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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to "e" Day!

The first two digits of the number e are 2 and 7, so "e" Day is celebrated on 2/7. e is a mathematical constant. It is also an irrational number—it can not be put into a fraction, and its decimal goes on forever, never repeating. The first digits of e are 2.718281828459. e was discovered by a few mathematicians: Huygens, Oughtred, Jacob Bernoulli, Mercator, and Leibniz. However, they did not know its significance and really did not grasp that they had even found anything. Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler began using it around 1727, and named it e (he did not name it after himself).

e is used in logarithms, exponential growth (for things like growth of money or populations over time), and complex numbers. e can be calculated as the summation ∑1/n! where n starts at 0 and goes to ∞. Where do you come into contact with e in daily life? For one, it is used in the formula for compound interest. The formula is as follows: A=Pert. In this case, A= the amount of money in the account; P= principal invested; r= interest rate; and t= amount of time the money has been there.

Other special numbers include pi (π) and phi (ɸ). Pi is the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter; it starts with the digits 3.141592653 and is celebrated on March 14. Phi is also called the "beauty" or "golden" ratio and starts with the digits 1.6180339887. Both pi and e are present in the "most beautiful equation," which says eπi+1=0.

SU News


Louis B. Ruediger | Tribune-Review

Gateway’s Derrick Davis adds ACC, Big 10 football offers | Trib HSSN (; Staff)

Derrick Davis can’t sign with a college for nearly two more years, but the Gateway sophomore’s options continue to grow.

Davis (6-0, 180) announced football offers this week from Georgia Tech, Syracuse and Wisconsin, raising his FBS total to more than a dozen. He also lists Pitt, Penn State and West Virginia, along with Ohio State, Michigan and others.

He’s quickly become one of the state’s top recruits for 2021.

The linebacker and running back rushed for 1,232 yards and scored 24 touchdowns for Gateway last season. He could play safety in college.

Excited to receive an OFFER from Syracuse University ? #OrangeWave #JuicedUP
— Derrick Davis™? (@D_Dav1s) January 16, 2019

Extremely Blessed and excited to receive an offer from THE UNIVERSITY of WISCONSIN-Madison #OnWisconsin ?
— Derrick Davis™? (@D_Dav1s) January 16, 2019

Blessed to receive an OFFER from Georgia Tech University ? #TOGETHERweSWARM @Coach_NBurton @coachwil_412
— Derrick Davis™? (@D_Dav1s) January 15, 2019

Chris Harlan is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at or via Twitter @CHarlan_Trib.

Syracuse Football: Consensus 4-star RB with ‘Cuse offer reveals his top 4 (itlh; Adler)

Jordan Marshall, a consensus four-star running back in the 2024 class who was offered by Syracuse football last fall, has trimmed his list of contenders still in the running to four finalists, according to media reports.

The 5-foot-11, 195-pound Marshall, an All-American during the recently completed 2022 stanza, is down to a top four of Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. The Orange, naturally, didn’t make the cut, which is a bummer, but not too surprising to me.

While I’m not in Marshall’s inner circle, I didn’t get the sense that Syracuse football was a significant contender for the standout junior at Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati.

Throughout his recruitment, he has received around 30 offers from a range of high-major programs, according to recruiting services. The ‘Cuse coaching staff offered Marshall a scholarship in late September of 2022.

Syracuse football has been eliminated from contention for 2024 four-star RB Jordan Marshall.

All of the primary recruiting Web sites rate Marshall as a top-200 national prospect and a top-15 running back within the 2024 cycle. During the 2022 term for Archbishop Moeller, he rushed for 1,951 yards and 34 touchdowns.

Not too long ago, MaxPreps named Marshall to its 2022 All-America first team for the junior class. On3 has him as high as No. 45 overall and No. 4 at running back in his cycle.

ACC News (; Samuels)

Chris Partridge spent the last three seasons on Lane Kiffin's staff at Ole Miss as co-defensive coordinator and safeties coach.

When Kiffin was able to land Alabama defensive coordinator Pete Golding as the new defensive coordinator in Oxford there was plenty of speculation about where Chris Partridge may end up.

A report from Matt Zenitz today clears that picture up.

Zenitz tweets that Partridge is expected to join Jim Harbaugh's staff at Michigan as an assistant coach.

Partridge previously spent four season as an assistant for the Wolverines before leaving for the post at Ole Miss, and also spent his first season in Ann Arbor as director of player personnel.

Noles News: Is Jordan Travis the favorite to win the ACC POTY award? (; LNoK)


#Tribe23 is officially in the books so the first recruiting thread of #Tribe24 is ready to go; jump in and learn what you’ve missed out while focusing on the newest enrollees and signees.

2025 DL Brandon Brown has been offered by FSU:


Most people think it will be Drake Maye but as of this moment, to me, the frontrunner for ACC Player of The Year is:

Top graded offensive player in each Power Five conference last season
— PFF College (@PFF_College) February 6, 2023
Many are expecting new FSU cornerback Fentrell Cypress to make an all-conference type of impact in FSU’s secondary.

Preseason ACC projections should be interesting this year with all of the new faces:

What would a pre-season All-ACC team look like if we went strictly by PFF's top graded returning players?
— ️♈️ (@ADavidHaleJoint) February 6, 2023

2025 is the year it looks Texas and Oklahoma will officially join the SEC.

Grace Raynor of The Athletic says that Hykeem Williams is the true freshman in the ACC most likely to have a significant impact this fall.

Florida State wide receiver Hykeem Williams. Williams, a five-star, averaged 19.1 yards per catch in high school and is the No. 4 receiver nationally in the 247Sports Composite. He seems to have elite burst, yet great control.

Every Leading Passer at each ACC school (; Conn)

In the ACC there is a mixture of running the football and heavy passing offenses. The most recognizable names in Phillip Rivers, Tahj Boyd, Trevor Lawrence, Kenny Pickett, and the list goes on.

One name that made this list that isn’t on the all-time ACC passing list is quarterback Doug Flutie. Boston College wouldn’t join the ACC until 2005, at the time Matt Ryan was the quarterback of the Eagles.

With the 2022 season all wrapped up and spring football just around the corner, College Sports Wire put together a list of the leading passer for every school that will play in the ACC for the 2023 campaign. Notre Dame is included since they have played in the ACC and have plenty of teams from the conference on their schedule.

How many can you name?

Boston College Eagles

Doug Flutie (1981-84)
Yards: 10,579

Clemson Tigers

Tahj Boyd (2010-13)
Yards: 11,904

Duke Blue Devils

Thaddeus Lewis (2006-09)

Yards: 10,065

Florida State Seminoles

Chris Weinke (1997-2000)

Yards: 9,839

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Joe Hamilton (1996-99)

Yards: 8,882

Louisville Cardinals

Chris Redman (1996-99)

Yards: 12,541

Miami Hurricanes

Brad Kaaya (2014-16)

Yards: 9,968

North Carolina Tar Heels

Sam Howell (2019-21)

Yards: 10,283

North Carolina State Wolfpack

Phillip Rivers (2000-03)

Yards: 13,484

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Brady Quinn (2003-06)

Yards: 11,762

Pitt Panthers

Kenny Pickett (2017-21)

Yards: 12,303

Syracuse Orange


Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Dungey (2015-18)

Yards: 9,340

Lucas Simmons goes from handball in Sweden to ACC football at FSU (; Burger)

Lucas Simmons is officially at Florida State Seminole. The early enrollee is considered to be one of the top offensive linemen in the 2023 recruiting class.

Simmons left his home country of Sweden to play high school football at Clearwater Academy International.

“They reached out to me on Twitter,” Simmons said. “I had a great coach, Dan Meyer, so he really took care of me, basically teaching me the basics of football. It’s so different in America than Sweden.”

Football wasn’t completely new to Simmons. His father played at the University of Oklahoma in the 1990s. However, Simmons got a later start than his new Florida State University teammates — not picking up the game until age 13 with a club team in Stockholm.

“I played everything: soccer, basketball, floorball, handball. Anything I could get my hands on,” Simmons said. “Basically, it came down to football, obviously.”

The Swedish offensive lineman moved to the Sunshine State and enrolled at Clearwater Academy International before his junior season. He had immediate success because of his size: six foot eight and 300 pounds.

“I was tall my whole life. I didn’t want to accept it,” he said. “I was the tall guy that wanted to play small. I didn’t want to play big. I played soccer, I played floorball, and I didn’t want to use my frame or strength. It took me a year into playing football—I kind of like this sport and I got to use my frame. There was this one time it clicked. ‘Oh, I’m so much bigger than this guy.’ It took off after that.”

(BR; BT)

In the 55-year history of the ACC, there have been many great players. Looking at national honors, as well as conference honors, we present the best players of all.

15) Torry Holt: NC State WR, 1998 ACC Player of the Year, two-time All-American.

14) Peter Boulware: Fla St LB, 1996 National Defensive Player of the Year.

13) Peter Warrick: Fla St WR, ACC all-time receiving yardage leader.

12) Ted Brown: NC State RB, only player to win All-ACC honors all four years.

11) Brian Piccolo: Wake Forest RB, led the nation in rushing in 1964.

10) Michael Dean Perry: Clemson DL, 1987 ACC Player of the Year.

9) Dick Christy: NC State RB, ACC Athlete of the Year and Player of the Year '57.

8) Dre' Bly: UNC DB, first team All-American three straight years from 1996-1998.

7) Roman Gabriel: NC State QB, ACC Player of the Year in 1960 and 1961.

6) Joe Hamilton: Ga Tech QB, first runner-up Heisman Trophy, ACC Player of the Year.

5) Mike McGee: Duke OL & DL, Outland Award Winner, ACC Player of the Year '59.

4) Terry Kinard: Clemson DB, College Football Hall of Fame, National Defensive Player of Year

3) Lawrence Taylor: UNC LB, ACC Player of the Year 1980.

2) Randy White: Maryland DL, Outland Award Winner, ACC Player of the Year '74.

1) Charlie Ward: Fla St QB, ACC's first Heisman Trophy Winner 1993.

Best ACC Expansion Candidates (2023) (RX; HM)

Best ACC Expansion Candidates (2023)

If the ACC wants to keep up with the Jones's (i.e. the Big Ten and the SEC) in terms of revenue, it may have no choice but to expand again - but with which teams? Obviously, I could say Notre Dame, but let's assume for the sake of this article that the Irish are not giving up their football independence - ever. Now that Texas, Oklahoma, USC and UCLA are all "off the board", what's left?

The answer to that question could depend on the goal - and more revenue is too general (that's almost always the goal!).
Do you want the schools which bring the most new TV revenue? Then you probably want the teams with the highest TV ratings.
Do you want the schools which can win national championships while in the ACC? Then you may want those who aren't so reliant on television money.
Here are some ways to evaluate potential expansion candidates.

Best ACC expansion options, based on gross revenue:*

Best Texas school options not in/headed to the SEC:
30. Texas Christian University - $114,393,484
37. Baylor University - $106,954,237

These schools are actually pretty good fits for the ACC, too. They're both private schools, not too big (but not too small), well-supported, and both have good football history. Unfortunately, they're also both under a GoR for the next two years which, most-likely, they will agree to extend, and they are both under an estimated $80 million exit fee to boot.

Conclusion #1: For all intents and purposes, Big XII teams are off the table. That also goes for the three newest additions from the American Athletic Conference: Cincinnati, UCF, and Houston.

So, which teams might the ACC realistically add?

Best G5 options not committed to the Big XII:

68. Southern Methodist University - $68,812,414
70. University of Memphis - $61,254,516
71. Temple University - $60,719,852
72. University of South Florida - $59,531,111

* basically, gross revenue is an attempt to isolate what the athletic department brings in apart from conference revenue, student fees, or government or school subsidies.

SMU is rumored to be in discussion with the Pac-12 about possible expansion of that conference, although to be honest, that's probably on the condition that San Diego State is #11 and SMU is #12.

Memphis has shown an ability to compete with the "big boys" in both football and basketball, but some ACC teams would take issue with that school for non-athletic reasons.

Temple has potential and would help fill in the gap in the ACC footprint between UVa, Pitt, Syracuse and Boston College.

USF is an ACC kind of a school and would easily get "Yes" votes from every school outside of the Sunshine State, but the conference wouldn't admit them if either Miami or Florida State was strongly opposed, in my opinion.

Best ACC expansion based on average attendance

The ACC’s average football attendance is around 48,000 per game, give or take. Among all non P2 schools, Iowa State, Oklahoma state, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Washington, Oregon, and Utah are the only ones which would bring up (or, at least, not hurt) the average. West Virginia, TCU, and Baylor are all close.

2023 SuperBowl ACC Alumni (RX; HM)

2023 SuperBowl ACC Alumni

Super Bowl LVII

Sun., Feb 12, 2023 6:30 PM
Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles
ACC Alumni on Team Rosters

Kansas City Chiefs
Deon Bush26DBACT722007Miami
Harrison Butker7KACT761996Georgia Tech
Noah Gray83TEACT752402Duke
Joshua Kaindoh59DEACT782602Florida State
Derrick Nnadi91DTACT733175Florida State
Juan Thornhill22FSACT722054Virginia
Joe Thuney62GACT773047N.C. State
Cornell Powell14WRDEV722041Clemson
Justyn Ross8WRRES76205RClemson
Wayne Gallman31RBTRC722106Clemson
Geron Christian74OTTRD772985Louisville
Philadelphia Eagles
Ian Book19QBACT722062Notre Dame
Anthony HarrisDBACT732028Virginia
Avonte Maddox29CBACT691845Pittsburgh
Robert Quinn98DEACT7626412N. Carolina
Josh Sweat94DEACT772655Florida State
K'Von Wallace42SAFACT712053Clemson
Deon Cain85WRCUT742023Clemson
Mario Goodrich32CBDEV72186RClemson
Roderick Johnson71OTDEV793015Florida State
Marvin Wilson73DTDEV763031Florida State
Janarius Robinson59LBRES772582Florida State
Dalton KeeneTETRC762513Virginia Tech
Auden Tate13WRTRD772285Florida State
Jarrid Williams67OTTRD78308RMiami

If we limit ourselves to only the active rosters, we see that Kansas City has seven ACC alumni, including a pair of Seminoles, a Hurricane, a Yellow Jacket, a Blue Devil, a Cavalier, and a Wolfpack alumnus. Meanwhile, Philadephia has on Notre Dame and five ACC alumni, including one player each from Virginia, Pitt, UNC, FSU, and Clemson.



Syracuse officials envision tree-lined streets and a walkable neighborhood for what they're calling the "new 15th Ward." Most of the public housing complexes in the East Adams neighborhood would be demolished and replaced with mixed-income housing. Courtesy of Urban Design Associates

Hochul budget includes $10M to begin massive redevelopment near I-81 in Syracuse (PS; $; Weiner)

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s budget includes money to kickstart an ambitious plan to transform the area near Interstate 81 in Syracuse into a new $800 million neighborhood with a mix of housing, shops, parks and community gardens.

Hochul in a visit to Syracuse today said her budget proposal includes $10 million to help begin the first three phases of the project to create a new 15th Ward.

The money will help develop 370 units of new housing in the first three phases of an anticipated multi-year, 12-phase project.

The first three phases will include the redevelopment of an area bordered by South State and South Townsend streets, between East Adams Street and Burt Street, according to planners.

“This is going to be gorgeous,” Hochul said of the planned improvements. “A once thrilling neighborhood, divided by a highway. Now we are going to start fixing the wrongs of the past.”

The plan would demolish and replace Pioneer Homes – the state’s oldest public housing project – along with the McKinney Manor and Central Village public housing developments over the next 10 years.

The work would coincide with the $2.25 billion project to demolish the elevated portion of Interstate 81 in Syracuse and replace it with a tree-lined boulevard through the heart of the city.

A public-private partnership would gradually replace public housing with a mix of public housing and market-rate homes. The new neighborhood would include low-rise apartments and townhouses and amenities like childcare, job training, education, recreation, retail and green space.

Planners say the idea is to create a neighborhood with housing for low, moderate and high-income residents.

A nonprofit called Blueprint 15 unveiled a master plan for the region last year. The group was formed by the city, the Syracuse Housing Authority and the Allyn Foundation, which is focused on fighting poverty.

Hochul, speaking at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown this morning, said she planned to join Mayor Ben Walsh later today on a tour of the neighborhood.

The governor’s office said it did not know what other sources of public or private funding have been secured to start the first three phases of the project.

In addition to the funding announced today, the state plans to make a tax-exempt bond program available to developers through the New York State Homes and Community Renewal agency.

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