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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to Bicycle Day!

Bicycle Day celebrates the discovery of lysergic acid diethylamide 25, commonly known as LSD, and takes place on the anniversary of the first planned acid trip. On April 19, 1943, Albert Hofmann, a researcher at Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland, purposely ingested .25 milligrams (250 micrograms) of LSD at his lab. He thought this would be the threshold dose—the lowest amount taken where there are still effects—when in reality the threshold dose for LSD is only 20 micrograms. But what does a bicycle have to do with the day?

Within an hour, Hofmann began to notice changes in his perception and senses. He decided that he should go home, so he hopped on his bicycle and began riding. Because the drug was already greatly affecting him, he had his laboratory assistant help guide him to his house. At times during his bicycle ride, he thought he was going insane, thought his neighbor was a witch and thought the LSD had poisoned him. He later wrote in LSD: My Problem Child, "On the way home, my condition began to assume threatening forms. Everything in my field of vision wavered and was distorted as if seen in a curved mirror. I also had the sensation of being unable to move from the spot. Nevertheless, my assistant later told me that we had traveled very rapidly." Needless to say, his bicycle ride was quite a trip.

SU News

Four things to look out for in the Syracuse football spring game (; Finneral)

Syracuse football is back in action on Friday for the AmeriCU Spring Game. The Orange will play intra-squad scrimmage and there are multiple storylines to keep your eyes on.

Rocky Long takes charge of the defense

Syracuse defensive coordinator Rocky Long was hired back in December, but did not lead the defense in the Pinstripe Bowl. Friday's spring game will be the first opportunity for the public to see Long’s defense in action.

Long is known for being one of the originators of the 3-3-5 defense from his days at New Mexico with Joe Lee Dunn. Syracuse has had success with the 3-3-5 system in recent years under Tony White, who left for the defensive coordinator position at Nebraska.

Although Syracuse will probably not tip its hand in the spring game, it will be interesting to look out for the subtle differences in Long’s system compared to White’s.

The defense had a handful of important departures via the NFL Draft and transfer portal. However, the Orange returns a significant amount of defensive production and this unit has the potential to be strong once again in the 2023 season.

For the spring game, Syracuse will likely be without some key pieces in the linebacker core. Marlowe Wax, Derek McDonald and Stefon Thompson have been dealing with injuries and Babers said that ‘you’re not going to see a whole bunch of those guys this spring,’ but he expects them to be healthy by the time the season comes around. Despite the injuries, it will still be valuable to get a look at the Orange defense under the leadership of Long.

Battle of the lines

A crucial matchup to check out in the spring game is the Syracuse offensive line vs the defensive line. Both of these position groups are extremely important for the Orange, especially as the season progresses.

This is a crucial year for the offensive line. Along with losing three starters, the Syracuse offensive line also has a new coach in Steve Farmer. This will be a new look group for the Orange led by returning starters Chris Bleich and Kalan Ellis.


Sports Illustrated (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse football hosted class of 2024 Pittsburgh (PA) Keystone Oaks defensive back Clinton Robinson for an unofficial visit over the weekend. Robinson was offered by the Orange on the trip.

"Cuse was great," Robinson said. "They showed so much love. Everything about that place is great. We watched practice and my favorite part was touring the facility and meeting the coaches. Beautiful campus. I loved the facilities."

Being able to watch Syracuse scrimmage left an impression on the 6-1 defensive back.

"The practice was great," Robinson said. "Those boys were getting after it. They had a team scrimmage that day so it was just a lot of competing. It was fun to watch."

Outside of being impressed by the competitiveness of the team as well as the campus and facilities, the highlight of the trip was picking up an offer. That happened during a meeting with Dino Babers.

Syracuse football: thinned-out position groups try to adapt to injuries (TNIAAM; Ostrowski)

The Syracuse Orange are entering the final week of spring football camp. While there is still a handful of matchups that have yet to be decided, most positions have clear front-runners to start in the fall - including some that have barely been seen in practice.

Both sides of the ball have a position group that is missing at least one key starter, not including the obvious absence of Garrett Shrader at QB. I’m referring to the O-Line and the Linebacker corps., which are each without their veteran leader: 6th-year Right Guard Chris Bleich and defensive captain Marlowe Wax.

Bleich has been out of team drills the last two weeks, which has been a huge loss for a group that has just one other returning starter. The O-Line looks like the biggest area of concern, as even with Bleich playing during the start of camp, the young but energetic D-Line has no trouble breaking through and forcing a lot of pressure on Justin Lamson and Carlos Del Rio-Wilson.

The alternate options here unfortunately don’t inspire much confidence. Wes Hoeh and Mark Petry have struggled on the right side. Jakob Bradford has been the main fill-in for Bleich and looks a bit better than the other 2nd-stringers. Enrique Cruz was also moved from his normal Left Tackle position to the opposite side for part of last Thursday’s practice, with Joe Cruz taking his old spot; the move didn’t prevent any more scrambling by the QBs.

Babers didn't have much to say about SU's ability to pace peers on NIL (PS; $; Leiker)

Syracuse football coach Dino Babers was asked Tuesday whether Syracuse could keep pace with its competition in name, image and likeness efforts.

He didn’t have much to say.

“That’s not a question I would answer live, and it’s not a question I would answer,” Babers said. “They’re gonna do the things they need to do to make us successful.”

It’s a response that will do little to assuage fears from Orange fans over whether SU can recruit and retain high-profile players in the coming years across all sports — though namely football and basketball — competing against schools in the ACC and Power Five.

The coach’s responses across the board Tuesday on NIL matters mirror other SU officials. The university has chosen to be measured in the way it addresses and engages with name, image and likeness, focusing on education for players and smaller efforts.

Babers’ comments came a week after former SU booster and local businessman Adam Weitsman announced he was severing ties with the university and would no longer make NIL deals with Syracuse athletes.

Syracuse football: thinned-out position groups try to adapt to injuries (TNIAAM;

usatsi_19137341.webp (CFN)

Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse OT

CFN 2023 NFL Draft OT Ranking: 7
6-5, 318, Projected Round: 2nd

Why draft Matthew Bergeron: A strong run blocker who can play either tackle spot, he’s more of a technician than a blaster for the ground attack - and that’s a positive. He’s physical and he can move, but …

Why not draft Matthew Bergeron: The pass protection needs some work. He’s more of a power blocker than a dancer, and it’s going to take some time and work to get him up to a high-level on the outside. It’ll happen, but you’ll need to be patient.

Matthew Bergeron, from the college perspective: The tools and upside are so intriguing. He’s got the unteachable ability to flatten people for the ground attack, but his money will probably be made - and lots and lots of it - as a guard.

There’s a whole lot of risk if you’re spending a top 50 pick assuming he’s a tackle, but as long as you can be flexible, he’ll be great.

ACC News

2023 ACC College Football Power Index | ESPN (ESPN)

ACC Conference Football Power Index 2023

NC ST0-07.336--7.4-

Last Updated: April 18, 2023

Recruiting Budgets 2017-22 (RX; HM)

Recruiting Budgets 2017-22

Which schools have been spending the most on recruiting prior to the new NCAA rule changes?

From a USA Today article, here's data for Power Five school spending on college football recruiting

That data was revealed in NCAA financial reports obtained by USA TODAY Sports Network in response to open records requests and compiled in partnership with the Knight-Newhouse Data project at Syracuse University.
Georgia’s spending far exceeded any other Power 5 public university. In fact, its recruiting budget was at least double that of 45 of the 51 other public schools in Power 5 conferences.
[Georgia Head Coach Kirby] Smart spared no expense while utilizing charter flights and helicopters to visit recruits. His aggressive recruiting approach landed seven consecutive top-four signing classes in the 247Sports Composite rankings... and the past two national championships...

Recruiting expenses cover transportation, lodging and meals for recruits, etc. - but not salaries for coaches and recruiting support staff.
Here are recruiting expenses for Power Five public universities for the past six years [with ACC schools highlighted in light blue]...

College football Recruiting spending

Texas A&M1,280,5081,710,1011,673,2041,066,904691,5912,984,1689,406,4761,567,746
Penn State1,265,6361,369,4281,529,0681,143,048651,3881,486,5217,445,0891,240,848
North Carolina793,354984,871949,631799,626302,8341,306,1175,136,433856,072
Ohio State773,163944,3541,060,643662,128337,5931,292,7995,070,680845,113
Georgia Tech550,494585,680903,1931,040,481260,0041,240,7064,580,558763,426
South Carolina917,512861,747931,666507,977318,5671,102,3574,639,826773,304
Oregon State734,572674,239747,856395,364804,5021,008,1174,364,650727,442
West Virginia570,510626,311754,578663,469135,564971,2863,721,718620,286
Michigan State864,226766,139788,358739,979217,270955,3034,331,275721,879
Texas Tech611,170535,362796,741648,019498,457930,2644,020,013670,002
Florida State2,279,8801,581,3471,503,1421,079,337203,532899,3087,546,5461,257,758
Virginia Tech652,455563,744689,797847,96486,362898,6753,738,997623,166
Kansas State427,192509,760804,166696,062347,862841,6403,626,682604,447
Iowa State924,7611,079,430935,487616,108292,235804,9424,652,963775,494
Washington State510,519523,791503,936402,492114,969641,6142,697,321449,554
Mississippi State431,423453,116435,224471,34415,617633,4822,440,206406,701
NC State779,867548,062765,302468,11039,236632,6963,233,273538,879
Arizona State542,220531,807525,099482,546225,330461,1962,768,198461,366
Oklahoma State353,468715,492583,911503,900228,542455,6892,841,002473,500

NOTE: Amounts not adjusted for inflation; 2022 amount for Virginia Tech is unaudited.

Here are a couple of key takeaways from the OP:

The exclusion of successful programs at private schools like Southern Cal, Miami, Notre Dame and TCU skew the figures a little...

2022 SEC vs B1G TV Ratings, Top 5 Games per Week (RX; HM)

2022 SEC vs B1G TV Ratings, Top 5 Games per Week

Why did Fox, CBS, and NBC all get a piece of the Big Ten, while the SEC (and ACC, for that matter) are 100% on ABC/ESPN?

The SEC plays great football, but that doesn't mean that they beat the Big Ten in the TV ratings. For instance, here are the top 5 games for the last 4 weeks of last year (B1G in blue, SEC in red):

Rivalry Week

1. Ohio St/Michigan, Fox, 15.893M
2. Alabama/Auburn, CBS, 10.369M
3. OU/Okla. State, ABC, 6.486M
4. Wisc/Minnesota, Fox, 5.049M
5. Penn St/Mich St, ABC, 3.893M

Week 12

1. Ark/Ala, CBS, 5.464M
2. MSU/OSU, ABC, 5.287M
3. Ore/Utah, ABC, 4.818M
4. Neb/Wisc, ABC, 3.534M
5. IA St/OU, Fox, 3.103M

Week 11

1. Mich/PSU, ABC, 5.942M
2. UGA/Tenn, CBS, 5.781M
3. Pur/OSU, ABC, 4.739M
4. OU/Bayl, Fox, 3.719M
5. TAMU/MS, ESPN, 3.531M

Week 10

1. OSU/Neb, Fox, 5.328M
2. LSU/Ala, ESPN, 5.000M
3. MSU/Pur, ABC, 4.400M
4. Aub/TAMU, CBS, 3.759M
5. Ore/Wash, ABC, 2.726M

Bottom Line:

The Big Ten placed 9 games in the top 5s of the final 4 weeks of the regular season, while the SEC placed only 6 games. Furthermore, the average of those 9 Big Ten games was just over 6 million viewers, whereas the SEC average was 5.65 million.

2023 Preseason FPI Released (RX; HM)

2023 Preseason FPI Released

ESPN has released their preseason FPI numbers. Here are the Top 25 Teams In The Football Power Index...

1. Ohio State31.5
2. Alabama28.2
3. Georgia27.4
4. LSU22.1
5. Texas21.9
6. Michigan21.4
7. USC19.9
8. Clemson19.4
9. Notre Dame18.4
10. Penn State17.5
11. Oklahoma16.9
12. Tennessee15.2
T13. Oregon15.0
T13. Florida State15.0
15. Utah14.9
16. Ole Miss13.4
17. TCU13.0
T18. Florida12.7
T18. Texas A&M12.7
20. Wisconsin12.3
21. Washington11.8
22. Texas Tech10.8
23. Baylor10.7
24. Oregon State10.5
25. North Carolina10.2

Just 3 teams - Clemson, FSU, and UNC - plus Notre Dame made the cut. Here's how FPI ranks the rest of the ACC this offseason:

36NC State7.3
63Va Tech-0.3
65Ga Tech-0.6

Caridi inducted into WAER Hall of Fame - WV MetroNews (; Lewis)

Nearly 40 years after graduating from Syracuse University, West Virginia University Play-by-Play Announcer and longtime MetroNews Statewide Sportsline Host Tony Caridi was inducted into the WAER Hall of Fame.

WAER 88.3 FM, which is part of the S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University, celebrated its 75th anniversary by welcoming two former members of their campus radio station into the hall in a Tuesday night ceremony, Caridi, a 1984 graduate, and ’01 graduate and CBS sports announcer Andrew Catalon.

Tony Caridi and Andrew Catalon
A native of Lockport, New York, Caridi spoke to friends, family members, and fellow Syracuse colleagues and other broadcasting greats in the Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium.

Before speaking, highlights of his career calling Mountaineer games graced the backdrop. Memorable calls of plays made by WVU greats Pat White and Geno Smith could be heard. Of course, you can’t forget about the basketball team punching their final four ticket to Indianapolis.

“So long Big Blue, hello Gold and Blue! The West Virginia Mountaineers are going to the Final Four,” an excited Caridi said back in 2010.

While the moments were sweet, for Caridi, it’s the people he appreciates even more for the journey he’s had and getting him to where he is today.

“All the things that I’ve been able to do and this great, wonderful blessing I’ve received, would be great and well, but absolutely hollow if it weren’t for family,” said Caridi.



2025 QB Ryan Montgomery talks about his spring swing to ACC and SEC country (; Wiltfong)

Findlay (Ohio) High 2025 quarterback Ryan Montgomery had a spring break swing that included a swing into ACC/SEC country to see several programs he’s excited about.

Montgomery began the month of April getting back down to Clemson, a campus he has frequented in the past.

“Clemson they’ve been on me for awhile,” Montgomery told 247Sports. “Coach (Garrett) Riley, I’ve been there multiple times. This was my first time seeing Coach Riley down there, Coach Riley came up to see me throw when he first got there. First time seeing a practice there as well. Was able to catch two practices. Loved watching that. Got to sit in the meeting rooms too. The thing that really separates Clemson, their culture is unmatched. Just how they approach things os much different than any other school. Super-family oriented and one-big family. I really like how close everyone is to each other. I’m pretty sure they have the most former players on that staff and that speaks measures for itself. Just how special place Clemson is. Obviously with Coach Riley there, with his experience and his success at TCU I think they’re going to have a big year with Cade back in the gun.”

The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Montgomery traveled over to South Carolina after his time at Clemson.

“That was great,” Montgomery said. “That was my second time being there, first time being there with Coach (Dowell) Loggains there. I got to go out to dinner with him. I was able to sit in meeting rooms and see interaction with Coach Loggains and the quarterback. That quarterback room is definitely pretty tight. They’re all super friendly but obviously competing, but all push each other for the greater good and I really like that. I think Coach (Shane) Beamer is going to do great things down there. They had a pretty good year last year and only go up from here. They’ve been recruiting at a very high level and I think with Spencer Rattler back this year they’ll be a team to watch out out for for sure.”
... (SI; Dawe)

Virginia defensive back Cam'Ron Kelly has entered the transfer portal, per On3.

Kelly spent four seasons at North Carolina before transferring to Virginia, where he did not appear in a single game. Over the course of four seasons with UNC, Kelly collected 179 tackles and five interceptions, with a career-best 68 tackles and four picks coming in 2021 - earning himself third team All-ACC honors.

A four-star prospect in the 2019 class, Kelly was originally committed to Auburn, but after enrolling in January of 2019 left for North Carolina.

The Tigers have had four players depart from the program within the last couple of weeks:

Wide Receiver Tar'Varish Dawson

Defensive lineman Jeffrey M'ba

Linebacker Kameron Brown

Linebacker Desmond Tisdol

Auburn has pulled in an impressive haul thus far during Hugh Freeze's first season on the Plains, currently sitting at No. 3 nationally in 247Sports' transfer portal class rankings.

You can check out our transfer portal tracker here. Stay up to date on all of the Tigers' commitments, departures, and prospects for key positions at


3 Syracuse-area car dealerships sold to out-of-state buyers in growing trend (PS; $; Moriarty)

Three Syracuse-area car dealerships have been sold to out-of-state buyers.

George Townsend and his son Brad sold their Honda City dealership on Henry Clay Boulevard in Clay to Great Lakes Auto Group, of Akron, Ohio. The sign on the dealership has not changed yet, but it’s being renamed Great Lakes Honda City.

The Townsend family had owned Honda City for 41 years. According to Onondaga County property records, Great Lakes paid $2.5 million for the property on Dec. 12.

On March 31, a limited liability company associated with investor Jonathan Sobel bought Bill Rapp Subaru on Burnet Avenue in Syracuse and Bill Rapp Buick GMC across the street. The company, Cars-DB12 LLC, of McLean, Virginia, paid $8 million for the Subaru dealership and $8.3 million for the Buick GMC dealership, according to deeds filed with the county clerk’s office April 3.

The two dealerships have retained the Bill Rapp name, at least for now. Representatives did not respond to requests from | The Post-Standard for comment.

Syracuse native Toosii climbs Hot 100 chart, makes TV debut on ‘The Tonight Show’ (PS; $; Herbert)

A melodic rapper from Syracuse is climbing the charts and stepping into the spotlight.

Toosii’s latest single, “Favorite Song,” reached No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 Monday, his highest spot after eight straight weeks on the chart. It’s his first song to make the Billboard Hot 100, which combines U.S. streaming, radio airplay and sales data to track the 100 most popular songs in America.

“Favorite Song” also peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and remains in the top 10 alongside big-name artists like Drake, SZA, and The Weeknd. A music video released earlier this month has already been viewed more than 12 million times, and the song has been featured in hundreds of thousands of TikTok clips.

Toosii may get another big boost this week after making his TV debut on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Monday night. Jimmy Fallon introduced Toosii as the episode’s musical guest as he performed on a stage with smoke, flowers, candles, and a piano.

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