simmons Sr. saw him “throwing the ball a mile” in the quad, he offered him a spot on the football team. Sidat Singh joined prior to Oct. 16’s matchup against Cornell despite not playing at all in high school.

ACC News

Boston College football has no answers for Sam Hartman, Wake Forest offense (; Hass)

Boston College knew what to expect from Wake Forest’s high-octane offense.

That didn’t make defending it any easier.

The shorthanded Eagles struggled to stymie the Demon Deacons, falling victim to their trademark “slow mesh” delayed run-pass option and veteran quarterback Sam Hartman’s brilliance. No. 13 Wake Forest played its best football in critical moments, running away with a 43-15 win Saturday at Truist Field in Winston-Salem, N.C.

“Ultimately in football, the players make the system go,” BC coach Jeff Hafley said. “That’s an impressive group … I think it might be the best overall team we’ve played all year.”

Boston College (2-5, 1-4 Atlantic Coast Conference) kept it close for a while, trailing 14-9 late in the second quarter, but the Demon Deacons (6-1, 2-1 ACC) extended the lead to 21-9 at halftime and cruised from there.

For the second straight game, the Eagles hung around with a ranked opponent for two-plus quarters before unraveling.

“You’ve got young guys out there,” Hafley said. “I’ve got to look hard at that, but I feel like we’re wearing down and getting a little bit overwhelmed in the second half. Hopefully with experience, that will get better.”

Miami's 8 turnovers vs. Duke made ACC, college football history - Saturday Road (; Rosa)

When Miami landed Mario Cristobal to become its head coach, fans expressed hope that The U would finally be back.

Instead, the only thing that’s been back during his first season at the helm is more mediocrity and undisciplined play.

The latter was at its most alarming during Miami’s 45-21 loss against Duke. Miami committed eight turnovers, the most from a Power 5 team since 2009.

To go even further into the past, the last ACC team with at least eight turnovers was when North Carolina lost to Miami (Ohio) on Aug. 31, 2002.

Since 2000, this is the 21st time that a FBS team has turned the ball over 8+ times in a game.
The last ACC team to have 8+ giveaways in a game was North Carolina on Aug. 31, 2002 in a loss to Miami (Ohio).
— Saturday Road (@SaturdayRoad) October 23, 2022

“Not good. Not a good performance, in every respect,” Cristobal said in his postgame press conference via The AP.

This certainly isn’t what the fans hoped for when the school inked Cristobal to a $10-year, $80 million contract in the offseason.

Cristobal captured two national titles at Miami as an offensive lineman from 1988-1992. The 52-year-old alum preached about changing the culture in his opening press conference and restoring the once proud program to its rightful place.

ESPN Alliance Coming? (RX; HM)

ESPN Alliance Coming?

Time to recycle this graphic...

Yesterday, the "Dude of WV" tweeted this:

Here is a tidbit...from a ESPN source... ESPN intends to play matchmaker with the ACC, SEC and Big 12 to create attractive TV matchups in OoC games. ESPN would own the rights to all OoC home games for the ACC & SEC and at least 50% of the Big 12's.
— Christopher Lambert (@theDudeofWV) October 21, 2022
Of course, there are already lots of ACC/SEC, ACC/BigXII, and SEC/BigXII non-conference games every year, but it sounds like ESPN may be thinking something along the lines of "now that we won't be getting ANY of the Big Ten, why should our in-house teams play them OOC?"

What would this look like in practice? How would it have changed the 2022 schedule?

Georgia vs OregonGeorgia vs Clemson
Florida vs UtahFlorida vs Miami
Auburn vs Penn State
Syracuse vs Purdue
Auburn vs Syracuse
and let Penn State
and Purdue hang?


Saturday Late Results 2022 Oct 22 (RX; HM)

Saturday Late Results 2022 Oct 22

Pitt 10 @ Louisville 24

Pittsburgh vs. Louisville

Football Highlights (2022)

From ACCDN: Pittsburgh vs. Louisville: The Cardinals defended their home field and defeated the Pitt Panthers, 24-10. Louisville all but locked up the win when Yasir Abdullah strip-sacked Kedon Slovis and Kei'Trel Clark scooped up the ball and returned it for a 59-yard touchdown with 3:03 left in the game. Quarterback Malik Cunningham was 10-21 for 122 yards and two touchdowns passing, and he ran the ball nine times for 46 yards. Pitt running back Israel Abanikanda had 129 yards and a touchdown rushing, and another 50 yards receiving.

AP Poll Analysis 2022 Oct 23 (RX; HM)

AP Poll Analysis 2022 Oct 23

Time for some more analysis. First, let's start with the latest poll itself:

AP Top 25
2Ohio State-
7TCUup 1
8Oregonup 2
9Oklahoma Stup 2
10USCup 2
11Wake Forestup 3
12UCLAdn 3
13Penn Stateup 3
14Utahup 1
15Ole Missdn 8
16Syracusedn 2
17Illinoisup 1
18LSUup 9
20Cincinnatiup 1
21North Carolinaup 1
22Kansas Statedn 5
23Tulaneup 2
24NC Statedn 1
25South Carolinaup 3
Others receiving votes:
26Texasdn 6
27Libertyup 8
28Oregon Stateup 3
29Miss. Statedn 5
30Marylandup 3
T32Florida StateNR

We have 5 ACC teams in the top 25 and a 6th receiving a vote. That compares to the SEC which has 7 teams ranked and 2 more receiving votes. The Big Ten has 4 teams in the top 25 and one more receiving votes.

Did the voters handle this weeks results in a sensible way? Here are the ranked teams that lost, sorted by number of losses to date, points "lost by", and how far the fell in the AP poll from last week:

RankCollegeLost by#LossesDown by
7Ole Miss2518
17Kansas St1025
24Miss. State2435

Syracuse had the best lost and fell the fewest spots. I have two concerns: (a) UCLA didn't fall far enough, and (b) Ole Miss may have fallen too far. Hey, at least they didn't punish Syracuse too severely.

College Football Rankings By Conference: How Good Teams Are In Each League, Week 8 (CFN.; Staff)

ACC College Football Rankings By Conference After Week 8

1 Clemson (8-0)

Last Week Ranking: 1

2 Wake Forest (6-1)

Last Week Ranking: 2

3 Syracuse (6-1)

Last Week Ranking: 3

4 North Carolina (6-1)

Last Week Ranking: 4

5 NC State (5-2)

Last Week Ranking: 5

6 Florida State (4-3)

Last Week Ranking: 6

ACC Football Power Rankings: Week 8 (SI; McKenney)

1. Clemson Tigers (8-0)

Last Week: 1

Clemson needed a 17 point fourth quarter comeback to deny Syracuse of an upset bid in Death Valley, holding on for a 27-21 win. After losing a fumble and throwing two interceptions, Dabo Swinney had seen enough of D.J. Uiagalelei, and benched him for five star freshman Cade Klubnak. Klubnak only threw for 19 yards in relief, but running back Will Shipley carried the offense, rushing for 172 yards and two touchdowns. Clemson’s defense dominated in the second half, forcing six punts and an interception on the Orange’s seven possessions. The Tigers remain unbeaten after surviving the valiant upset effort, and have a bye week to figure out their QB situation before they travel to Notre Dame.

Up Next: BYE

READ: Wake Forest up to No. 10 in Week 9 AP Poll

2. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (6-1)

Last Week: 2

The Demon Deacons are now a top ten team after their dominant 43-15 win against Boston College, and they retain the No. 2 spot behind Clemson. Wake has now scored 31+ points every game this season and have established themselves as one of the most formidable offenses in college football. Dave Clawson’s squad now transitions into a challenging part of their season, as they will see Syracuse, NC State and Duke all within the next few weeks. Wake has a tough road battle ahead with a Louisville team that’s won two straight.

Up Next: at Louisville (4-3), Saturday, 3:30 ET, ACCN

Opening Line: Wake -5.5

READ: Grading Wake Forest's performance vs Boston College

3. Syracuse Orange (6-1)

Last Week: 3

Despite the loss to Clemson this weekend, Syracuse proved that their impressive start to the season was no fluke. Leading 21-10 at halftime, the Orange were in control for most of this game, but with no offensive output in the second half they let it slip away. Dino Babers has his team playing great football, but they looked outmatched during Clemson’s dominant fourth quarter. The Orange are still ranked No. 16, and have a chance to get back to their winning ways when they host Notre Dame next week.

Up Next: vs. Notre Dame (4-3), Saturday, Noon ET, ACCN

Opening Line: Syracuse -2


Black bear wanders into Syracuse backyard (video) (PS; Featherstone)

A black bear was captured on video early Friday morning wandering through a backyard in Syracuse’s Valley neighborhood.

Renee Richards was woken suddenly yesterday at 1:41 a.m. when something outside her Midland Avenue home set off her Ring doorbell alarm.

“I thought somebody was going through my backyard because it’d happened before,” Richards said.

In her bleary-eyed state, Richards thought she was seeing a big dog on the Ring app on her phone. Then she realized it was no dog.

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Orangeyes Daily Articles for Thursday for Football
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Orangeyes Daily Articles for Monday for Football
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Orangeyes Daily Articles for Monday for Football
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Orangeyes Daily Articles for Tuesday for Football

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